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Interview - Lords of Aesir: Talent and New Paths on Symphonic Metal

Created in the mid of 2009, the brazilian band Lords of Aesir, as they told us, was born between matches and mismatches of ideas or personal things, fact is that gradually Karol (vocals) and Ian (keyboards) were searching for their own musical skills, and with the help of some friends from the music scene,  finally has recorded what would become the first official EP in 2012. (Read the portuguese version here)

Stabilized with the trio Karol (vocals), Ian (keyboards) and Julio (guitar), the band worked hard in what was to be the debut album, and in 2014, sees the light of day the first full-length, "Dream for Eternity ... ", which was very well received by the public and critics, bringing a Symphonic Metal full of personality.
We had talked with Karol Schmidt to know more about Lords of Aesir album, their influences, wich make up the band's sound, and more! Check It Out!

RtM: To introduce the band to new fans, would you tell us a brief history of the Lords of Aesir?
Karol: The band Lords of Aesir was born in late 2009 in the city of Cascavel (PR) in the midst of personal disagreements and of ideas . After realizing the differing goals in the projects that took part, (Karol and Ian) decided to join forces in a new project. The band's name is a satire made by us to mention that in our line-up there was a woman on vocals, always asked if we were musicians of "folk metal" with Nordic themes, what had been a cliché from bands for a few years in the state of Paraná, however, quite different from what had always been our proposal. We went through a virtual stage where released recordings of unofficial audio and videos of interests in other projects of friends. There was not a signed line-up, so no material was technically "official". Until we find the progressive metal band "AWAKE",  students of the school EMBAP and some old musical partners in the city of Cascavel willing to participate in the LOA recordings. So we had our first EP and just after our first album.

RtM: Which bands would you cite as inspiration or influence to the Lords of Aesir? Some passages reminded me of the first Tristania's albums, and also Therion.
Karol: In fact our biggest influence outside Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe. But certainly Tristania and especially Therion, also EPICA, AFTER FOREVER, Angra, Almah and the first Nightwish albums, plus Fernando Quesada (Shaman, Noturnall), Gustavo Monsanto, Marcelo Moreira, Timo Tolkki and Yngwie Malmsteen contributed to our work.

The Lords:left to right, Júlio, Karol and Ian
RtM: Would you tell us a little more as this process of maturation of the band, including where you sought growth as musicians. You spent time in Florence (Italy), right?
Karol: Each of us individually sought in this period for growth and musical knowledge. I was a student of Neyde Thomas and Susanna Rigacci two wonderful sopranos which always admired very much! With Neyde studied vocal technique in Brazil and interpretation of operatic repertoire and with Susanna in Florence, where I seek improvement in the chamber repertoire and history of opera. Studying is always a constant process to musicians. Ian was studying composition and conducting at Curitiba EMBAP and Julio improve on guitar and acoustic guitar. Studying for us is a pleasure! After all, besides musicians we are music educators. Me and Ian are graduates Degree in Music and teaching is a passion for us! Making music and disseminate art is our motto.

RtM: And as you were building the sound of Lords of Aesir? Did you have achieved what you projected in terms of sound?
Karol: We tried! We believe we did it! But as the money capital is a barrier for national artists, i believe that we could still have been able to show much further than the debut features, but these issues and time, mainly geographical (I in Cascavel, after Florence and the boys in Curitiba) the work was suffered to be finally complete. Through it all we were very happy with the end result and hope to do more in the next work, material we have it! And we're happy for it!

RtM: Including must have been the laborious composition, with so many instruments and voices involved in music. Tell us a bit for us also about the recordings and the production of Aldo Carmine.
Karol: The recordings were made in Curitiba Koltrane Studio, were lengthy, dragged by time, many issues, especially financial, our budget was very small. It really was laborious mobilize so many musicians and with so little money to invest if we say the total monetary value many people will not believe! Aldo Carmine made the final production with the mastering and mixing and was laborious, it is an excellent producer and left us well satisfied.

RtM: Much is said that this or that style are saturated, and had the time of Thrash, Black, of the Symphonic Melodic .... but what even, in my opinion, is that when a band of a certain style comes to a higher level, others try to follow the same way, and there is a saturation and great offer, then, I believe that what we have is good music and bad music. Good music never becomes "saturated", and every time one or the other style is more in evidence, but never stop cycles, and quality groups will continue to produce. What is your opinion about and how you see the scenario from now on?
Karol: We believe that we literally music and only for love, otherwise we would have given up long ago. Do not think of financial return. If there is a person in the audience, let's play for her with the same commitment and enthusiasm that we would play for hundreds, for if it is present there, took the trouble to go to us, she is worthy of all our respect and dedication. To keep our project perform other professional activities in parallel. As for styles are saturated, I agree with you! What exists is good music or noise.

As for us, regardless of styles or fashions, all we studied classical music and Ian was involved with Heavy Metal from an early age. I was interested in opera singing in 1987 and started my studies 12 years. I believe our biggest inspiration was Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe and thanks to their work a tiny seed of Lords Of Aesir was planted in our hearts, was growing and developing over the years, and we were appropriating knowledge and appreciate good works of Symphonic Metal, in its years of more evidence, when we were all exposed and presented. Our intention is not to copy or resemble other consecrated bands, we just want to do what pleases us and complete us. There will always be comparisons, it is inevitable, but I think it is healthy too! Because thanks to this people who love this musical niche have sought to know our work. Everyone wins when you do something for pleasure!

Album's released party
RtM: The band speaks in his press release he wanted to convey with this work, through the concept used, wishes and dreams that humans have about eternity and your search through the different individual ideologies. Could you tell us a little more about this concept adopted in your album?
Karol: We believe that respect for ideologies is the fundamental point that contributes to the evolution of mankind and of societies. We believe that there is no single right way, but several that take us to places we long. We must respect diversity. Art is such a driver vehicles and music is our ideology.

RtM: "Black Oasis" is one that most caught my attention due to the variations and the beautiful lyrics: "In the desert, resisting to all tasks, Were in the table to see the real danger walking beside, turning Their thoughts against Themselves." Tell us more about this song.
Karol: Well, Ian was the one who wrote it fully, but I can say as an interpreter is that the music itself just comes to show what he said about the varied ideologies, diversity and the error in trying to impose on society a single, unique thought or way of life as being correct. For this reason the final sentence of this song was chosen to name our album. "Dream For Eternity ..."

Karol Schmidt: Passion for classical and medieval music

RtM: "Elvish Night" brings a well medieval climate, remembering Blackmore's Night, a more softly song, showing the diversity of the album.
Karol: "Elvish Night" was made at a crucial time for the project, we thought it still would take forward or not because of the direction in which life would take us, each for a corner. The intention was really to show the diversity of our influences and medieval and old music, particularly a passion of mine.

RtM: And you? It is a question that can be difficult, but do you can pick your favorites songs on the album? What song do you like more to sing?
Karol: Wow ... This is hard! Yes, I do! I like all! It is very difficult to single out one or the other! But I think the most striking to me was "The Voice Beyond", the first song we recorded with the LOA. Through the joy of having agreed with Ian in creating this project and it has been the first song which we officially entered the studio to record, when we decided to release the EP and the album later.

RtM: What about your personal influences? Who encouraged you to start in music, your inspirations?
Karol: As I said, I'm in love with Montserrat Caballe! But I think that, personally speaking, my main influences have been my grandmother Zenilda Schmidt (soprano) and my  grandfather (RIP), who was also a musician, Frederick Schmidt. It was he who taught me the first songs, the first notes and to love music, owe a lot to him and my grandmother for that unconditional love for music. For today without it I do not know what my life would be! Singing for me is like breathing: if  i can not do that I would die.

RtM: Karol, thanks for the interview, congratulations again for the album, and the last space is for your message to the fans.
Karol: Thanks to you! And to our friends, and all who accompanying our work, our eternal gratitude! And they reckon that while there is a person on this planet who stop to listen to what we write so lovingly, certainly we continue to do the best of us! A big hug to all of you and to the staff of the Road to Metal! That's it folks, stay metal! And "in bocca al lupo"!

Interview: Carlos Garcia
Edition: Carlos Garcia

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