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The Midnight Ghost Train: Heavy Stoner/Blues in the Vein of the 70's

 Nowadays several bands that have this 70's influences are emerging, some more "heavy", in a Stoner and Sludge vein, some more Hard and Classic Rock, and several record companies are betting and releasing many of these new names, and many are emerging to try to get their "piece of the pie", it's up to the public separate what is good and what is not, and also the time take care of it. (Leia a versão em português aqui)

In the case of The Midnight Ghost Train, is a band that I liked so much of this current crop, formed in 2008 and coming from the Kansas, this trio brings a sound that does not deny the influences of Black Sabbath and other groups of the seventies , resulting in a base Stoner Metal and Heavy Blues, guitar with heavy and low tunes, using wha-whas (another very typical element of the sound of the 70s), strong drums and bass, all with a little of "dirt" and vocals cavernous, almost guttural.

With a look that closely resembles bands of the seventies era, such as their countrymen of Black Oak Arkansas, the trio distills their Stoner/Heavy Blues in riffs that provide praise to the master Iommi, moreover, despite the more direct sound, various bases, bass lines, face the drums and variations immediately refer to the Sabbath (natural, in the case of a Stoner band), but with cavernous vocals, courtesy of Steve Moss (the driving force the band, already known for his performances full of energy). Does not mean that the band is a copy, and not is nothing degenerative be compared to great Sabbath.

Compositions are notable more heavy and mid-tempo movements, the trio, in their third full-lengh, "Cold Was the Ground", brings some variations, passing, in addition to Stoner and the "dirty" and heavy Blues, the 70's rawest Hard, and i sure that alive these songs will sound even heavier!! We can feel with the band's punch, that they are a trio that gets a lot of strength on stage.

Did you liked what you read so far? Go to hear right now without fear, is to listen and headbanging with the TMGT Stoner/Heavy Blues. Listen for example the heavy, and in a Sabbath vein, "BC Trucker", which begins with Brandon sitting hand in his drum kit, Moss sends heavy riffs and even "sticky" with the right soil with wha-wha, and again is impossible not to remember the Master of Riff Tony Iommi; "Gladstone", which also follows this line, highlighting the remarkable riffs of Moss' Gibson, and the power of the double Brandon and Boyne (which makes his debut, bringing yet more weight to the trio's kitchen), and also highlight the heavy  and raw Blues in "One Last Shelter" with its end more "groovy"; "# 227", faster and broken, with Moss shooting bases loaded of punch and bellowing like a wounded bear; and be attention also to the "speechy" "The Little Sparrow."

An album that the band takes a step forward, in addition to being the third, a major brand, which, according to many, defines if a group will move on and also much of their personality, and this, they have lots of! A record full of punch, that don't give to the listener any truce in its about 35 minutes. Check out without fear, i don't know what i can say more, the first words in my mind are: "This Sounds Fuckin' Great!"

Text / Editing: Carlos Garcia

Band: The Midnight Ghost Train
Album: "Cold Was the Ground" (2015)
Style: Stoner Metal / Heavy Blues / Hard 70's
Country: USA
Label: Napalm Records

Line Up
Steve Moss: Guitarra e Vocais
Brandon Burghart: Bateria
Mike Boyne: Baixo

1.  Along the Chasm
2.  Gladstone
3.  BC Trucker
4.  Arvonia
5.  One Last Shelter
6.  The Canfield
7.  Straight to the North
8.  No. 227
9.  The Little Sparrow
10. Twin Souls
11. Mantis

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