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Obituary: The Legend of the American Death Metal In His Second Pass For Porto Alegre, Brazil (Reissued Reviewed)

In 2009, the legendary American Death Metal band Obituary made ​​his second appearance in  Porto Alegre / RS, in "Bar Opinião" (a popular Bar/Pub and Shows House in the City). After this passage for Brazilian cities, our editor Renato Sanson had the honor to talk with the leader of this great band, the lead singer John Tardy. At this time Renato wrote for  Arena Heavy vehicle and the interview was originally published there.

However, Renato has always had the desire to publish this great moment in Road To Metal, because, he said, had not the proper time to make a better edition, and the time to translate it which was very short, and leaving just a few points away.

As Renato Sanson was the author of the interview, and made all the contacts to do it, the Road To Metal on a general consensus of the team, and also in view of requests from friends and followers of the blog, then decided to publish this interview in our vehicle, who won a new edition and also won this English version.

So there you have to read (or reread) the conversation with the legendary vocalist John Tardy, who then told about the newest tour for the album Darkest Day (2009), the addition of guitarist Ralph Santolla (ex-Deicide, Iced Earth ) and many other subjects.

RTM: Big John is just an honor to conduct this interview with you, one of the greatest icons of Death Metal, tell us how was the South American Tour?

John: Well, the first South American tour went only by Brazil. We had some problems with some of the other dates of the tour so we had to cancel all tour dates, except those in Brazil. The visit to Brazil was amazing! We had a really good time.

RTM: What has been the impact of the new album Darkest Day? The fans have adopted the new songs alive?

John: We are playing alive many songs from the new album, and the fans seem to have adopted, of course played very old stuff too, but we love to play new things, because it is new for us too.

RTM: It is the second time you play in Porto Alegre, the first time you came, the show house was nearly full, and at the last show, as a fan,  I can say i was very disappointed because the public was little, at some point you felt discouraged in the latter compared to the first show in 2007?

John: No, in no time, no matter how many people were there, we always give our best, indifferent to the public are just one person, or  a thousand people, about our second visit to Porto Alegre, I can say it was a great show, even thought that was a crowd, such was the noise!!

RTM: Darkest Day is the second album with guitarist Ralph Santolla and really I can say I 've noticed some difference in the band's sound, with more feeling and technique, right?

John: Actually Ralph does not write any music, it just runs them. With that the soils are really impressive, there was a small change in our sound, so we can include some truly sick and technical Ralph's solos!

RTM: Going back a bit in the past on the former guitarist Allen West, what really happened? Have any chance of him returning to the band?

John: Never say never, but the last two years with him was really hard for us. He had a lot of problems with alcohol abuse, that ended up putting him in jail. He is out now, and I think it is doing him good, but not spoken to him a while ago.

RTM: In 2009, you completed 20 years of band, it is not really for anyone. What have you to say about a historic moment like this?

John: It's amazing to think about doing this for so long, but we're having a good time and while this is the case, let us keep 'til you drop!

RTM: The Obituary is to launch a new DVD, I saw a trailer for the show and was really "animal"! Tell us  about new DVD, And how did this show for you?

John: Unlike our first DVD (Frozen Alive), this was not a shot planned for us. After we saw the pictures we thought it was a good show to record a new DVD. This show was the Party Sans Festival, Germany, was an incredible show, was one of the Obituary's best presentations!

RTM: John I have a great curiosity, you are considered in the metal world, one of the vocalists that no one can imitate, to have a unique vocal timbre, as you can keep the same voice for twenty years?

John: I think I have been very lucky in recent years, I really learned to take care of my voice. Do not arise in 20 shows in a week as before, but still quite busy!

RTM: With so much time on the road, as you see Obituary once in 1989 and now in his current situation?

John: I think the long break we took was good for us, and now we are just in full swing. We have done a lot of great albums and tours. Things are holding up well and we're having fun!

RTM: John, was just amazing to do this interview with you, thank you! Even leave the final considerations for you.

John: Thanks for all your support and look forward to returning to South America and that you follow our shows! JT

Interview: Renato Sanson
Edition/revision: Caco Garcia/Renato Sanson


\ m / Also in 2009, was released the album project "Tardy Brothers Bloodline", a project of John and Donald Tardy, )and guests like Ralph Santolla and Jerry Tidwell (Executioner). And now, on 31/03/2012, will be held the second live performance of the project in Tampa, Florida.

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\ m / In April we will have the new coming of Obituary to Brazil and other countries in South America, check out the dates on the official website: TOUR DATES 

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