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Ann Wilson (Heart): Tribute to the Fallen Heroes

Ann Wilson, Heart's lead singer, released the album "Immortal" on September 14 via BMG, a collection of covers of deceased musicians who inspired the singer, such as David Bowie, Tom Petty and Chris Cornell. During production Ann used the title "Project Dead Guys". (Versão em português)

The production was by Mike Flicker, who had previously worked with Heart on the albums "Dreamboat Annie", "Magazine", "Little Queen", "Dog And Butterfly" and "Bébé Le Strange". Ann also had some special guests, like Warren Haynes (The Allman Brothers Band) and the multi-instrumentalist Ben Mink.

The album begins with the gripping rendition of Lesley Gore's song, "You Don`t Owe Me" followed by Audioslave's chilling "I Am The Highway", at that point Ann's version sounded as naturally as if the song has been made for her. A surprise to some, the song chosen to honor Tom Petty was "Luna" in a very inspired version. With an interpretation a little less expressive than the original, David Bowie's "I'm afraid of Americans" received a southern rock style.

Then a very special version for "Politician" of Cream, one of the highlights of the album. And it's worth opening quotation marks here for what Ann commented on the song in an interview to Rolling Stone mag, when asked what this song represented for this moment in American politics: "Well, the real question I pay attention to is to observe the mentality Trump is just ... it is a symptom of something that is systematically wrong.You say rotten things on the left and the left say rotten things on the right and everyone hates everyone. How much people really understand what it is happening? " Yeah..

With the participation of Ben Mink, the next song is "A Thousand Kisses Deep" by Leonard Cohen, although I have never heard the original, until then, the version of Ann Wilson sounds strong and confident.

Now a confession, I had to listen to Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" a few more times to get an opinion. At the first audition I found it horrible, maybe because of the high expectations I created for being a fan of Winehouse, but in the following auditions I was able to pay more attention to the nuances of the song, the melancholy tone, the excitement of Ann, yet it is very difficult not to compare to phenomenon Amy.

The emotional "A Different Corner" by George Michael may have been the most unusual choice in the repertoire. And closing with a golden key, Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street", sounding magically, harmonious and full of melody.

Ann Wilson shows in this solo that 68 years of age does not mean anything when you are full of inspiration, and still singing as captivating as in her works at years 70/80, and her voice gives cohesion to the diverse musical styles found in this record. Despite being an album of versions the concept of "Immortal" conveys very well the desire to honor and perpetuate these songs. So many care and caprice deserves the attention of the listeners.

Text: Raquel de Avelar
Editing and Review: Carlos Garcia
Thanks: Iris Klabunde & CMM Media




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