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Concordea: Creative and Promising Power/Prog/Melodic Made in Russia

(To read the portuguese version click here) Surprising, i think is a good word to describe the Concordea's debut, the EP "Before the Sunrise", released via DeFox Records/Heart Of Steel (Italian label).
We cannot say it's common to receive some material from Russia, then this fact alone has awakened me curiously. Russian band, release speaks Melodic Power Metal, with heavy guitars and heavy bass and drums, great melodies on keyboards. A beautiful guitarist and former member, Daria Piankova (which shows that she is more than a beautiful face), and yet, as guest vocalist, Andrea Bicego (from Italian band 4th Dimension, which this year released a great second album), then, are several attractions!

As I said before, release speaks on Power/Melodic punch, and yes, it is a good definition, but there is much more in russian music group. The punch of the group already gives the guys in the first seconds of "Before the Sunrise", which begins with a fast drums, pulsating bass, furious riffs and keyboard melodies, creating tense, and sometimes gloomy climates. Bicego voice fits very well in the sound of Concordea, with great interpretation of this track. The song shows much variety, alternating climate parts with others faster, remembering great moments of Melodic Power Metal bands like Stratovarius (from "Visions"), but the Russian troupe has a way heavier and more gloomy;

 "Behind the Wind" follows on without giving chance to catch your breath, with speed, punch and melody, fast drums and changes of rhythm, with the drums sometimes verging on thrash, beyond the striking chorus and more good work from Andrea, who also uses a more dramatic and aggressive side in interpretations;

"Delusive Shades" starts right climate, melancholic keyboard, serving as an introduction to the "pile-driver" drums and great guitar riffs. The keyboard being in charge of placing the melody in appropriate doses, always with very creative arrangements. Another highlight is the vocal lines, and Andrea Bicego, which again shows was able to give a proper interpretation to the sound of the band (be attention on his band too!), alternating melody and some vocal more agressive. Another striking feature of these songs are contrasts between melody and aggressivity. 

At this point the attentive listener will have noticed that the Concordea brings interesting variations on all the songs, bringing different moods and feelings, and this track is no different, with some moments of pure punch and technique, incursions of Progressive alternating cadence and speed;

Closing the EP, we have "Message", which is "lighter", with riffs and vocals catchy and melodious, that line more "happy" from the Power Metal Melodic, with speed moments. Do you remember that songs of bands like Helloween , Stratovarius and Vision Divine (the debut album)? But with variations and changes of rhytm.

Daria e Andrea during the recordings
Really a great and promising surprise, showing that always is possible bring fresh air to any Metal sub-division, and Concordea try to do something different and deserves a careful hearing. The punch, the contrast between melody and aggressivity that I quoted, great melodies and creative variations, good lyrics and arrangements worked well in compositions (Dramatic Power Melodic Metal?)! Defox label's good bet, there are many promising bands like Concordea out there, just waiting for a chance.

Remembering that this is their debut, and certainly they will surprised us even more in a future a full album. Check it out, I believe you will also be surprised.

Text/Edition: Carlos Garcia
Photos: Provided by the band

Album Informations:
Band: Concordea
Álbum: "Before the Sunrise"
Country: Russia
Year: 2014
Style: Melodic/Prog/Power
Label: Defox Records/Heart of Steel

Line Up (that recorded the EP)EP:
Daria Piankova - guitars
Alexey Raskovalov - guitars
Nikolay Konstantinov - bass guitar
Roman Doronin - drums 
Alexey Turetskov - keyboards
Andrea Bicego: Vocals (Guest)

Denis Baranov - vocals (Current singer, joined the band after the release)
Constantin Kirillov - guitars (joined the band after the release)

Track List
Before the Sunrise
Behind the Wind
Delusive Shadows

Official Channels:

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