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Interview - Mike LePond: Returns to Brazil, traditional Heavy Metal and many more!

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Best known for his work in Symphony X, bassist Mike LePond proves not breathe only Prog Metal, and I his first solo album "Mike LePond's Silent Assassin" have a great Heavy Metal traditional trampled in the 80s, with good current rings, the leaving the end result very interesting.

We talked to LePond on the disc design, choice of musicians and of course Symphony X! Check the lines below and be sure to check this project:

Road to Metal: Mike, firstly, I would like thank you for opportunity the interview one of the best bass players of world! But I would like you to tell us a bit more of theme from “Mike LePond's Silent Assassins”.

MLP: Thank you for the interview. My first love has always been classic heavy metal. It was my dream to release an album in this genre. When Symphony X toured on our last CD, I was able to write all the songs on the tour bus.   

RtM: The sound of your first solo album is so different from your band, Symphony X. it’s more Traditional. How did come the ideas for it?

MLP: Most the the music I write is in the traditional metal style so the CD was very easy to put together.  I wanted to make a 1980s style metal album but with orchestration that is used in the modern day. This would create a new and fresh sound.

RtM: “Mike LePond's Silent Assassins” was released by crowdfunding Project, where the fans contributed for a physical version of album. How was that experience? Due to the low sales of discs that the music business lives that would be an option for the future?

MLP: Crowdfuding was a really great experience for me. These days when record labels are going out of business, I think this a great way for a band to achieve it's goals. So its the fans now who can in essence become the new record company.

RtM: Of course, we could not do without talking about Symphony X. "Underworld" was released in 2015 and brings more melodic band than usual. How is the reception of it?

MLP: The reaction to Underworld was better than we could have dreamed. Our fans just loved it and the press gave us great reviews. When we heard the final mixes, we knew we had something very special to share with the world.

RtM: The year 2000 marked its entrance to the Symphony X, where you opened recording what is considered the best work of the band , "V : The New Mythology Suite" . Could you tell us about its recording process and some additional curiosity this time?

MLP: When I joined the band this album was almost completely written, so I had a lot of work trying to learn all this new material. The recording process took three long days of work, but when I finished, I was very happy and proud of what I did.

RtM: In "Mike LePond's Silent Assassin" beyond the bass guitar you also recorded the rhythm guitars, with his Symphony X teammate Michael Romeo, and Metal Mike (Halford, former Sebastian Bach, ex-Testament) in solos. How did the idea to invite these two guitar monsters for the record?

MLP: When it came to the lead guitar playing, I wanted to have the best players I could get in the area where I live. Metal Mike is a close friend and I actually played on his solo CD so he was happy to help. Romeo's style complimented his style rather nicely.

RtM: Also about the line-up of his solo album, Alan Tecchio (Hades , former Seven Witches, Watchtower former) appears on vocals, which did a superb job, proving to be the right person for the time. How did the singer searching for the project? And why use programmed drums on the disc, could not find a drummer?

MLP: Alan had the power and melodic ability that I needed. He is a dear close friend. He loved what I was doing and he did an incredible job. I asked Romeo to program drums because of the project's budget and time issues.

RtM: Do you plan to do a show with his solo project ? And when Symphony X will return to Brazil?

MLP: Yes I want to play live with the Silent Assassins. I just need to coordinate my tour dates with the touring schedule of Symphony X.  And as of right now, Symphony X are planning to play in Brazil in May.

Interview: Renato Sanson


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