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Interview - Attractha: Metal Without Fear

Formed in 2007, with a brief hiatus to come back reformulated in 2012, from São Paulo (Brazil) ATTRACTHA group came up with the intention of making a Metal free of labels, impressing personality, bringing together the influences of each member. The band's name was inspired by a saint from Ireland, who owned an inn by the side of the road, the legend goes that every wounded soldier who passed by the place was cured.  (versão em português)

After a well received EP, the group undergoes more changes in the line-up, and finally, under the production of Edu Falaschi (former Angra, Almah), the group then enters the studio in the first half of 2016 in order to register The first full-length, resulting in "No Fear to Face What's Buried Inside You." The album, released in partnership with Dunna Records and Shinigami Records, was mixed in Los Angeles by Damien Rainaud, received very good reviews, and brings a more heavy sound, coupled with more traditional influences.

To talk more about this album and other issues, we talked to the founder Humberto Zambrin (Drums), check below:

RtM: Hello Humberto, first of all, congratulations for the excellent work, which besides the musical part, presents a beautiful graphic art!
Humberto Zambrin: Hey, thank you!! Glad to know you liked it!

RtM: Well, speaking of this graphic art, I'd like you to talk a little about it, and also about that concept presented in the album title.
Humberto: Well, the art was born of the complexity of the album and etc ... when we were writing the lyrics, I realized that there was a connection between them, a common sense, which are the deepest feelings we have inside us ... hence the title of the album! From there I finished writing what was missing from the lyrics and saw that I could work something close to a concept album. But with so many conceptual albums there, we decided to think in a broader way, with art included in the context. 

Than, I had the idea, I did the drafts, I showed to the people of the band, they liked it, and I went to develop it with João Duarte (very known brazilian designer, who creates cover arts to band like Circle II Circle, Angra, Almah). The art would be very complex to fit in CD format, so I searched, both in the covers and in the booklet the format of the vinyl, which gave us much more possibilities of details. The rest is the work itself, the digipack, its options and everything. I want to encourage people to see and get the album in their hands ... to look at the drawings, details and hidden messages there!

"I want to encourage people to see and get the album in their hands ... to look at the drawings, details and hidden messages there!"
RtM: Listening to the album, I felt a lot of personality, Attractha being a band that from its beginning, back in 2007, had as goal to make Metal free of labels. How do you see this proposal nowadays? Do you feel that you have achieved what you were looking for? Especially now after your first full lenght finally released.
Humberto: Absolutely !! We are very happy with what this album brings! Everything is there ... from Hard Rock to Thrash Metal, choruses, riffs, drums and bass, solos ... everything is independent of labels, trends and other locks. For us it sounds as free as we wanted it to sound.

RtM: And what bands would you cite as inspiration, that have this style, free of labels that Attracta put as its goal?
Humberto: It's hard to tell a band that is in the same spot, but we were very influenced by Adrenaline Mob, Stone Sour, Five Finger Death Punch ... this as a collective, as a band ... but individually the influences are very peculiar and distinct.

RtM: The changes of formation made some difference to the plans of the band, which intended to have launched the first work as early as 2015. But on the other hand, do you believe that maybe this has contributed to adding even more experience and directly influencing the final result?
Humberto: With the utmost and absolute certainty. Not only for the exchange of vocalists, but also for the time ... in these short time the band matured a lot, we grew as musicians and we became even more involved in all aspects. Having worked continuously on the album also helped a lot, finally, each additional time, adding experience in the process ... now I understand why Metallica take 5 years recording a CD, hahahahaha.

RtM: I would like you to also talk about choosing Edu Falaschi for the production, and also for Damien Rainaud for the mixing and mastering.
Humberto: In 2014 and 2015 I got to know Almah's work and I really liked it ... I always thought it was a band as diverse as what we wanted to do, but much more technical. Reading and watching interviews, I discovered that Edu was responsible for 99% of the compositions, arrangements and melodies and I surrendered to his talent. When we thought it was time to start working hard on the album, I suggested that we hire him to produce us. We scheduled to meet, discuss the points and close the partnership. Damien came later. One day, at Edu's house, he showed a finished song of what would become the album E.V.O (Almah). I said that I liked the sound of "Unfold" more and he laughing said that was the same guy who had done the mixes and masters of both CDs, and I found it fantastic. From there he passed the contact and we were negotiating with Damien. We closed with him the day we started recording the drums! That was a very accurate statement!

RtM: Besides the personality, I would also like to praise how much you managed to weight very well, a contemporary Metal, but with melody and more traditional nuances here and there, and in the opening with "Bleeding in Silence", we have a good example.
Humberto: It was the last song composed for the album! In the 47 min of the 2nd time! ha ha ha! Today is one of the most requested and praised in the shows ... the proof that perspiration is worth as much as inspiration!

RtM: "Move On" is another song that I really enjoyed as well, including the lyric part, which immediately goes back to the album title, talking about carry on, to evolve and face your fears. I wish you'd tell us a little more about it.
Humberto: "Move On" was composed in 2015 ... it was one of the first songs we did for this album. Much of the lyrics were inspired by Ayrton Senna and Anderson Silva, when he fractured his leg. And the illustration of the booklet, that symbolizes the song "Move On" is of an athlete. Athletes have this latent spirit of self-overcoming, no matter adversity. I think this is missing from people in general, and that's what music is about. I like it a lot, especially playing ... I think it's one of the most complex drum arrangements on the album.

"Athletes have this latent spirit of self-overcoming, no matter adversity. I think this is missing from people in general."
RtM: I would like you tell us more about "No More Lies" too, it is also a kind of song  that we listen to, and  immediately have that will of listen to it again. Melodious, Power Ballad style.
Humberto: "No More Lies" was born from an initial inspiration in Led ... but when Ricardo brought the music and we started putting our influences, it was very different from what it was. It gained more weight than a normal power ballad, I think. The lyrics speak of taking on deeper feelings like love, which can sometimes be difficult, depending on the person. I invited a very talented friend, Maitê Gondim, to make a special guest appearance on the vocals, creating an interesting mood.

RtM: Another highlight for me, "Victorious" also well synthesizes the band's sound, Heavy Metal, contemporary, strong chorus and striking melodies, and also has a beautiful message: "The healing is inside of you, only defeat the pain, we will be victorious".
Humberto: Yes, this is our tribute to the people who overcame the cancer and it will take, an inspiration for those who are facing!!

RtM: Even with the reduction in CD sales, many bands are still investing, and you, as a new band, even if it is perhaps an investment of higher risk today, presented a magnificent material in graphics and sound. You believe that, even with a certain crisis, if there is no investment in a high-level product, it would still be harder. How did you evaluate these issues?
Humberto: Oh, that's for sure! Today, the acquisition of CDs is something that is relegated to the last level in the investments of young people in general. In order to recover some of the money that has been invested, the best solution is to have what we call a "Premium" product, something that people really want ... and the only way to do it is by presenting a product with the best songs we could do, With the best recording we could afford and the best art that could be created for that. In our album, because it was a first album, we could not think of a purely virtual release. We needed something concrete on the hands to show to the people, so despite many analysis, we opted for the physical CD!

RtM: And your feelings about the question of financial return and sales of the album, now here in our Country with that certain instability.
Humberto: It's rolling, very slow, but it's rolling. Sales through the site are good, but the biggest amount of CD's sold even in the shows! Not only CD's, but the merchan overall. It is our greatest source of return, without a shadow of a doubt!

RtM: These days commenting with some other journalists, the question arose that, with the retirement, or imminence of it, of several of the big bands or the most traditional, could be a positive factor, making the public, maybe,  to pay more attention to the new names. What do you think about?
Humberto: I disagree partially. If we think of a world-wide and mainstream scenario this is valid, but if you go back to the Brazilian market or the underground market, I really do not agree. Today, in Brazil, we only have space in the big arenas for dinosaurs and with the retirement of great bands, in "arenas" we have a great tendency to see only mainstream pop artists, which is one of the few niches where the music industry still does money. There is renewal in mainstream pop, but not in Metal. So much so that many old bands came back active to get some of that market. 

RtM: And How do you see the future to the Heavy Metal?
Humberto: For Metal, the future is at the big festivals, combining different audiences within Metal to attract large quantities and get the return on the investment needed for an arena show. Already the underground, is doomed to the level that is. Lacking large-scale investment from record labels, underground bands can even release good albums and tour quite a bit, as some bands have done, but will always be doomed to the less glamorous circuit of concert venues. Always remember that, even in Metal, who put great names where they are, such as Kiss, Iron Maiden, Metallica, AC DC, Black Sabbath and Ozzy (to name a few that can still fill up - not crowded - stadiums alone) Recorders. They are record companies that have grown up with the artists, or those that have been bought by major record companies ... well, there are several theories and only those who live will see!

"For Metal, the future is at the big festivals, combining different audiences."
RtM: What about distribution and disclosure abroad? What are the main difficulties you feel in reaching a market out from Brazil?
Humberto: Today the biggest limitation is the availability of capital to invest in it. Even when there are record companies outside that intend to release the material, in general they are small and can not give a greater support. Some bands here are finally achieving this after 10 to 12 years of work, but the limiting of any hyperexposure today is capital.

RtM: Thanks for the attention, once again congratulations for the excellent work, the last space is for your final message.
Humberto: We want to thank all those who have given us support, prestige and accompanied us there. We thank you immensely for opening this space and exposing our reality in an honest and sincere way! Follow the local bands and really support the brazilian Metal!!

Interview: Carlos Garcia

Attractha are:
Cleber Krichinak (vocals)
Humberto Zambrin (drums)
Ricardo Oliveira (guitars)
Guilherme Momesso (bass)




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