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Sailing to Nowhere: Sailing in the Search of Their Space

Something that caught my attention early on this debut of the Italian band Sailing to Nowhere, was the work of the guitars both in riffs and in solos, as well as the weight on drums and bass lines, a very good point, in times that many Power Metal or Symphonic Metal bands end up giving much emphasis on orchestrations and being too "economic" in the weight that Heavy Metal needs, and the importance of the guitars for this musical style.

With influences that pass through Avantasia, Edguy and Gamma Ray, as well as elements of Hard Rock and Traditional Metal, the band brings an interesting debut work, highlighting the duo's work of guitarists, always showing good riffs and solos, solid bases and guarantee weight.

Keyboards are also well placed, without exaggeration, offering climates and pleasant tunes, plus some solos and duets with the guitars. The rhythm section is competent and fulfills its role, drawing on weight, but also using the speed when necessary. And the duo of singers provides very interesting duets with the drive of Marco's voice doing to point the melodious voice of Veronica (who was replaced by Federica Garenna). 

New line up, with Federica Garenna on vocals
"In Dreams in My Night" (quite liked the guitars and keyboards here) and "Big Fire" (well done mix of melody and heavier parts) open the album very well, where the listener can notice what I emphasized at the beginning, the very good job at the guitars, with striking riffs, and are songs that bring more obvious their side Power Metal and influences of traditional Metal, especially in the "twin" guitars; "Fallen Angel" gives us a calm moment, being a ballad with climate keyboard, acoustic melodies on guitars, but then grows also gaining speed.

"Lovers on Planet Earth" is very cool, "a power ballad," with sticky melodies on keyboard and guitars, and here the vocal duets have a very good time with Veronica dropping over her voice. I also emphasize the chorus, my favorite of the album.

"You Wont Dare" brings a more epic progress, and I believe that brings up the most traditional influences of the band; "Strange Dimension" with its slower tempo also has riffs and twin guitars that recall again the more traditional side of the metal.

"Sailing to Nowhere", eponymous to band's name, is also a highlight, with a good mix of melody and weight, very exciting progress and great riffs, with the guitars and the voice of Veronica jutting, and another great chorus. We have here a "earworm".

"Sweet Rain" is a beautiful ballad, highlighting the keyboard, a beautiful guitar solo (with technic and melody) and Veronica's sweet vocals, and close with a version of "Left Outside Alone" (Anastacia), and although nothing new bands of Power Metal and Melodic Metal make versions of pop songs or power pop, is a cool way to close the album.

"To The Unknown" is good debut, with great moments (as in "In Dreams ...", "Lovers..." and "Sailing..."), and I congratulate the group for not neglecting to keep the weight and the power that the Metal needs, including giving emphasis to the riffs. A band with potential, and with a few tweaks and experience will come to a greater uniformity and create a stronger personality to their sound.

Review by: Carlos Garcia

Band: Sailing to Nowhere
Album: To the Unknow
Country: Italy
Style: Melodic Power Metal
Label: Bakerteam

Marco Palazzi - Vocals
Federica Garenna - Vocals (*the album was recorded by former singer Veronica Bultrini)
Andrea Lanzillo - Guitar
Valentina De Iuliis - Keyboards
Carlo Cruciani - Bass
Giovanni Noe' - Drums 

Track List
1. No Dreams In My Night

2. Big Fire

3. Fallen Angel

4. Lovers On Planet Earth

5. You Won't Dare
6. Strange Dimension
7. Sailing To Nowhere
8. Sweet Rain
9. Left Outside Alone (Anastacia Cover)

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