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Interview - Hangar: The New Album Will Surprise Everyone


Very close to release their seventh studio album (Counting acoustic CD and Best Of, 2014, which contains new songs and some new versions), which will also mark the first work entirely composed of new songs since the entrance of Pedro Campos (Vocals ) and the return of former member Cristiano Wortmann (guitars), the members of Hangar cannot contain the excitement about the new album, which has just been mixed in Finland on Mofo studios, by Jesse Vainio (responsible for mixing works of artists like Apocalyptica, Poets of the Fall, Tarja, Sunrise Avenue, and mixing soundtracks, DVDs), and promise to be an album that will surprise everyone!  (acesse aqui a versão em português)

We talked with Nando Mello (bass) and Cristiano Wortmann (guitars), to they tell us a little more about the upcoming CD, to kill a bit of the curiosity ... or maybe make it worst! Check it!


RtM: To begin, it is visible the excitement of you with this new work, we can see the posts on social networks. Tell us us how you're feeling about this new album and what it brings of different aspects compared to the other Hangar albums.
Worttmann - The album is heavier and more contemporary. We use different tunings and experience different types of balances, bases and vocal melodies. Of course you still have a lot of "Infallible" and "TROYC" in it, however, with many new elements.

Mello - A new CD is always a renewal and an evolution, mainly in technical terms. We try to overcome some frontiers with these new songs.

RtM: And the new songs has new elements, something you have not used before and what you believe will surprise the fans?
Wortmann - As I said before, we use different tunings and experience different types of balances, bases and vocal melodies. This album has many new elements.

Mello - Some new elements will make the fans very happy, at least I 'm happy (laughs).

"We try to overcome some frontiers with these new songs." (Mello)
RtM: Nando, I commented to you about a song with a more melodic catch and more Hard Rock,  Aquiles Priester posted a sample, during the mixing in Finland, and you said, "Wait to see the more Metal songs". What else can you tell us about the sound?
Mello - As always, we do not pay attention to a specific label, there are songs for all tastes.

Wortmann - The album is very heavy and is also the most prog work we've done. It has only two "calmer" songs and the rest is a punch in the face!

RtM: You also took a piqued the curiosity of the fans, talking about the first song received mixed by placing the abbreviation "SX. TX. EX.". A clue also to the first single? Incidentally, any forecast for a first single or video?
Wortmann - We are listening and looking much the songs, because now they are mixed, they were very different. It is very difficult to choose the first single because we want to show all!!hehehe. Probably in April we will start recording the first clip.

Mello - Each has their favorite, as always, but we already have an idea of ​​what to use at some stuff like clip.

RtM: Speaking in the mix in Finland with Jesse Vainio, what the reasons for his choice for this process? Also you can tell by the posts that you were satisfied and agreed on the choice.
Wortmann - He has worked with really cool bands and when we listen to their work, we simply shocked. He is a master in the art of mixing and we are extremely happy with the end result of our mix. 

Hangar: Martinez, Wortmann, Laguna, Campos, Priester & Mello
RtM: How was the writing process? There was participation of all? How were developing the songs will make the album?
Wortmann- We met for several days in the city of Bebedouro (SP) in Rush Recording Studio and started writing the album. Everyone came with different ideas and few were chiseling them and creating new songs. After we recorded the drums and voices in Rush Recording Studio and guitars and basses at Phantom Studios Recording Art in Novo Hamburgo (RS). Fabio recorded the keyboards in his own studio.

Mello - We sat inside SP and five days made the bases all. It was very fast, but we had some groundwork ready to work.

RtM: And the question of the lyrical part specifically, the album comes to a particular issue?
Wortmann - The album talks about our challenges in life, our fears, mistakes, doubts, relationships and our victories.

RtM: With your back Cristiano, and Pedro Campos (vocals) already well set in the band, I believe that a wider range of ideas and possibilities opened to the band, including bringing new energies. What you tell me about this, this new phase or new chapter in the history of the band?
Wortmann - Actually this line-up is already on the road since 2012. My back to the band and the entrance of Pedro really brought new energy to Hangar. We recorded six new songs with this line-up when we launched the CD "Best of" in 2014, and our fans liked it a lot, but I'm sure that this new album will surprise everyone.

Mello - Pedro is with us since 2012, so it's been a long time. The adjustment has been made and this has been demonstrated in the recording of this new CD.

"I'm sure that this new album will surprise everyone." (Wortmann)
RtM: You have always sought to evolve as musicians and as a band, with each new album showing it. What about the parts specifically, what you sought to bring to this new work and compositions, and also as part of technical and equipment you used?
Wortmann - I tried to bring heavier elements such as different settings, different types of bases, melodies and solos, but of course, I tried to keep some of Hangar music features. I used Jackson guitars, Fender amps, pedals Fire, D`Addario ropes, cables B and sources Power Play Brazil.

Mello - the first time the bass was recorded using exactly the live sound that i use, with two pedals, one Fire Bass Pusher a Boss Limiter plugged into the amp Fender Rumble and cash 4x10. Fender basses, strings D'Addario and Planet Waves cables. The sound was very "live" for real.

RtM: And the desire to hit the road with the band again to show the new songs? The anxiety It must be very great!
Wortmann - We can not wait to hit the road. We are eager to show this new phase.

Mixing with Jesse Vainio
RtM: And the expectations of shows here and outside Brazil?
Wortmann - We are working hard on it. Soon we will have many new features. 
Mello - We have two dates scheduled, one in Porto Alegre on 15/05 and another in Brusque (SC) day 11/06. Soon we will have more news.

RtM: The question that is currently shut in the minds of fans: There is a date to the album's release? And it will be released completely independently? Do you already have contacts with labels or distributors?
Wortmann - The release will be in June, and we signed with a European label. Soon we will talk more about it.

Mello - In June we'll be released with the CD.

Interview: Carlos Garcia
Photos: Diogo Nunes, Band's files

Pedro Campos: Vocals
Aquiles Priester:Drums
Nando Mello: Bass
Fábio Laguna:Keyboards
Cristiano Wortmann: Guitars
Eduardo Martinez: Guitars

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