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Interview: Mad Dragzter: We Want the People Heard the Sound and Knew: "This is Mad Dragzter!"

Formed in 1998 (initially named only Dragzter, and under that name released the well received EP "New Times") Brazilian Thrash band Mad Dragzter gained rapid recognition on the scene after the release of their debut "Strong Mind" (2003), and pointed by the public as a revelation in many specialized channels, and has released the album independently, and still treated all the disclosure. The he first pressing sold out, which led the Brazilian label Hellion to propose the relaunch. In 2006 the band returns with another firecracker, "Killing the Devil Inside" also very well received by critics and audiences, however, after this release, the band stopped activities, and only a few years later, little by little the founder Tiago Torres started composing new songs with the band announcing the return in 2014.  (leia a versão em português AQUI)

And now in 2015 the band again promises to shake the structures of the Brazilian Metal scene and beyond, with the release of new album, "Master of Space and Time", and the band promise to disclose the album with all possible ways! Know a bit more about this brazilian great band, some news about the up coming album and what the Mad Dragzter prepare, and sure soon as the album is finished, we will be talking with the band again and bringing exclusive review to our readers!

RtM: What can you already tell us in advance about the album's sound?
Tiago Torres: Surely our fastest and heavy album. All our influences are on it. Mainly the basis of our sound that is depressed in the years Thrash metal 80. We are more mature, more cohesive and mostly, I think, officially defining our "gist" of making music. Not afraid to take risks, to use different elements of being trapped to a single label! And we have tried to be authentic and original in a musical setting of the print copy! Our big dream in this regard is that the guys hear the sound and already know, this is Mad Dragzter. I think this play has everything to please all metal fans. Be Thrash, Traditional, Death, etc ... And take the MD, after almost 10 years standing, the other level !!

RtM:What about production? Who were involved and as composition and production process?
Tiago: The production was in the hands of Gabriel Spazziani, also Mad Dragzter's guitarist , in his studio House of the Moon, who have done great work in the pop market as Arnaldo Antunes new disk, for example. He got a gringo result in drive and we are delighted! He is also responsible for letting the MD more music, more music. The final vision of him sound is phenomenal and he knows where to put and where to draw. The guy is "bão". Our writing process remains the same of MD's early days. I bring the riffs and ideas and set up the songs and arrangements on top of that! We agreed the speed of each passage, the drums arrangements, and i have to tell by the way: Eric brokes all!! ... The truth is that  Gabriel caught my "milllions" of riffs and ideas and transformed into music !!! In fact we have called this album "The Album of the 100 Riffs", because is true! it has 100 riffs in there!! Ahahahahahaha .....

Tiago Torres

RtM: And what are the reasons for the "Master of Space and Time" is having a too long "pregnancy" and if you have a release date prediction?
Tiago: A lot has happened in these almost 10 years standing. The band ended up almost two years, after the release of "Killing the Devil Inside"(2006) and went back to talking about the MD only in mid-2008 and since then we have trying to write and record the new CD. This album including would be a solo album of mine, but for obvious reasons, turned the third MD's album! Our "normal" jobs are the main reason for delay in the recording and production of the "Master..."! About the release date  this July i believe now not pass !!! Ahahahahahahah ..... hope !!!!

RtM: We hope too! hahaha! Well,tThe album deals with a specific topic? What inspired the title?
Tiago: Basically the album talks about of the universe's creation to the end of this age and this universe we live in. And the main characters of that period. The Creator and His work!

RtM: The cover has been released, very beautiful, with a certain "HQ aesthetic". Could you tell us a little more of it, the idea that you wanted to convey?
Tiago: In fact for this album we did more than 4 cover options and we do not like at all! Ahahahahahah ..... But in the end I had the opportunity to meet the Brazilian artist living in USA, Sergio Cariello, who is the author of this killer cover! He, a renowned comic book artist with works by DC Comics, Marvel, etc ... He finally managed to capture the idea what we wanted to show with the album's title! The cover is based on the Biblical passage of Revelation 19:11 to 21.

RtM: The Mad Dragzter in your debut, "Strong Mind" (2003) caused great impression, not only for the quality of  the album, but because the band have done all by yourself, including the disclosure. What did you bring lessons of that,  what could you see of positive and negative?
Tiago: I think the lesson is that you either do so or not. Ahahahahaha ..... Finished the standard format that the music business had! Everything changed. Is much faster and dynamic. And the Internet rules at all! The business is promotion for everyone in every possible ways. My independent label, Army Records, is who will release the disc. And we will, in some way  innovate at the launch of the play!

RtM: Speaking in music business, how do you see the Metal scene today? What has improved, which worsened? especially for independent bands, including the fact that it is difficult to cover expenses only with selling CDs, and also the shows can also be rare, and many bands needs to play live to get their maintenance.
Tiago: It's exactly what you said it. What sustains the bands today, any kind of sound not only of metal, are the shows and merchandising. As our intention is not and has never been to make money with the band, it does not matter much! We just want to promote the sound and all the best possible ways. And the release of the new CD format will prove it even more!
RtM: Thanks for the interview and the news about the album! Let  your message to the Bangers, and we are waiting the expected released date! Hope soon we cant talk again, and bring the album review to the readers too!
Tiago: Thank you my Brother Carlos "Caco" Garcia by today's strength and ever !!!! And for the kids I say, can wait, because the Mad Dragzter is back and brings with it a Thrash Metal onslaught! Thrash or be Thrashed !!!

Interview by Carlos Garcia

Mad Dragzter are:
Tiago Torres: Guitarras e vocais
Gabriel Spazziani: Guitarras
Eric Claros: Bateria
Armando Benedetti: Baixo

New Times (EP 2001)
Strong Mind (Full-Lenght 2003)
Killing the Devil Inside (Full-Lenght 2006)
Master of Space and Time (Full-Lenght coming soon 2015)

                     Listen to a few minutes of a new song (demo version) in this Army Inc video

Check out the track-list of "Master of Space and Time"

1 - Valley Of Dry Bones
2 - Almighty
3 - Master Of Space And Time
4 - 5708
5 - Megiddo
6 - Gehenna: The Second Death
7 - King Of Kings
8 - Army Of Truth
9 - Sons Of Thunder
10 - The Man By The Pool Of Bethesda
11 - One Nation, One Church
12 - Mission Open Doors
13 - Vox Spiritus Sancti
14 - Wrath Of God
15 - New Heaven And New Earth

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