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Ruins of Elysium: Innovations in Symphonic Metal

RUINS OF ELYSIUM is a brazilian band (from Minas Gerais) with a well-differentiated work with themes ranging from oppressed minorities to themes inspired by anime and video games, and influences that go through Power Metal, Gothic, Classic, J-Metal, Operas and Richard Wagner. On April 4 will be released the debut album "Seeds of Chaos and Serenity".  (versão em português)

Our musical journey begins very well with "Kama Sutra", a symphonic mix with exotic instruments and oriental sounds. The epic "Shadow of the Colossus" was inspired by the video game of the same name, mixing the symphony with the songs of the birds at the beginning of the song, it gave me the feeling of really being in a green field of some video game scene, is one of my favorites.

I fell in love with the chorus of "Serpentarius", for sure it will cause you chills! amazing! The song was chosen for the first single from the album. "Beyond the Witching Hour", is another song with a devastating coral, and some references of Symphonic Black Metal. "Iris" is a beautiful introduction to the next song, "The Birth of a Goddes" has great orchestral arrangements, and Drake Chrisdensen's tenor vocals  really are the biggest differential of the band, but it is impossible not to highlight a theme almost ignored in the Metal scene, The LGBT empowerment.

And finally, a gift for Sailor Moon fans: "Seeds of Chaos and Serenity". An epic journey, with many climates. Divided into 5 arches, the journey begins with "Crystal", with a quiet introduction, blending the sound of coral and harp. "Black Moon" continues the theme, I confess that of the 5 parts, this was the one that I addicted the most, is also worth mentioning the beautiful violin on it. The next acts are the excellent "Infinity" and the beautiful "Dreams". Closing the epic journey, "Stars", a perfect marriage between classical music and Metal.

"Seeds of Chaos and Serenity" is a beautiful work, a shower of creativity mixed with the talent of the band members. In the last reviews I always commented about the lack of innovation of the Metal Symphonic bands. The band Ruins of Elysium shows that it is still possible to bring novelties to the style, which there is much to be explored on it.

Text: Raquel de Avelar
Editing and Review: Carlos Garcia

Band: Ruins of Elysium
Album: "Seeds of Chaos and Serenity" 2017
Country: Brazil
Style: Symphonic Metal
Label: Independent

Drake Chrisdensen - Tenor
Vincenzo Avallone - Guitars and Bass
Icaro Ravelo - Drums and Synths



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