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Secret Rule: Creativity and Originality Touches

The Secret Rule is an Italian band of Melodic Metal. The band is led by the very good singer Angela Di Vincenzo, who besides having a beautiful and pleasant timbre, shows technique and versatility, and the current group's line-up includes notable musicians like keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica) and drummer Sander Zoer (ex-Delain). In October 2015 the band entered the studio to record their second album, with special guests such as Stefan Helleblad (Within Temptation), Timo Somers (Delain), Fabio D'Amore (Serenity) and Janneke De Rooy (Paper Doll Decay).

"Machination" was released this June 24, 2016, by the label Scarlet Records, and has a very modern sound, but many traditional and progressive elements can be found, the first song "Ex-Maquina" deserves attention to the keyboards in its great introduction, and note the eletronic effects, that convey a "cold" and mechanical climate, following the lyric theme. The album continues with "The Saviour," a little more fast and "rocker" than the previous song, and was the song chosen to the first video. "I have the Sun" is a nice song, with a more alternative line, some progressive elements and even something of Gothic Metal, with Angela using higher tones (sometimes reminds her fellow Cristina Scabbia),  the guitar solo is very pleasant, knowing how to sound nice and technical at the same time.

Although currently the bands with female vocals are in evidence, the band shows originality enough to call attention, listen the song "Dolls", with the participation of Janneke De Rooy on vocals and Fabio D'Amore on bass, and "I Will" has a great energy, certainly one of the album's best tracks. "The Image" slower than previous songs also deserves special mention, especially the nice vocals and chorus. "You're the Player", also more direct and "heavy", shows personality in the first few riffs, the music have the participation of Timo Somers, Delain guitarist.

During the entire album Sander Zoer drums sounds exciting, with many variations, in fact, an increase comparing with the previous album. Stefan Helleblad guitars steal the scene in "Your Trap", the electronic effects let the music with an industrial climate sometimes. "Foolish Daisy" has once again with Janneke vocals growling, highlight here also for the keyboard lines, which alternate very well the modern influences with more traditionals during all the album. 

The song "Short Stories" is very heavy, Angela sings with force, marrying perfectly with the speed of the guitar and drums. "The Mother" is a good song, more emotional, with less weight and more calm at the beginning and with an explosion in the chorus, perfect choice for the album's closing. 

It was the first time I heard the band, and certainly i will hear again more times. The album is interesting from start to finish, creative and with originality touches. I heard all the songs without skipping any of it. A great indication to who always wants to know new bands.

Text: Raquel de Avelar

Editing and Revision: Carlos Garcia

Band/Album infos:

Band: Secret Rule

Album: "Machination" (2016)

Country: Italy

Style: Female Fronted Metal, Progressive / Melodic Metal

Production: Tue Madsen

Label: Scarlet Records


Angela Di Vincenzo - Vocals

Andy Menario - Guitar

Henrik Klingenberg - Keyboards

Sander Zoer - Drums

Michele Raspanti - Bass

Special Guests

Stefan Helleblad (Within Temptation)

Timo Somers (Delain)

Fabio D'Amore (Serenity)

Janneke De Rooy (Paper Doll Decay)

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