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Demon: A Great Album, Sounding Contemporary and Keeping the Identity

This true institution or legend of Heavy Rock continues to produce absolutely relevant and exciting albums, and besides we can identify several classic elements, from their first albums, when NWOBHM caught the attention of the Metal world, with "Night of the Demon" and "The Unexpected Guest" (released by Major Warner Music), where they made a Hard and Heavy that brought weight, melody and that mysterious aura on the visual ("Night of the Demon" cover art is classic!!) and live performances, also passing through its more progressive years, in albums like "The Plague" "Hold on to the Dream" and "Breakout". the fact is that DEMON always seemed to be ahead of his time, and his sonority did not fit into the traditional Heavy Metal bands of  NWBOHM. Who knows, this audacity may have been one of the factors that Demon do not have reached a higher level.    (LEIA AQUI A VERSÃO EM PORTUGUÊS)

Dave Hill, lead vocalist and founder (along with guitarist Mal Spooner, who died in 1984) kept the band active (having a hiatus between 1992 and 2001), always counting on the faithful friend and businessman (actually multi-function) Mike Stone, and since returning in 2001, since releasing four very good albums through his own label, Spaced Out Music (in addition to several re-releases), and the most recent, "Cemetery Junction", released in late 2016, is Best since the return, and easily enters the list of the best works of the English.

Is impressive how Hill and his current compositional companions, Ray Walmsley and Neil Ogden, have maintained the band sounding contemporary, but leaving perfectly identifiable several classic brands, such as Hard and Heavy riffs, with captivating melodies and choruses, as well progressive nuances, what Demon has used in several works.

The sound is powerful, heavy and with great melodies, enriched by the work of the keyboards (by Karl Waye), who are responsible for giving the progressive touches and also giving a class how to contribute in climates, often working alongside with the guitars, and Cotterill/Hume did a great job, with weight and melody, dividing solos and bases, passing through the more classical school and bluesy nuances. That is, here is a lesson, showing how to work for the composition as a whole. Oh, of course, Hill's unmistakable voice goes on as if the years had not passed, with his remarkable way of interpreting each song.

There are eleven tracks, and it is increasingly difficult nowadays to point albums we can hear from beginning to end without skipping a track, another point in favor of "Cemetery Junction", in which, although there are songs that will stand out in your ears certainly, there are any disposable track. "Are You Just Like Me" (The Spirit of Man), starts the album in a vibrant Hard/Heavy, Hammonds, great melodies on the guitars and a great chorus; "Life in Berlin", dedicated to Mike Stone's mother, has a more slow tempo, brings much emotion and a great chorus; "Turn on the Magic" as well as the opening track, is a Hard/ Heavy that brings those captivating melodies, sticky chorus, something that Dave Hill always knew how to do very well.

"The Best is Yet to Come"has progressive nuances and weight, "Queen of Hollywood" was very pleasing to me by the variations and its climate, transiting through denser and heavier, progressive and climatic stretches, also highlighting the melodious vocals on chorus, and has a very striking melody; "Thin Disguise", ballad full of emotion, with the keyboards contributing in a massive way in the climates, bringing a nostalgic feel; "Cemetery Junction", the title track, has another of the defining characteristics of Demon's Hard/Heavy songs, which is that mystical mood, immediately referring to songs like "Don't Break the Circle" or "Night of the Demon"; "Drive" brings weight and an interesting Slides work on guitars.

"Miracle" is another slower track, full of emotion and a beautiful work on guitar melodies; "Out of Control" has a frenzied lead, bringing a climate of "madness". Vocal lines and guitars work very well, translating the theme of music; "Someones Watching You" closes the album in a rhythmic and climatic theme.

An absolutely captivating and strong album. It sounds contemporary, but with many of the marks that the fan who knows the work of the group will identify, like songs with much emotion, awesome climates, great refrains and melodies, progressive nuances and many memorable moments. To hear from start to finish. Hope many more Metal fans have interest in this great band, and who knows at least one of the great injustices in Heavy Metal history finally will be corrected.

Text: Carlos Garcia

Band: Demon
Album: "Cemetery Junction" 2016
Country: Inglaterra
Style: Hard/Heavy/Progressive
Executive Producers: Dave Hill e Mike Stone
Label: Space Out Music

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Demon are:
Dave Hill: Vocals
David Cotterill: Guitars
Paul Hume: Guitars
Ray Walmsley: Bass, Guitars
Neil Ogden: Drums
Karl Waye: Keyboards, Orchestral arrangements

Track List:
Are you Just Like Me
Life in Berlin
Turn on the Magic
The Best is Yet to Come
Queen of Hollywood
Thin Disguise
Cemetery Junction
Out of Control
Someone's Watching You



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