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José Rubio's Nova Era: Metal with Power, Melody and Technique

What began as a project of the renowned Spanish guitarist José Rubio (Warcry, Trilogy, José Andrea's Uroboros), when the release of their album "Castles in the Moon", and from the second album, called "New Age", and the first under the name "José Rubio's New Age", which received excellent reviews and acceptance, with the band playing in the major festivals in Spain, and conduct a tour throughout the country.
November last year the JRNE launches the third full-length, "Fight", where they want to take more steps and reach more fans, something that depend on the excellent heavy metal practiced by the group, joining technique, melody and power with well balanced measures , a great blend of Hard and Heavy.

Powerful riffs are opposed to excellent melodies of keyboards, technical and melody present, reminding bands that always well blended technique, weight and power of traditional Heavy Metal with melody and malice Hard as Pretty Maids and The Poodles, and we can mention also albums as "Sacred Heart" (Dio) and "Trilogy" (Malmsteen), which are good examples of perfect marriage between Hard and Heavy, big choruses and melodies, keyboards in the right dose and great vocals.

The technique and the melodic sense of José Rubio are very well accompanied by an extremely talented band, highlighting the voice of Fran Vazquez, a singer of great punch, who has a tone reminds me Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids) and Jakob (The Poodles) , in a hoarse, "torn" voice, but also reaching higher tones, being aggressive when necessary, but knowing very well take a more melodious ballad.

Containing 10 songs of great quality, "Fight" opens with "After All" pure Heavy Metal, powerful and modern (in the best sense of the word) sound, big choruses and melodies, great welcome to the listeners, who will realizes that already have in hands something different; the title track comes next, following the same line, with big choruses, practically a "hymn" to sing with fists clenched !; "Walls of Rock" brings the Hard Rock vein more evident, more melodious and catchy chorus.

Catchy melodies, riffs and big choruses striking abound, and this is something that should always be present in a good Metal album, while for some bands like JRNE seems so natural to some seems so hard to build good songs, is which always emphasize, feeling is not everyone who has, not enough to have technique and an expensive production.

Also highlight, although all the songs are in a great level, the tracks "Time After Time", "Eagle of Blood", "Rebellion" and "New Era", new version of the instrumental music of the second album, with orchestrations and adding vocals, becoming a power ballad.

A powerful album and an excellent level, Heavy and Hard, power and melody, technique and feeling, all well proportioned, along with a great production, sounding modern but without losing the roots and the essence of Heavy Metal in its highest sense. A New Era is coming!

Review by: Carlos Garcia

Line Up
José Rubio: Guitarras
Fran Vázquez: Vocais
Gustavo Segura: Drums
José Pineda: Bass
Francisco Gil: Keyboards
Miguel Araújo: Guitarras

01. After All
02. Fight
03. Walls of Rock
04. Shackles of Gold
05. Time after Time
06. Eagle of Blood
07. Rebellion
08. Time to Survive
09. So Deep Inside
10. New Era

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