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Orquídea Negra (Black Orchid): First Album Re-Released - Brazilian Classic Heavy Metal!

Founded in Santa Catarina (south of Brazil) in 1986, the band ORQUÍDEA NEGRA (Black Orchid) carries in its essence the Traditional Metal, of bands like Picture and Metal Church, mainly NWOBHM (and it is inevitable not to mention the Iron Maiden of the first albums), and in 1992 recorded in São Paulo their first LP (containing 9 tracks), "Who's Dead", which was already born with classic status, being the first Metal album of a band from the state of Santa Catarina (Brazil). (Versão em Português)

Released by the label Acit, and selling more than 5,000 copies, "Who's Dead" received several good reviews and excellent repercussion, especially with tracks such as the classic "Surrender", a catchy Hard/ Heavy with awspme melodies and chorus,  and we found some of the best elements of 80's Traditional Metal, like high vocals, twin guitars, great riffs and a lots of weight in anthems like "Wonderful and Lost" and "Hunting Devil". The "Heavy" ballad "Miss You" was another highlight playin in many Rock Radios.

Despite being the group's first album, and the first studio experience, Orquídea Negra overcame the adversities, putting a lot of feeling, footprint and honesty in the recordings, where they had the production of brothers Garcia, of the Argentine band Garcia and Garcia (Ricardo Confessori, Angra's former drummer was in their line up), at the Macan studio in SP.

Now finally the album is re-released and receives its first CD version, bringing 15 tracks, the original 9 with remastered sound, and various bonus tracks, including 03 re-recordings, highlighting the great "The Darkness", composition of that time that won a new version, and versions for "Heaven and Hell" (Black Sabbath) and for the Funeral March - 3rd movement of Chopin's # 2 Sonata, "Who's Dead". The CD comes wrapped in a beautiful slipcase and also features a 24 page booklet with lots of information and previsiouly unreleased photos.

The re-release is only 1,000 copies, and the label responsible for this important release is the Dies Irae, therefore, great opportunity for fans and admirers of Traditional Metal, to know this little pearl of brazilian Heavy Metal.

It is worth remembering that the band also continue to release the new album, "Blood of the Gods", which was released overseas by the labels Secret Service (England) and Metal Soldiers (Portugal).

Text: Carlos Garcia

Line Up (1992)
Andre Graebin: Vocals
Fernando Tavares: Bass
Vinicius Porto: Guitars
Robson Anadon: Guitars and Keyboards
Marcelo Menegotto: Drums

01. Surrender
02. Christmas Night
03. I'm Calling For Your Soul
04.Wonderful And Lost
05. It's Easy To Remember
06. Run To The Hell
07. Mr. Powerful
08. Hunting Devil
09. Miss You
Bônus Tracks
10. The Darkness (original)
11. Wonderful and Lost (2014)
12. Hunting Devil (2014)
13. The Darkness (2013)
14. Heaven and Hell
15. Who's Dead?

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