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Chugun: Speed and Agressive Promising Thrashers From Israel

When we think in Metal from Israel, immediately the name "Orphaned Land" comes to mind, but there are more very good names working hard and showing a sound full of quality, and CHUGUN is one of the pleasant surprises you will find in Israel's Metal scene. 

The band was created in 2010, in Tel Aviv, and presents in 2015 the album "Virus", their debut, that brings a good impression, with their competent mixing of Old School Thrash/Death, prioritizing the speed and aggressivity, but with good riffs and changes of tempo during the songs, with nice variations.

“Brutal!”, this was the first word that came into my head so I put to hear "Virus". The mix of Brutal Thrash and Death Metal cuts fast into your ears, and the group literally puts the walls down, an invitation to mosh and slam dancing. 

We can hear riffs and typical bases of Traditional Thrash, merged with extremely fast bass and drums. The screaming and gutural vocals, pouring anger, with no room for the listener to take a breath, as well we can find some inroads of  Modern Thrash in their sound too. 

One of the highlights is the voice of Denise Jani Sivov, moving masterfully by aggressive, screaming and the guttural vocals, even you can not realize that is a girl on vocals if you do not have this information in hands. Nowadays we have several female singers in Extreme Metal, but the girls still causing amazing impressions.  Still "kicking ass" Denise!!

The main theme of their lyrics is misanthropy, but they have doses os sarcasm and sense of humor too (the song "Evil Whiskey" is a good example). The title song presents the human kind as a virus that infests the earth! well, you can bet this seeing the CD cover, wich is very cool!

A good debut, Another good representative name of the Israeli Metal, and is easy to indicate to all Thrash Metal fans. References? Well, I think Devildriver, Witchery and a bit of Arch Enemy can give you a ideia of what you can find in “Virus”.

Texto: Carlos Garcia

Band: Chugun
Album: Virus (2015)
Rate: 8
Country: Israel
Style: Speed Thrash
Label: Independent

Denise Jani – Vocals
Timur Sizov – Guitars

Alexey Saprikin – Bass
Yahel Goldstein - Drums

02.Unholy Warrior
03.Sadistic Rites
07.Fall Of Mankind
08.Print In Blood
09.Evil Whiskey


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