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Temperance: Rising Star on the European Metal Scene

Formed by experienced musicians in the scene (from bands like Secret Sphere, Hate Tyler), the italian band Temperance are preparing your second album, and just a year after the debut, released last year also by Scarlet Records. Commendable, in an era when few launch new material in such a short space of time.  (To read the portuguese version click HERE)

And if the band has quality and good material, why not release it? Mainly if you see that the return by fans and media is being plausible, and also the band will have on hand much more material to present live, and certainly pleasant the fans, because who does not want to hear more and more material from artists that you enjoy?

The good results of the self-titled debut is reflected in this new album, "Limitless" (with release date to 31/03) that brings an even better production, in all aspects, brings power and great melodies that we can find in the firts album, but in this new, they add more elements of Extreme Metal. We can note there is a good investment by the label, realizing that they have in hands a band of a great potential.

Temperance, according to the release, makes a Modern Melodic Metal, and that label helps to place a little what the listener can expect, but despite the labels are needed on this issue disclosure / situate the public, you can not hang if only it. As a parameter, I can bet that fans of bands like Nightwish Amaranth and current will enjoy the Temperance's music.
The band has weight, melody, symphonic elements, folk and electronic, in songs very well built, well done and creative melodies, really can be noticed quickly that it is a job done by experienced and distinguished musicians, highlighting the singer Chiara Tricarico, who has a very beautiful voice.

The Temperance's music sounds modern, with heavy riffs and aggressive (and some clean too) male vocals, as opposed to well-crafted melodies, great keyboards and synthesizers, and, sure, the beautiful vocals of Chiara. The band has traces of Extreme Metal, but also sounds "commercial" and captivating. Several elements can be found in this "Modern Melodic Metal" base.

The first track, the bombastic "Oblivion", which opens with a chorus of children's voices, heavy guitars and the melody walks side by side, with pinches of Melodic Death, synthesizers and clean, screaming and operatic voices, with all what are promised on the release, that is, all bounded together in the name of melody and power; with elements of folk and electronic effects, comes "Amber & amp; Fire" with chorus and sticky melodies, reminding a little the song "Want my Tears Back", of Nightwish, including at various times of the album the timbre of Chiara resembles Floor Jansen.

The commercial potential is evident, betting on choruses and catchy melodies and well up easily assimilated, and great example is the semi-ballad, one of the album's highlights from the previous two, "Stay", with emphasis on the beautiful Chiara's voice.
This commercial and accessible side is also well evidenced in "Goodbye", with beautiful melodies and tasteful chorus.

A great and mature album, carefully produced by Simone Mularone (DGM), skilled and experienced musicians, and have managed to create a sound with identity. power, commercial potential, good melodies and ideas in very good songs. They deliver what was promised in the release, and with originality doses. A band to pay attention and which deserves to be heard.

Oh, can not forget the cover artwork, designed by Brazilian Gustavo Sazes, who has become known figure for several major works, creating covers for bands like Arch Enemy, Kamelot, Morbid Angel, Angra and Sirenia.

Text: Carlos Garcia

Band: Temperance
Album: "Limitless" - Release date 31/03/2015
Country: Itália
Style: Modern Melodic Metal
Label: Scarlet Records

Chiara - Vocals
Marco - Lead Guitar & Vocals
 Sandro - Rhythm Guitar
 Luca - Bass
Giulio - Drums & Keys



Track List:
Amber & Fire
Save Me
Mr. White
Here & Now
Omega Point
Me, Myself & I
Side By Side
Get A Life

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