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Scherer/Batten' Battlezone: Contemporaneous Melodic Rock Pearl!

We can say that the story of this project with the vocalist Marc Scherer and guitarist Jennifer Batten begins in 2010, when started Scherer's partnership with Jim Peterik (Ides of March, that song "Vehicle" was the fastest selling single in Warner's history, and sure, Survivor, which he was nominated for a Grammy for the song "Eye of the Tiger). Peterik is an icon, especially if we talk about Hard Rock and Melodic Rock, creating pearls of the style, either in the 80's with Survivor (who does not know "Eye of the Tiger"?) Or with his most current projects, such as Pride of Lions. In 2010, impressed by the voice of Marc Scherer, he began composing for what would become the Peterik/Scherer project, in order to showcase Marc's talent and ability. (versão em português)

The album "Risk Everything" was released in 2015 by Frontiers Music, the Italian label responsible today for a huge range of releases of the style, including in its cast new names and well-known and celebrated names from the golden era of Hard, Classic and Melodic Rock.

From the partnership and friendship, and between a conversation and another, the idea of ​​this new project arose, where some pearls from the Peterik's vault, songs that, in Marc's view, would merit a new chance. They were chosen 8 songs, which gained new life with the interpretation of Marc.

And to make it all even more cohesive, after all were songs from different eras, and also with different partnerships, Jim has the idea to bring to the project the fantastic Jennifer Batten, guitarist who worked with names like Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck. Jennifer gave the final ingredient, bringing good taste, feeling and doses of virtuosity. The trio then writes three new songs for the album, the first of which would become title track of the project: "Battlezone".

Jennifer under Peterik's eyes
Released via Melodic Rock Records on September 22, "Scherer/Batten's Battlezone" features an impressive track-list featuring 11 pieces of Hard Rock and Melodic Rock art, with a sonority paved by that 80's feel, but sounding current and cohesive . 

Songs where the musicality and good taste reach our ears full, passing for moments more Hard Rock, or more AOR/Melodic Rock, in diverse colors and flavors. Songs filled with great arrangements, beautiful melodies and inspired performances by Scherer and Batten, all of which are backed by a top-notch line-up, including musicians from groups like Chicago, Survivor, World Stage and others.

Jim Peterik himself was in charge of the production that is excellent, bringing the quality that the style requires, and drawing the best of the musicians, which further enhanced their compositions.

At the first chords of the opening track, "Crazy Love", we have a energic Hard Rock with groove. Highlighting the feeling and virtuosity of Jennifer, allied to the great voice of Marc, and also for the chorus and sticky backing vocals; "Rough Diamond" alternates beautiful and soft keyboard melodies, with Jennifer's footprint and virtuosity.

Marc Scherer & Jennifer Batten
"What Do You Really Think" has a vibrant tempo, and brings out the magnificent chorus and the great keyboard melodies. Marc shows feeling and technique, walking through softer and higher regions, sometimes seeming to duel with the ubiquitous guitar of Batten, always choosing beautiful timbres and displaying virtuosity.

"The Sound of Your Voice" is one of those born destined to be a Hit, and despite having paid attention at the time it was recorded by 38 Special (on 1991's "Bone Against Steel" album), it deserved a new chance, and won a more vibrant and powerful version. It has that 80's feel, but it sounds perfectly current. Marc's voice and Jennifer's guitars, as well as the keyboard arrangements, made the song more alive; "Battlezone", the title track, is a powerful, virtuous Hard and with great vocals and impressive melodies and choruses! One of 3 new songs composed by the trio, and that baptized the album. Strong title, idem song!

"Cuts Deep" is a beautiful Melodic Rock. Tasteful ballad, in that radio style of the 80's, bringing one of the most remarkable refrains of the album, as well as beautiful vocal arrangements and instrumental inspired and loaded with feeling; "The Harder I Try" is also another Melodic Rock of extreme good taste. Beautiful melodies of keyboard and saxophone (this one in charge of the winner of the Grammy, Mindi Abair) bring a melancholic air, with Marc knowing to put the correct emotion; "Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open", as the title even suggests, brings delightful melodies and captivating chorus, which make us "dream with eyes wide open" for sure!

Marc and Jim
"Space and Time" begins with a moderate and smooth tempo, with Jennifer extracting beautiful timbres. Soft and sophisticated, the song grows in the chorus, which is backed up by beautiful keyboard arrangements. That flavor of the 80s is also present; "Tender Fire" plus one of the new songs composed exclusively for the project, brings a captivating line of keyboard, highlighting the quasi-symphonic chorus. Jennifer's interventions are accurate and provocative, and Marc lavishes class and groove; "All Roads" ends this beautiful album masterfully. Power-Ballad with captivating vocal lines and melodies. The chorus brings something of Soul Music, and Marc seems to have put extra doses of emotion into his vocals.

It is no exaggeration to say that Marc Scherer, Jennifer Batten, and of course Jim Peterik and the incredible team of musicians involved in the project, committed a masterpiece of the style. Good taste, Feeling and lush performances. There are eleven tracks where each one of the songs sounds like a small piece of art, such as the care of the details, valuing the musicality and inspiration of the musicians. Several "flavors", based on the Melodic Rock of the 80's, and it means great melodies, excellent keyboards and guitars, and a huge whim in the vocal arrangements.

Text: Carlos Garcia
Thanks to: Marc Scherer and Maggie Poulos (Mixtape Media)

All Lead Vocals: Marc Scherer
All Lead Guitars: Jennifer Batten
Backing Vocals: Marc Scherer, Bill Champlin, Bryan Cole, Brian Hemstock, Danette Pahl
Alternate Lead and Rhythm Guitars: Jennifer Batten, Mike Aquino, Dave Carl, Jim Peterik
Bass Guitars: Bill Syniar, Klem Hayes
Keyboards: Jim Peterik, Christian Cullen, Chris Neville, Barb Unger
Drums: Dave Kelly, Ed Breckenfeld
Sax: Mindi Abair
Additional credits include:
Executive Producer: Danette Pahl


Crazy Love
Rough Diamond
What Do You Really Think
The Sound of Your Voice
Cuts Deep
The Harder I Try
Dreaming with My Eyes Wide Open
Space and Time
Tender Fire
All Roads

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