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"Herman Frank (Accept, Victory): Powerful Solo Literally "Right In The Guts!"

So hard to know how Herman Frank finds time for many activities, especially with the current phase of the Accept, which released a few months ago another great work after band's return (the album "Stalingrad").

Guitarist (probably best known for his work with Accept and Victory), composer, producer (produced works of bands like Messiah's Kiss, Molly Hatchet and Rose Tattoo), "band coach", sound engineer and some other activities (! !), the axeman release powerfull albuns like this new work, "Right in the Guts" (the first, "Loyal to None" was released in 2009), which features fine tunes in the vein of Accept's time "Restless & Wild "and" Balls To The Wall ", Traditional and speedy Metal, great work of drums and bass, hooked riffs and killer refrains, but also other tracks more rhythmic, pulling up to Hard, highlighting good melodies and a beautiful work of singer Rick Altzi (Thunderstone, At Vance).

The axeman weilding his weapon
The first of the thirteen tracks, "Roaring Thunder" is a perfect opening act, a track in the style of traditionals Accept's opening tracks, gerat riffs and hooked chorus! "Ivory Gates" also follows this same line, as mentioned above, the album features songs more hard, more rhythmic, bringing an interesting balance, which makes the album never becomes tiresome.

The title track, "Righ In The Guts", for example, is heavy and has a more moderate tempo, while "Falling to Pieces", one of the CD's highlights (for me it's the big "hit" of the play) is more rhythmic, with a foot on a Hard Rock, more melodic, with the chorus and vocals that recall something Whitesnake. Uncomplicated and irresistible.

Without inventions or experimentalism, the album maintains a very good performance coupled with a great team of musicians, allied to Herman's experience as a producer , make "Righ In The Guts" a powerful piece of metal-flavored '80s.

Rick Altzi
An album that will hit Herman and Accept fans right in the guts!!!. The fans have one more reason to celebrate in 2012, as well as the excellent "Stalingrad", has this Herman's solo to bang your heads!!!!.

Now we must wait for another visit to Brazil of Accept, that Herman has a chance to find the Brazilian fans, since last year, can not accompany the band due to an accident he suffered in a concert in San Antonio, USA.

Review by: Carlos Garcia
Pictures:Official Disclosure

Band: Herman Frank
Album: Right In The Guts
Year: 2012
Country: Germany
Style: Heavy Metal 
Label: Metal Heaven/Soulfood

Rick Altzi (Vocal)
Herman Frank (Guitarra)
Mamalitsidis Cristos(Guitarra)
Peter Pichl (Baixo)
Michael Wolpers (Bateria e Percussão)

01 - Roaring Thunder
02 - Right In Your Guts
03 - Ivory Gate
04 - Vengeance
05 - Starlight
06 - Falling To Pieces
07 - Raise Your Hand
08 - Waiting
09 - Hell Isn't Far
10 - Kings Call
11 - Lights Are Out
12 - Black Star
13 - So They Run

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