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Interview - Centurias: The Machine Will Never Stop!

Founded in 1980, the Centurias is one of the oldest and most traditional brazilian Metal bands taking part in the legendary compilation SP Metal (released by the label Baratos Afins), who in its two volumes (SP Metal I e SP Metal II), besides the Centurias, brought Korzus, Salário Mínimo, Vírus and other important bands of a pioneering brazilian scene, which, although inspired by the big names that have dominated the world scene, and had its own characteristics, such as the lyrics in Portuguese, adopted by most of the names that emerged at that time.

The Centurias had released two great albums, "Última Noite" (EP, 1986) and "Ninja" (1988), ending the activities in the end of 1988, moreover, several bands that leads eventually ending activities, but gradually many of those pioneers were resuming activities, and we can mention here the Stress, Metalmorphose and Salário Mínimo,  and also Centúrias, with the band even made some reunion shows, and always there was the request of fans for a return, and in 2012 definitely they return to action.

Late last year, along with other pioneers (Salário Mínimo, Metalmorphose, Taurus and Stress), attended the Super Peso Brazil project, which was a show bringing together these bands, which was filmed and recorded, and now the participating bands launched a crowdfunding project to facilitate the release. We talked with Ricardo Ravache, Centurias' bassist (also former member of Harppia, having recorded the classic EP "A Ferro e Fogo"), to talk about this project, the band's return and also the excellent single "Rompendo o Silêncio" ( "Breaking the Silence"). Check out:

RtM: The single "Rompendo o Silêncio" ("Breaking the Silence") is a warning that the band still with many power, and, of course, i think we will soon have a full album? What can you forward us about future plans?

Ricardo Ravache: It's true! We have a lot of fuel in the tank (kkkkk). We are honing the new material, working on arrangements. The plan, of course, is releasing a new album. I will not risk setting a date because we have a great responsibility to this release. The success of the single obliges us to maintain at least the same level of quality!

RtM: Both tracks are excellent, strong riffs and choruses! And of course, in addition to several traditional features of the band, the lyrics in Portuguese too. Do you believe that there is still some resistance on the part of the public with bands who sing in their native language? Earlier that generation time of compilations SP Metal remember that there was also this, but on the other hand, has a part that loves this feature.

RR: Being perfectly honest, since the turn of the Centurias, in mid-2012, did not get to hear a single negative questioning about the lyrics in Portuguese. Quite the contrary. The vision I have is that this issue is not discussed further. The Portuguese language was found to have sufficient strength, when properly fit. The concern in reaching the international market does not concern us. We maintain our style and strive in the pursuit of better results.

Julio, Ravache, Nílton & Roger
RtM: "Sobreviver" ("Survive"), which is the second track on the single, is practically an anthem, classic was born! It's a strong song with riffs and remarkable chorus. Since that i heard it, i cant' stop singing: "A máquina não vai parar, eu vou sobreviver!!!" ("The machine will never stop! I'm gonna survive!) "Would you talk a bit more about this song, and the lyrics which is very strong.

RR: That song, of which we are proud, was brought by Júlio Prince, our drummer. The central idea is to give a boost to all of us who face a daily struggle for survival is, is the realization of our dreams. Every one knows the difficulties that have to face it ... I attribute the strength it conveys the inspired vocal interpretation of Cachorrão (Nílton Zanelli's nick name, that in english means "Big Dog"), especially the idea and execution of the chorus as well as the folds in the recording. It is best to live this force is multiplied by the collaboration of our little brothers, shaking along with us at shows!

RtM: In 2012 the Centuries definitely returned to action. Tell us how did this back, who started the initiative?

RR: It was like this: I participated in some editions of the event Stay Heavy Metal Stars, event organized by Stay Heavy Program, with support from Roadie Crew Magazine where musicians participated in the Metal jams, in 2011, the theme was the Brazilian Metal. Nílton "Cachorrão" was invited to go watch the jams, and when they was playing "Metal Command" (track from album "Ninja", 1988), he was called to go on stage.

As Ricardo Batalha, editor chief of Roadie Crew magazine was present, called us and gave the ultimatum "you have no excuse not to come back with the band". Ready, was due to start. We talked with Thomaz Filho, founder of the band, but he was already too committed to other projects (Baranga, Kamboja, among others), but gave us the "blessing" to play the band forward. The natural choice for drums was Júlio, who, in addition to exceptional musician, also is a composer. And to take on the guitar, we rescued Roger Vilaplana, friend since the 80s and collaborator on five tracks from the "Ninja" album. Ready!!! The band was already riding again.

RtM: After Centurias, many contemporary bands to you too were already back playing shows, recording, engage with reissues. We can mention here the Stress and Metalmorphose, who also attended the event "Super Peso Brasil" last year. Do you believe that these returns are due, besides the passion for Metal, the fact of having been a gap left by these pioneers and classic bands, and there was a demand from fans too? Something even what is happening around the world with various bands of the 80 who returned the activities.

RR:. I understand that it was (the return of 80's bands to activity)  a end of a cycle of lack of creativity, that ocurred during years 90-2000. The internet was a significant role in the current recovery. The rapid exchange of information, sharing of files, the rescue of albums that were not released, stories and images of the pioneering bands, all helped to reconstruct what happened at that time.

The more I hear and see (on social networks) is the lament of the younger fans who would have lived in the 80s. Always give my opinion that was a magical time, but the days are great too. Come enjoy all that technology offers, honor the past and build the future from now.

RtM: Speaking of Super Peso Brasil Crowdfunding Project, you, along with Taurus, Wages, and Stress Metalmorphose attended the Festival, a historic event, with pioneering bands. And now, the crowdfunding project was launched in order to make the DVD release of this historic concert. Would you talk a bit about how the idea came about and its expectations regarding this campaign.

RR: In early 2013, Ricardo Battle took the initiative to promote shows with national bands. Gave the name Brazil Weight. From this, André Bighinzoli, bassist from band Metalmorphose (RJ), launched the project in larger, which took the name of Super Peso Brasil

It was hard work that featured the dedication, in addition to André, who had the courage to take the risk of the venture, and Ricardo Batalha, who devoted himself day and night to design, and the bands that gave their best on the day of the event and used their abilities of disclosure. Moral of the story: The "Carioca Club" sold out! The house brings quality events, exclusively with pioneering the National Metal bands, with lyrics in Portuguese! Each band had more than his special guests. The event was recorded and is being offered to the public by the crowfunding system.

RtM: I believe Super Weight Brazil project will also serve to show some things, like how much metal fans in Brazil really supports the traditional bands and also if them have an open mind with different paths and initiatives, such as the crowdfunding. What do you think about?

RR: I think crowdfunding is an opportunity for the community of metalheads, the public and the bands are close and united in the ideal. It is a struggle in which everyone can and must battle, and I'm sure we will prove that the Brazilian Metal is a strong and lasting manifestation. The success of the launch depends exclusively to public engagement. But I think the site itself speaks for itself. It's very easy to participate! 
The link to access is

RtM: Well, it was a pleasure doing this interview, we hope to soon make another talking about the new album and the DVD release of Super Peso Brazil! Well, i left the final space for you, to send your message to the fans! Even from the other countries, because this interview will be published in a English version too. The machine will never stop!!

RR: It is a great pleasure to participate in the Road to Metal, to see the scene strong, being honored with the Metal bands, musicians of excellent quality, relevant press agents, producers, photographers incredible, but mostly, an audience of headbangers demanding and knowledgeable and, what is better, which are becoming more and more of our friends. This is our fuel (the public) and is with them that the machine will never stop.

Interview by: Carlos Garcia & Patrick Rafael
Pics: Band's disclosure

Centurias are:
Nílton "Big Dog" Zanelli: Vocals
Ricardo Ravache: Bass
Júlio Príncipe: Drums
Roger Vilaplana: Guitarra


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