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Interview - Edguy: 25 Years of Monumental Power Metal

Four years after the release of their last studio album, "Space Police: Defenders of the Crown" (2014), to the satisfaction of fans, german band Edguy celebrates its 25th anniversary with the launch of "Monuments", which in its complete package consists of a double CD, which also includes 5 new songs, and an unpublished one, recorded at the time of "Savage Poetry", and a live CD and a DVD with a show recorded in 2004 in Brazil. 

(Versão em português AQUI)

The bassist Tobias Exxel, in the group since 1998, gave us an interview to tell us a bit more about this important brand of the band, and some other stuff. Check it!

RtM: Considering that the great majority of the bands, with the passage of time and coexistence, ends up wearing down and generating conflict between them, what is the secret of Edguy to maintain the harmony between the members of the band after all those years?
TE: Oh believe me, wehave some conflictsfrom time to time, and always had them ever since. That's quite normal and it happens in everyfamily.

RtM: In these 25 years of band Edguy has played in several countries, is there any country that the band never played and would like to play?
TE: Yes there are still many countries left, and the world is not enough anyway, haha. It's always a great experience to visit new countries, but even when we visit many countries for, let's say, the fifteenth time, there's still so much to explore and you always get to know new people. It's great to see how the Metal community is still growing in some countries. That said, I really would loveto play in India, Turkey or Iceland, just to mention a few.

"We are five people in the band, and we not necessarily have the same opinion about everything."
RtM: The album "Monuments" is celebrating the 25 years of the band, and it will have a DVD with the 2004 concert tour of the album "Hellfire Club". This DVD is about the show that happened in SP that should have become DVD, bu for technical reasons did not happen?
TE: Yes exactly, we just released three songs of this show back then on the Superheroes Mini DVD, but now we are alble to release the full show, and I'm really really happy and proud on it! We had to be patient, but finally we got it done and I think it fits perfectly to that huge Monuments package right now!

RtM: The art cover of "Monuments" was very well made and looks like a reference to "Mandrake", could you tell us more about how it was created?
TE: Yes, it was not drawn by the same artist, but it was wash-made in a very similar style. If you take a closer look, you will find many hints to all our albums and there are so many fine little details. I guess the title speaks for itself and it fits perfectly together. Since Mandrake the jester has always been a constant companion for Edguy, even though he has not appeared on every front cover, but he surely is the guardian of our Monuments!

RtM: Edguy intends to focus on the launch of "Monuments" and the commemorative tour or can we wait for the next years a new studio album?
TE: Let's wait and see. I would really love to work on a new album pretty soon, but we haven't made any plans together on this by now.

"Jens, Dirk and I had much more influence on the songwriting. I really hope we will be able to improve this way of working." (T. Exxel, about the new songs)
RtM: How do you see the evolution of the band's sound these days?
TE: That's always a difficult question to answer. I think we had a great carreer, and since we were able to go on our first tour for the Vain Glory Opera album, we appreciate that we have the chance to play our music all over the world for such a long time with such a beautiful and dedicated fanbase. This is something really really  special.

RtM: And is there anything you did that you did not do again?
TE: From this point of view I would say we made the whole lot of things in the right way, haven't we? hahaha! If I look at it more closely I might surely find little things, decisions, etc. of which I would have loved to do different. But somehow it doesn't make sense to think about it on and on. With the fact that we are five people in the band, and we not necessarily have the same opinion about everything, haha! 

RtM: During that time when Tobias Sammet was working on his Avantasia project, did you work to prepare the material for the album Monuments?
TE: We mainly just started after Tobi was finished with his Avantasia activities.

RtM: What is the level of participation that the members have in the compositions?
TB: On the new songs of the Monuments album we changed our way of working a little bit, just Jens, Dirk and I had much more influence on the songwriting. I really hope we will be able to improve this way of working , as a real team and take the time we need on the next album. We all are happy with the five new songs, and again we mixed up some cool rock stuff with some traditional Power Metal as we always love to do.

RtM: What have you been listening lately? Do you know many Brazilian bands?
TE: I've been listening to Metallica's Hardwired, Rush's Counterparts and many Scorpions songs as I always love to listen to. Of course I know our friends of Angra from Brazil and I am a big Megadeth fan too, I really think it's awesome to see Kiko playing guitar in this band !!!

RtM: Is there any possibility of the commemorative tour come to Brazil?
TB: Believe me, I really really hope so !!!

Interview: Faty Matos
Editing: Carlos Garcia



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