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Interview: Cinammun Beloved - Letting the Music Flow!

Created in 2011 by vocalist and composer Sabrina Filipcic Holm, Cinnamun Beloved already has a full-lenght and a DVD released, in addition to being a supporting band in international shows, alongside bands like Epica and Sirenia.  (versão em português)

With a modern sound, dense, beautiful and melodious, sometimes melancholic, sometimes symphonic, it has a remarkable personality, being difficult to put within a specific label, but surely will please fans of groups like The Gathering, Nightwish, Sirenia and others that transpose in this style symphonic/Gothic.

We talked with the group's mentor, Sabrina Filipcic Holm, to bring you a little more of this excellent Argentine band, which is even with the second album practically ready.

RtM: To start this conversation, I would like you to make a brief history of the band, to the readers who are knowing the band by this interview.
Sabrina Filipcic Holm: The idea of Cinnamun Beloved appears at the beginning of 2011, by me, the singer and keyboard player. After I left my previous band, which had me as a founder member and main composer. I have decided to explore new music styles without abandon my composition style. The first material of the band was recorded featured renowned  musicians  from the local scene whom will be part of the band for the live shows. Cinnamun Beloved also counted with the participation of some guest musicians: Diego Valdez (ex Skiltron) vocals, and Guillermo De Medio, (who has worked with TarjaTurunen) in keyboard and programming. The band was chosen to support Epica in 2012. The band also released a live DVD in 2013 with fragment of their live shows, and important guest musicians.

RtM: How can you describe the sound of the band?
SH: The sound of the band is a mix of different  metal styles combined with electronics elements, which has as result a modern and powerful sound, in combination with my voice. 

RtM: The Band also had some line-up's changes. Tell us more about.
SH: For personal reasons in 2014 i have decided to take separate ways with the other musicians, and started to compose what would be the next album of the band called "Stain", which is being recorded and will be released by the end of 2017. The band is uploading all the new songs in youtube so peolple can listen to the new material.The new members of the band are: Me (Sabrina Filipcic Holm) (vocals) Leonardo lukaszewicz (guitas) Germán Esquerda (keys) David Saavedra (bass) and Matías Sala (drums). In march of 2017 Cinnamun Beloved won a contest to support Sirenia in Buenos Aires. Nowadays the band continous playing live and recordig the new album, which has a different sound from the first one, includins elements of Power metal, but still mantaining the symphonic sound.

"I like to find my own style, I don’t try to copy any singer (and I couldn’t if I wanted to)"
RtM: I would like you to tell us a little about the debut album, how it was the repercussion of it, and also would like you to talk about the concept of the title, "The Weird Moment"
SH: Fortunatly the repercussion of the first album was very good, but the metal scene here is very complicated so sometimes its hard to let people know your material….
About the name of the album, I (Sabrina Filipcic Holm) was in a very weird moment in my life, so that’s why I decided to name the album that way…

RtM: I would like that you tell us a little more about 2 songs from your debut, wich I like it so much, “Leaving Myself” and “Never Asleep”, for me, two highlights of your first album.
SH: Those are two songs I have wrote just with piano and voice, and we decided to make “songs” of them, with electronic elements, and the whole band at the end, to make them more fun and powerfull.

RtM: In the profile of the band, you describe yourself as Gothic Metal, but I see that the sound goes beyond, being very creative. I would like you to comment about the sonority, and what do you seek in musical terms for the band?
SH: We consider ourselves as a gothic metal band because we don’t really know what we are….ha ha ha. In the second album there are more elements of power metal but still symphonic. I guess because there is a female singer in the first place, but we do the music we like we don’t think “this is not gothic” I just compose whatever I want (hahaha).

"There are Heavy Metal bands from Argentina who has cross the ocean, so... who knows??"
RtM: I was struck by the sound quality of your album. I see that you are designing an international career, and you know that it is only possible with investment.  Would like you commented on this and about the future plans of the band.
SH: Of course it’s a future plan of the band, we are seekings for labels, and we want our music to be listened outside Argentina too, we have good repercussion in people who have listen to us in other countries, but we know its hard and there are lots of good bands in the same situation as we are…but there are heavy metal bands from Argentina who has cross the ocean, so... who knows??

RtM: Speaking about investments, soon after the album, you also released a DVD. I thought an interesting idea, few new bands release a DVD soon in their first years. I would like to know how the repercussion was, and if you have achieved the expected results with this release.
SH: It was kind of risky but we decided to did it anyway, the repercussion was good and its available in youtube so people can watch it. The real DVD has interviews and backstages.

RtM: And about the composition process in the band? How it works?
SH: In the first album the composition was made by me, Sabrina Filipcic Holm and Jorge Perini who helped me I had some songs and ideas and we made songs of them. In the second album the composition was made by me and Federico Cordera, except two track made by Guillermo de Medio, Leonardo lukaszewicz, and me, one compose by me and the intro and outro composed by the key player Germán Esquerda. 

RtM: And What are the main inspirations when you are composing and writing songs?
SH: It depends in the mood I guess! ha ha ah! as I said before, we don’t plan our songs or say its not our style, or anything like that….if we like it, is in….

RtM: As you have said before, there are several new songs on youtube, I would like you to tell us then, what is the current situation of the new album, and if there is a release forecast?
SH: The new álbum is almost finished, and will be released in the end of 2017 we expect. We are uploading the new songs, so people can listen to them before the álbum its complete, so they know what is Cinnamun Beloved nowadays. Fortunatly people have liked it!

RtM: And to make a parallel with the scene in Argentina with the scene here in Brazil, what are the main difficulties you face in keeping a Metal band in your country?
SH:The metal scene here is very little, and its very hard to make yourself a place in it…many people are unkind with each other and you have to pay to play with a foreing bands a lot of money, its so unfair, we never did it, but a lot of people do so it never ends….

"We are uploading the new songs, so people can listen to them before the álbum its complete, so they know what is Cinnamun Beloved nowadays."
RtM: Sabrina, and how about you? Tell us a little more how did you get into music? Who were your main supporters? You have a beautiful voice, would like you tell us a little about your influences and your musical background?
SH: I started listen to metal when I was 16 but I sang all my life. I started to study and I continue nowadays.Thank you for the beautiful voice!!!!! I have influences but no one in particular. I like to find my own style, I don’t try to copy any singer (and I couldn’t if I wanted to) so I just do what I can do…

RtM: Thanks for your attention, I let the final space to you to send a message to the readers.
SH: Thanks for reading the interview you can find us in facebook, Instagram, twitter, we are Cinnamun Beloved…KEEP ROCKING!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Interview: Carlos Garcia
Thanks: Patry Campos (Skywards Promotions)

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