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Temperance: The Third Album Since 2013, and Constant Evolution!

Temperance is an Italian Melodic Heavy Metal band. Founded in 2013 by musicians with more than a decade of experience in the scene. On September 16 the album "The Earth Embraces Us All" was released by Scarlet Records, the band's third full lenght.  (versão em português)

The first track, "A Thousand Places", mixes very well weight and melody, more progressive parts, symphonic and oriental rhythms. Quite variety in instrumental and vocal arrangements, characteristic that follows by all the album. In some moments it is difficult not to notice a certain similarity of the vocal tone of the vocalista Chiara with Elize Ryd (Amaranthe). Another very good track,  "At the Edge of Space" gives continuity in the weight of the guitar and drums, in addition to presenting a very sticky chorus. "UnspokenWords" (which also became the first official video of the album) begins a little more calmly and brings a more folk mood. Then "Empty Lines" alternates melody with some faster riffs.

"Maschere", besides being a little more calm, is sung in Italian, showing a lot of originality. "Haze" has a strong footprint, the vocals are certainly the biggest highlight, the band proves that it is possible to make quality music without giving up a sticky chorus. Finally, my favorite: "Fragments of Life", with a beautiful piano, is a very nice song, to hear several times a day without being bored.

In "Revolution" is the time to highlight the talent of the male vocal, which reminded me a lot of the vocals of Marco Hietala (Nightwish). "Advice From a Carterpillar" is very accessible, and although longer, it certainly has great potential to become a popular music among the fans. The penultimate track "Change the Rhyme" has a captivating melody, again the quality of the keyboards call our attention. And closing the chapter, "The Restless Ride", another song with remarkable keyboards and a more symphonic appeal.

It was the first time I heard the band, the production of the album is great. In some moments I could not avoid the comparison Temperance's sonority with other bands, but over time I was able to notice their own characteristics.

For those who like bands with female vocals, Temperance is a great band to get out of the routine of Female Fronted bands with just operatic vocals. All the musicians prove that besides experience they also have a lot of talent, in a work showing variety and wrapped in excellent production. Who, like me, start with this album will certainly want to hear the previous works.
Rate: 8.5 / 10

Text: Raquel de Avelar
Revision: Carlos Garcia

Band: Temperance
Album: The Earth Embraces Us All (2016)
Country: Italy
Style: Symphonic / Melodic / Progressive Metal
Stamp: Scarlet Records

Chiara Tricarico: Vocals
Marco Pastorino: Guitar and Vocals
Luca: Bass
Giulio: Drums and Keyboards

1. A Thousand Places
2. At The Edge Of Space
3. Unspoken Words
4. Empty Lines
5. Maschere
6. Haze
7. Fragments Of Life
8. Revolution
9. Advice From A Caterpillar
10. Change The Rhyme
11. The Restless Ride

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