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Crossrock: Brazilian Hard Rock For Export

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Formed in 2006, the brazilian band Crossrock matured his Hard/Melodic Rock, honing their sound and growing as musicians, and all this learning can be seen in this debut album, "Come on Baby", which wasn't be released before because some problems with studios and producers, but everything has your time, and it was released at the right time, because they could bring their best, producing very well the songs, with all the features that a Hard or Melodic Rock fan appreciates, that is, great choruses, great melodies, vocals that fits perfect on this style. I say with confidence that is a world-class work.

The band drinks at the 80's Hard Rock fountain, and we can see influences from the more melodic side and the heavier style, like Motley Crue, Mr. Big, Dokken, Ratt, Skid Row, Hanoi Rocks, Helix, Kiss (era post "Lick it Up"), Stryper, Journey... well "Come on Baby" is simply perfect for fans of the style, and it is no exaggeration to say that the Crossrock can now be considered the greatest exponent of the style in Brazil (and, I believe that, in Latin America too) and certainly will reach other markets, mainly European. In fact, the band recently signed a contract with a Danish label for distribution in Europe and Japan.

"Call You" opens very well the album, a Hard Rock anthem, great chorus, that closely resembles Stryper; "Tonight" also comes with great and catchy melodies, and if the listener is a fan of the bands I mentioned above, certainly will be caught by the sound of Crossrock; "It's All i Need" presents great riffs on guitars, coming with more punch, but with a very melodious chorus. Here already open parenthesis to praise the performance of the whole band, who really knows what is doing, and highlighting the vocals of Rane Crossrock, perfect for the style, reminding quite two "Martins", Eric (Mr. Big) and Tony Martin (mainly in his work more Hard, as in "The Cage", project with Dario Mollo), in heavier tracks like "It's All I Need".

It is difficult to single out a few tracks, because the group shows an excellent level, and it really worth all the wait for the debut, the whole experience reflected in a great Hard Rock album, and it's hard not to hear and already be humming or whistling the many great choruses and melodies.

"Any Road", which has turned disclosure clip, and also has a power of immediate assimilation; "So Live" is a heavy Hard, complete with a lot of punch on the guitars and galloping riffs, and Rane dropping his voice; another song that sent me those "metallized" Hard Rock in a  "Stryper Style"; "Come on Baby", it is also a Heavy/Hard (a Whitesnake vein of the refrain "Come on Baby !!", reminded me Coverdale), with well marked guitar riff, and that chorus to sing with clenched fists! and with a fragment of "God Gave Rock & amp; Roll to You" at the end; "Let's Dance" is an example of the more "festive" side of Hard Rock, with a cool harmonic at the opening, flirting with Rock & amp; Roll and Sleaze.

And on this style, great ballads are an obligation and "When Love Goes Away", it is perfect for those times when the lights go out and it's time to turn the light of the cell phone (in 80's were lighters), acoustics and beautiful vocal arrangements and "Without Love," which comes right after, is another ballad those tailored to become a hit, certainly in the 80's will be in all Rock radios. great chorus and orchestral arrangements, giving a perfect climate in a  performance full of emotion, courtesy of the singer Rane; "Never Give Up", which appears as a bonus, brings keyboard arrangements, flirting with the AOR, and also with excellent chorus.

Look, I did try to talk about some highlights, but just talking about almost every song, and certainly the fans of Hard Rock and Melodic Rock will go through the same situation, it is as if the album was a "Best Of" a more veteran band, so many good moments, provided by a mature and secure band, reminding yes, several big names from the 80's scene, but printing personality.
Keeping the debut's high quality, Crossrock is now the largest potential exponent of Hard here in Latin America. Highly recommended to any  Hard/Melodic Rock fan!
If you want Hard (Rock), you got it!

Text: Carlos Garcia
Photos: Disclosure and  band's Archive

Band: Crossrock
Album: "Come on Baby" (2015)
Country Brazil
Style: Hard Rock, Melodic Rock
Label: Wikimetal/Voice Music (Brazil)

Israel: Guitars 7 Backing Vocals
J.P.: Drums & Backing Vocals
Rane: Lead Guitars & Lead Vocals
Junior: Bass & Backing Vocals

Track List

01 - Call You
02 - Tonight
03 - It's All I Need
04 - Any Road
05 - My Life
06 - So Live
07 - When Love Goes Away
08 - Without Love
09 - Let's Dance
10 - I Feel Your Cold
11 - Come On Baby
12 - Never Give Up
13 - A Letter 4U

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