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Enemy of Reality: Symphonic Greek with Ilustrious Guests, and Exalting their Mythology

ENEMY OF REALITY is a Greek Symphonic Metal band, led by ILIANA ITSAKIRAKI. On October 23, 2016 they released their second album titled "Arakhne".
    (leia a versão em português)

Before talking about the songs, it is worth writing a little about the concept:

In Greek mythology, Arachne was a young woman admired for her skill in the art of weaving. Because of all the admiration of all, Arachne began to compare herself to Athena in the quality of her works. Upon hearing the news, the goddess was furious with the petulance of the mortal. She felt challenged and decided to promote a competition with Arachne to see who in fact deserved to be considered the best.

When the tapestries were ready, Athena admired the impeccable work of her competitor, but she was furious that Aracne dared to illustrate the amorous delusions of Zeus, the goddess's father, in her tapestry. Annoyed, Athena tore the weaving into pieces and struck the young woman on the head. Arachne was very sad and, in her desperation, ended up trying to hang herself. Knowing what her wrath had provoked, the goddess had sympathized with the mortal and transformed the rope she had used to hang herself in a web. Then he poured on Aracne fluids taken from the herbs of the goddess Hecate and turned her into a spider. In this way, Arachne was saved from death and, though doomed to hang on her web, the beauty of her art would not be lost forever in this world.

The album begins with the introduction "Martyr", a symphony sung in Greek, intense and with an atmosphere of suspense. Then the strong "Reflected", a dazzling duet with FABIO LIONE. Following for "Weakness Lies Within" with its impeccable keyboards and captivating chorus. The great "Time Immemorial" has a beautiful combination of the operatic vocals of ILIANA and the more torn masculine vocals. Highlight for "Nouthetisis", sung in Greek, with the participation of JEFF WATERS from ANNIHILATOR

We continue with the epic "Afraid No More" and its powerful refrain. And finally "Showdown", since the announcement of the album release I was expecting to hear the duet between ILIANA and CHIARA MALVESTITI (CHRISALYS and THERION), and the partnership was really wonderful, but impossible not to highlight the very well crafted symphonic part. Since the first track there is no doubt about the talent of the singer, but in "The Taste of Defeat" I was simply enchanted. The symphony of "In Hiding" managed to transport me into the story. "I SpareYou" has a dramatic mood, again the high level of interpretation of the soprano leaves us dazzled. And finally, "A Gift of a Curse" ends the album very well.

Those who like symphonic metal need to listen to this album. Whether by the vocals of ILIANA, by the beautiful symphonic elements, by its concept, or simply by the guests. It is worth at least experiencing the journey that each song delivers within the story.

Text: Raquel de Avelar

Track List:
01. Martyr
02. Reflected (Feat. Fabio Lione)
03. Weakness Lies Within
04. Time Immemorial
05. Nouthetisis (feat. Jeff Waters)
06. Afraid No More
07. Showdown (Feat. Chiara Malvestiti)
08. The Taste Of Defeat
09. In Hiding
10. I Spare You
11. A Gift Of Curse

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