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Burning Witches: The Year of The Witches?

The female quintet Burning Witches was formed in Switzerland in 2015, born from the intention of guitarist Romana Kalkuhl, who wanted, above all, to build a band marked by complicity, companionship, and of course, love for Heavy Metal. They completed the initial training Lala (drums), Alea (guitars), Seraina (vocals) and Jeanine (bass).   (versão em português)

The inspirations and influences, of course, mainly of classic Heavy Metal, of great names, some that appeared already in the 70's, and the sound and visual 80's, and we can mention bands like Judas Priest, Dio, Manowar and King Diamond. 

In 2016 they launched their first work, simply called “Burning Witches”, independently, which received many positive reviews on renowned websites and magazines in Europe. These great reactions caught the attention of the biggest Heavy Metal label, the German Nuclear Blast, which offered a contract. 

At the end of 2017, guitarist Alea Wyss leaves the band, and a charismatic and technical new owner of the six strings is recruited, the Dutch Sonia “Anubis” Nusselder. In 2018 they launched their second work, “Hexenhammer”, and they go on a tour passing through several countries, including playing in many important European festivals, such as Bang Your Head and Wacken. 

In 2019, vocalist Seraina Telli also leaves the band to dedicate herself to other projects, and the band recruits yet another Dutchwoman, Laura Guldemond, a vocalist with a lot of personality, who besides beauty and a striking stage presence, brought more possibilities to the sound of witches. 

2019 was a busy year, continuing with many shows and the band gaining even more fans. A single and an EP were also released, "Wings of Steel", the first official recordings with the new singer. 

And now in 2020, more precisely on March 6, Burning Witches launches their third work, "Dance With the Devil", which promises to take the quintet to another level, with an increasing popularity in the Metal scene. 

Produced by V.O. Pulver (The German Panzer, producer of Rage albums, Pro-Pain, Destruction and others) and Schmier (Destruction), the band maintained its sound, exuding classic Heavy Metal with hints of Power Metal, but adding a little more variety and melody. 

In previous albums I would say that they pulled more towards a Judas Priest line, and now there is a greater variety, both due to the evolution of the entire band, as well as the contribution of Laura, who, in addition to creating varied vocal lines - reaching even some excerpts with gutturals - puts a lot of energy in the interpretations. 

This greater variety not only brought more melody, as there are also tracks where we have some passages, riffs and vocals that have a foot in traditional Thrash Metal, that stuffed with riffs on top of riffs, in that Slayer line of "Show no Mercy", for example. 

Innovation? There is no need to invent anything new if you produce good and sincere music in the style that was proposed, and Burning Witches gives a show in this regard, bringing very traditional and striking riffs, strong choruses and a lot of energy. 

So in a beautiful Heavy Metal album, we have 12 tracks (counting the intro) very linear in quality, but with some that stand out, like the frantic opening with "Lucid Dream", a locomotive, with a lot of aggression on vocals and riffs bordering the Thrash; the already known title track "Dance With the Devil", which brings more melody, catchy licks and striking riffs and a sticky chorus. Total 80s!
That powerful Metal ballad could not be missing, and "Black Magic" fulfills its role with praise, in that traditional, melodious line and with acoustic passages and growing in the chorus; "Sea of ​​Lies" brings variations alternating paced and fast tempos. Laura alternates more melodic vocals with some guttural ones, and the guitars shine sometimes alone, sometimes in unison, with melody and aggressiveness. 

 "Necronomicon" has a more dragged and heavy tempo, bringing riffs and furious vocals! "The Final Fight" is very melodious and catchy, and we have also great twin guitars, following a line that reminds a lot of Maiden in its tempo. The chorus is also very sticky and striking.
It is also worth mentioning the already traditional cover/version, in the previous ones they paid tribute to Judas and Dio, this time it is Manowar (in some special editions there is also a cover of King Diamond), and they present a beautiful revisited version of "Battle Hymn", which featured Ross "The Boss" and Mike Lepond (Symphony X) as guests.
These girls are doing a very good job togheter, delivering a great and exciting Heavy Metal album, with many of the traditional nuances and even "clichés" of the style, but done in a very honest and competent way. Breaking neck It's guaranteed! And it's certain that you cannot doubt the strength of this quintet, and that 2020 could be the year of witches!

Rate: 9/10

Text: Carlos Garcia
Band: Burning Witches 
Album: "Dance With the Devil" 2020 
Style: Heavy Metal, Power Metal 
Label: Nuclear Blast

Laura Guldemond: Vocals
Romana Kalkuhl: Guitar
Sonia Anubis: Guitar
Jay Grob: Bass
Lala: Drum

1. The Incantation
2. Lucid Nightmare
3. Dance With The Devil
4. Wings Of Steel
5. Six Feet Underground
6. Black Magic
7. Sea Of Lies
8. The Sisters Of Fate
9. Necronomicon
10. The Final Fight
11. Threefold Return
12. Battle Hymn



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