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Blaze Bayley: Soundtrack of a Life Dedicated to the Heavy Metal

Blaze Bayley is a name that needs no introduction, especially after its entry into one of the biggest metal bands in history, Iron Maiden, with which he recorded two albums, the band remained between 94-99, with the difficult task of occupying the post also one of the greatest vocalists of Heavy Metal, Bruce Dickinson.

With Dickinson's return, Blaze left the band, in mutual and amicable consent, leaving very good songs like "Futureal" and "Man on the Edge", and although at that time the band's formation have been challenged and sales results and positions in charts have been smaller than the band was used, these works grew with time, gaining more space between the fans.

Blaze went on a solo career and his self-titled band, plus new work with his band of origin, Wolfsbane, also collaborating with several artists, including the Brazilian project Soulspell, and casting work in partnership, building a consistent career and in October this year, will release "Soundtracks of My Life", compilation with 30 tracks, all remastered, including some acoustic and two unreleased, celebrating your 30 year career, a real soundtrack that illustrates all these years dedicated to Heavy Metal! We talked with the always friendly Blaze, who told us about this release and this important mark . Check it out!

Road to Metal: Blaze, first we would like to thank you for another opportunity to interview him! To start wanted you to talk the new release, the compilation "Soundtrack Of My Life" which will be released in october.

Blaze Bayley: Thank you for having me! The album is coming out on 31st of October but is already available now for pre-order on my webshop (www.blazebayley.net/webshop). We have almost sold 500 pre-orders which is, i think, a record since I left Iron Maiden.

RtM: This release marks your 30 year career, what can we expect for 2014 which closes this date so important?

BB: I am planning to tour in 2014 all over the world with this album. I start in January in South America and then it will be Europe and hopefully also Australia and America. I would also like to do many festivals in the summer. I have been through a lot in my career and this year, although i have been really busy, I also had time to look back and realised it was 30 years, so time to celebrate!

RtM: What would you think if one day Iron Maiden did a special concert with former members as guests? Have you thought? You, Dickinson and Di'Anno Together on Stage?

BB: I don't expect it to happen but if it would, it would be great. I loved my time in Iron Maiden and working with Steve Harris so it would be a pleasure to be on stage with them again.

RtM: "Soundtrack Of My Life" will have two new compositions, on which you recorded with renowned guitarist Rick Plester, we can start to consider a successor to "King Of Metal"?

BB: Rick and I were touring in the USA and we got on really well. He has become a good friend of mine and we started talking about writing together. It is always a risk, writing with artists you haven't written with before, because you don't know if they work the same way as you and if they are any good. Rick and I managed to write the 2 new songs in a short amount of time and I think they are really good. I have started writing a story for my next studio album but that won't be released until 2015. I want to take my time and if these two new songs are doing well with the fans, then I would definetly want to write with Rick for the next album!

RtM: And the Blaze Bayley, the music fan? What do you listen to at home? What new bands that catch your attention? And which more strange album we would find in your private collection?

BB: I don't really have much time to go and see other bands as weekends are normally booked. A few weeks ago I managed to go see my friends from Sabaton in Belgium. I really like them as artists and friends. I have some country albums on my phone so that would be the strangest i guess.

RtM: Speaking a bit about the excellent EP "Russian Holiday", you always made it clear he would like to release something acoustic, and "Russian Holiday" had a great job, so it generated acoustic tour, which will continue this year and in 2014. In relation to this project, we can expect more releases in this format?

BB: I am not planning any new releases at the moment, but when the time is right, i would love to do more. It is a project that I love doing but I have to stay focussed on the heavy metal shows because that is what matters most.

RtM: Always heard and saw many comments and rumors that several members of the Iron Maiden do not have a good relationship with each other, and that the band has been together only due to larger forces, such as business, the legion of fans, and that fact alone,in solo career, they would not have been so successful. What you think about, and if you come to feel that there really is something between some members at this time you were in the band?

BB: I haven't noticed anything from that whilst I was in the band. There will always be arguments and things you don't agree with, but the band got on well.

RtM: And your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your time off? Do you like Movies, TV Series? And Football?

BB: I really enjoy riding my motorcycle or working on it. When it is a sunny day, I call my friends and we ride all day. I also like spending time with my wife and young daughter who is now 2 years old. 

RtM: If you were asked to re-record an Iron Maiden's album, which of it would you like to re-record with your vocals?

BB: I like both albums as they are but it would be great if I can re-record both. I feel that my voice has grown a lot in the last few years so it would be interesting to hear that on the albums.

RtM: Talking about this acoustic tour, you will return to Brazil in december, and one of the shows will be in Santo Angêlo/RS, where the Road to Metal will cover exclusively, what can we expect from these new shows? In terms of setlist will have some surprise?

BB: We still need to decide the setlist but we will change it up a bit from this January. We try to find a good balance between Iron Maiden songs and songs from my own career. It will be crazy as always in Brazil!

RtM: Blaze was an honor to interview you again! send a message for your fans of Road to Metal and Brazil! Thank you again!

BB: I would like to thank all my fans in Brazil for all their support and kind words they have given me over the years! I can't wait to see you in December and January!

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