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Interview: Venus Attack - Get Ready For The Invasion!

Left to Right: Daniel, André, Mike & Renato
Formed by experienced musicians of brazilian scene that add on your background influences that go beyond rock and metal in general, with large experience alongside other artists, and with intent to forge their own identity, Michael (Mike) Polchowicz (vocals), Renato Larsen (drums) André Carvalho (guitar) and Daniel Mueller (bass), has for some time working hard for the release of their debut, "Venus Attack 1", which will bring the result of the experiences, influences and inspirations of musicians, promising to be, not a surprise, since the ability of musicians, but a new affirmation of  brazilian scene and one of the great releases of the year.

We talked to the band, to advance a little bit about the album, as the creative process and production. Should be on the album 9 tracks plus a "hidden track" surprise, and soon, certainly we will be back to talk to the band after the release! Check out what else they have to say, and keep the two eyes in this awesome band folks, and get ready for venusian attack!

RtM: The Venusian attack will start soon! When "Venus Attack 1" will be released? Do you signed with some label?
Renato: Firstly, it is very nice to participate in this interview. We thank you for your attention and  Road to Metal site, especially to readers who have been patiently awaiting the release of our first work, which will come out completely independently.

André: We are waiting for the pressing, we expect to release it until the middle of June. Stay tuned on the band's official fanpage on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and website.

RtM: Still on the “Venusian” invasion with the album "Venus Attack 1", I would like you to talk a bit about what we can expect in terms of sound, and what do you think there is the great differential of the band to find their space in this competitive music scene?
Renato: From the beginning, in 2009, always we had the idea of ​​developing an identity using the language of the Metal as a vehicle of expression. Mike himself in the first trials and meetings we had to create the songs always sought to emphasize this need to follow a way of our expressing ourselves, without forgetting the good that had been done, drinking these many influences.

 However, we are attuned to good ideas from other styles of music and what has been done today. Added to this the formation of each of the musicians in the band, which passes scholar, through Brazilian music, pop rock to the international fusion and jazz. The work that we will be releasing is a  translation of which is Venus Attack as a group, how all these factors go together.

RtM: The public has already had samples of the band's songs, in concerts, on social networks and virtual EP "Take It! Is For Free ", available on their official website. We note that it is somewhat complicated label Venus Attack. What could you tell us about this?
Renato: This is great! It is a sign that we started on the right track! (Laughs). It is natural to look up on their favorite artists to grasp the best of them, like they do and then try to do your way, improve themselves to be able to create your own artistic voice. Trying to fit an artwork on a label is very complicated because depending on the circumstances, you may find yourself subjected to certain rules which often can end up imposing on art making. It is necessary to seek a balance between these factors because, in our view, labels always end up dulling creativity, one way or another.

Mike: I agree with Renato! It's great that it is difficult to label us as we work hard to have a different style from other bands. Although each has its influences, try abstracting it soarmos to the original as possible. The truth is, Venus Attack is a mix of each member!

RtM: And what were the influences to build this album?
Mike: Actually, I'd say inspiration! We were inspired in large rock bands, hard, heavy and even punk ... In some pop bands and new age 80s. And current bands metal core.

Daniel: Every musician in the band has a "music school" differentiated and that we learned to use in favor of a new sound material, with songs that, although "bathed" in Heavy Metal, bring a little musical history of each member.

 RtM: Tell us a little about the album's production process and recording. The visual design is also very cool!
Daniel: The production process occurred naturally, musical ideas were tested and defined together, usually during rehearsals.
As for the recording job ... We consider that it was somewhat time consuming. Each member recorded his part alone, even in different studios, which allowed a deepening a quiet lapping of the material. This led, however, a large "delay" in the delivery of audio. Do not leave our heads the phrase "you can still get better"! and we ended up deleting everything and start the whole project. I even recorded the whole album four times!!

Mike: On visual design, usually out of my head, I have ideas, I sometimes do a sketch hand, show it to others Venusians and try to convince them that it is cool! The hardest to convince is Andre! Always think anything bad, but then ends up getting 3 against 1 ... (Laughs) Then, when going for a designer to do the artwork, he ends up liking. In the case of Venus Art Attack 1, was in charge of the great artist Vanessa Doi, who has also done some work for Hangar (Aquiles Priester's, ex-drummer of Angra, band, wich Mike was the formely singer) .

RtM: How do you compose songs? How does the inspiration about the lyrics?
Mike: One of the four appears with a sense of melody, or a passage, now try to fit any lyrics that comes to mind and then begin to work upon. Sometimes someone idealizes an entire song, shows for each other and begin to take a hand.
Now about the lyrics ... The Venus Attack 1, wrote all. Always try to talk about real things, sometimes some personal experience, usually things that any person without magical powers and friendless mythical, like fairies, pixies and elves experience. I am Brazilian, and now comes the fact of having to sing in English to have greater acceptance, will not talk about things that are not part of my culture.

Andre: I was the last member to join the band, had participated with Mike on another project where we compose some songs and will be in Venus Attack 1. When I went to Venus Attack, the band already had a job done, just did the guitar solos according to my personality.

RtM: Most national bands still complains of difficulty in playing live and some producers even talk that often are afraid to promote shows with local bands. The lack of audience, and the amount of international shows that have passed through Brazil, generate a bit of trouble. How do you see this situation? What can be done to improve?
Mike: I honestly do not understand this! I see my friends who have direct band playing! This myth began with an artist who exhibited his failure on national television, because he turned his career to reach this point, causing people to lose their credibility in their work.
The band "Zerodoze", from guitar player Cristiano Wortmann, for example, has been doing a lot of shows and already has many others booked, and Tierramystica too, are all the time playing around in Brazil ... André Matos announced a tour recently ... And out of the experience I had with Hangar last year on tour commemorating 15 years of the band ...

It has a really cool story that fits here: "... A man who had a pushcart hot dogs in a country town, sold about 100 hot dogs per day, had never heard of global economic crises. But a beautiful day, a customer decided to talk about it ... That you began to get scared and also began to talk about such a crisis, fear took him in a way that he no longer slept more. longer do things you used to, due to the crisis. however But he continued selling his 100 hot dogs per day .. Know it! Ourselves generate this problem!

And while I was writing here, a producer called me wanting a show of Venus Attack for the month of August. Some people may say: "- Oh it's easy for him! Already have consolidated the name! ...". It is not easy, I have to work! I have to pick up the phone, offer my work and show why it is worth to have my product! Things did not fall from the sky! Nobody will run after you! Further in an extremely competitive market. It must work!

RtM: Finally, for those who do not know your work as well, you would speak of your personal influences and about your musical background, bands that have worked, etc.. Mike everybody already know for his work with the Hangar!
Daniel: I'm training to classical guitar, but participated in several bands over the past 10 years, playing and knowing different styles ranging from samba to jazz and pop rock, and finally coming to Rock (Hard, metal, etc.). ! My training, bass, gave up on a double bass (yes, I played in the orchestra as well), but for various reasons I ended up "migrating" to the electric bass, now tracking the influences of the great musicians of the instrument, such as Jaco Pastorius , Billy Sheehan, Nico Assumção, John Paul Jones and many others among those who most admire.

Andre: My influences are: Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Greg Howe and all the great guitarists. I listen to a little of everything.
And I worked on some projects for bands like Artheria (along with Mike), P49 on the album "The Word" and as sideman for Luciano Manga, former lead singer of G3.

Renato: I studied with great drummers like, Thabba, Argus Montenegro, which has changed my life as a musician, with his son, Zé Montenegro, which helped to "bend" further my head! And to "freak out" once, I went to study with the grandson of the Argus, Matheus Montenegro, where i had contact with what is most current in terms of study for double bass. Beside this "clan" had access to much that will of Brazilian music to jazz, which were definitely incorporated in my training.

Played with bands and artists like: Zumbira and Palmares, Human Need, kband, Jottagá & Fróide Explica, The Taylors, Eduardo Berdichevski, Léo Jesus Orchestra Sweet Compass Group and Artistic Legato. Besides Venus, play with Berga Brothers and Comrades and Edu Kremer and Camonianas.
I cite as influences, as well as family Montenegro, Neil Peart, Dave Lombardo, Art Blakey, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Tony Williams, Richard Christy, Jorge "Samba" Gomes, Adriano de Oliveira and Aquiles Priester.

Mike: I have influences on contemporary Classical music, in popular and rock 'n' roll.
I sang with Hangar, 1997 until 2005, and still participate in some events with the band. I have worked with Riffmaker, Nando Mello project, I am part of the choir of the Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra (OSPA) and I'm singing teacher.

RtM: Thanks for the personal attention, we are awaiting the release and then let's agree to talk again, talking about the album! Now give a message to readers!
Renato: Again, thank you and the readers of  Road to Metal to the kindness and hope you enjoy the CD.

Mike: Thank you to my good friend Carlos Garcia who is always giving strength to the bands, the Road To Metal by space and all the fans for their support and affection. Without you, we would not have purpose.

Daniel: The "Venus Attack 1" is coming!! Stay tuned.

André: \ m /

Interview by Carlos Garcia

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