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Panzer: Brazilian Thrash Stronger Day After Day (Interview + DVD Review)


With more than 20 years on the road, the brazilian thrashers gone through all the difficulties common to any metal band, including the band closing activities for a period, but not in the most difficult time the Panzer failed to move on. When there was no room for the metal bands, they created their own festival. There is no label? Let's do for ourselves. That is, as well as other positive examples, the band Panzer was never complaining about the situation, believed in their work and ran. 
(Leia aqui a versão em português desta matéria)

Celebrating those over 20 years of Metal, the band released the DVD/CD "Louder Day After Day" and to speak about this release, over all these years dedicated to Metal, a bit of history, including the controversy involving the issue of  the use of the name "Panzer" by a German band, we talked with two of the founders, André Pars (guitars) and Edson Graseffi (drums), and the result you see below, and at the end of this article, we have the DVD review!

RtM: To start the interview, i would like you to talk a little of how do you feel to suddenly realize that you have more than 20 years on the road, and if possible, describe some of the most important moments in the history of Panzer for you.
André: It's funny sometimes stop and think of the time that has passed. When u are in the whole thing, do not feel the time passing ... I think the band had mostly great time, but there were also bad times and these serve as learning and also fuel, as when we parted, but in return also had the return of joy in 2012, the receptivity of the crowd, which did not imagine it would be that way, etc ... It diíicil name one time or another. All our releases are special, our trip to Argentina, around the band, the Panzer Fest, etc ... We can not complain ... we rolled a lot of cool stuff and still have a lot coming up.

RtM: The DVD "Louder Day After Day" is a release that also marks those over 20 years on the road. About DVD production, did you got the expected results?
André: Actually everything was extremely simple. We wanted a DVD that showed the band the way it is on stage. Unretouched, without repairs, with no issues or anything. Who watches the DVD has the feeling of being really into the show.

RtM: Still rolls that "goose bumps" when you go on stage, especially knowing that the show is being recorded? We know it's different to play knowing that a recording is being made.
André: Chills down the spine always has, but we were very calm, because our main focus was to show what we really are. There was the concern for perfection. Watching the DVD the guys will be able to notice that we were really having fun on stage and this too makes things easier. When you is just you, everything flows smoothly. If we tried to be perfect, to be sure the show would be a "fiasco". But in the end, everything went very well. The DVD does not contain audio editing, we wanted to leave everything as it rolled ... We like it this way!

Today, we see a lot of stuff completely redone in studio. And then I ask you: what's the point then? Metal and Rock are visceral and has no obligation and should not be perfect or academics. It has to be fun and in our case, heavy and loud as hell ... ahahahahah !!!!!

Recently we made the Brazil  2000 program live. The pressure is even greater as well as being live, is being broadcast to many people. And rolled in the same way as the DVD. It was all very quiet and was very cool !!!! Whoever has the curiosity, just visit http://www.brasil2000.com.br/arquivo/246/brasil-2000-ao-vivo-101-panzer

and go in Brazil in 2000 flap live. Have our picture and just click and listen ...

It is thus the Panzer has been. Stress and time we go up on stage, it turns ...Go on stage, we send our loud and heavy sound and no frills !!!!

RtM: And for people who do not know the work of the band, and is reading about this DVD, what would you say to them, what they can expect and what they will find in this DVD? Space to "sell the fish" heheh!
André: Well, as I said earlier, the main that everybody will see and hear, is a real band ... Without any retouching. It is our essence and our raw, short, thick sound. The DVD shows an overview of our career. In the DVD / CD, people can hear stuff released on discs "Inside", "The Strongest" and "Honor". Accompanies the DVD, an audio CD, which contains exactly the same show with the same audio of the DVD, and also includes the EP "Brazilian Threat," which had never been released in physical format,  digital format only.


In the DVD disc, still roll 03 music videos and a gallery of live band photos. The material is very good and  shows the band in its best and current phase. Those interested in purchasing, you can easily find in the gallery or even buying sites like Submarino or Shinigami rec., etc ... and we made sure along with the Shinigami, which was the label that released the DVD, to keep the  prices accessible.

It is put to rotate, turn up the volume and enjoy! As we said in the past "Music for not delicate ears."

RtM: And how do you see the current situation of the Brazilian Metal? Personally, I still see, especially at voting sites and magazines that much of the public is related to the same bands year after year, and every moment appear new things and besides, a lot of people with road always running out deserved that much more attention. What do you think about?
André: Always will be. Thus worldwide, but in Brazil we still have the aggravating factor of "extreme propagation stick to foreigner bands" The band can be bad or even be declining, but it seems that many people will always consider what you do out there better than what's in here. The guy rather pay 400 bucks to see a show of an international band at the end of career that makes bureaucratic shows to attend a national band with bloodshot eyes and that has a lot to show and with quality.


The Panzer was never to stay complaining about the situation. In the 90s, when there was no room for metal bands more punches but only for the melodic metal, we do not let us shoot and assemble some festivals. We create spaces to show our sound and who we thought he deserved. It was so after the return of the band in 2012 ... The spaces to present Metal shows are increasingly restricted and there, we set up the Panzer Fest, seek other spaces and we are there. We move on stronger than ever.

If you have a band and see the thing're bad and simply content to complain, can be sure that your band will not succeed. The fight is hard, it is daily, but worth it. We are like a tank not easy to stop...

RtM: Speaking of news, that new bands here in Brazil and outside has called your attention?
André: I do not know if I can consider how new bands, but are bands that began to appear more now. I really enjoyed the Climatic Tierra Argentina, which is a band along the lines of In Flames, very good ... short the sound of Mastodoon, Killswitch Engage, Blackberry Smoke, Nile and so on ... have a lot of cool stuff and it does not mean that we should stop enjoying veterans, on the contrary, Black Sabbath for me is almost a religion, but I believe it is always good to know what comes of novelty. Open the head is a nice thing, and has no contraindications.

And most importantly, in my opinion, it is to lose prejudice. Sometimes we fail to understand anything because we do not think the aesthetics of the band to be faithful to the things we believe in, and this, a lot of good passes beaten ...

Short things out of metal and even out of the Rock, but at the right time, make me your head and show me new musical paths ...

RtM: And the recent controversy surrounding the issue of the use of Panzer name by a German band formed by Accept's ex-members and a Destruction's member? Even I saw some of them statements in some magazines and specialized websites. I readed some phrases even a bit arrogant in some interviews. They, or their label tryed some negotiation or permission to use the name? They talked with you?
André: A lot of confusion was that the German band do not bother to look on the internet if anyone was using that name. Just they named the band and fuck. For being German, they were found in the right to use the word Panzer and go!

We have the legal right to use the name in Brazil, our name is registered. Therefore, they can not get in our country, using the name of a band that have 24-year career, and just ignore us. That's not how it works. We know our rights and inform the band's manager, who was very unfriendly and rude to us.


Our fans bought the fray and set off the pages of the guys on social networks after that, not much agreement, the guys have added "The German" on their name ... If they come to perform here in Brazil, it's like "The German" to be announced because otherwise we have every right to embargo the show. And you can be sure we will. We are Brazilians, we are in battle and we demand respect. We are not flatterer of any foreigner band ... When the crowd, the bands and even the public,  understand that the sound that Brazil produces is as good or even better than much from outside, perhaps our scene really grows ..The Brazilian Metal is much more respected outside of Brazil than in our country ... We could feel it going to Argentina recently ... They respect us and love the sound made in Brazil. It is up to us all that we change ... Public and bands. Think big and do not diminish to any band of any place, after all, all are human beings with virtues and flaws, there is no superhero ...

Edson: I thank you first, because until now, only you are giving us the opportunity to talk about it. The opportunity was given to that certain band make jokes about the fact on some vehicles, but no one had given us the right of reply.

Man, I was accused of being a nationalist, was accused of being crazy, I was treated to rude way, all this for their press officer. The record label that band, had only an apology and covertly a fuck-up. And that's how these guys see Brazil.

 All that Andre said, I make my words too and it is clear that the Panzer name within Brazil is ours, we record and worked with him for 24 years. We do not pay jack of foreigners, on the contrary, our mission is to enhance our work over two decades.

All this confusion simply being carried on by financial interests, to sell a CD pressing, which makes me more shocked. So a CD pressing and their meager income worth more than a 24-year work like ours? It is pathetic ...

RtM: It's that obligation any vehicle worth its salt make room or right of reply. We follow the situation and we even disrespectful. And it was cool attitude of Panzer fans too, to defend not only the band who enjoy, but common sense and what is right.
André: We wanted to take advantage thank our fans and friends who helped us in this ... To those who insist on staying on the side of a band that has now arrived, we can only say that time will show, as I did, who's there to stay ... These Germans could have done the thing in a different way and we could even play together, but their ego prevented them from talking to us ... the sad thing is that there are some people, including the press, defending attitude them by simple commercial interests ... this is really sad!

RtM: Going back to what really matters, and the next steps of Panzer, which the plans the band has in the short and medium term?
Andrew: The Panzer don't stop! We just released the DVD and we are promoting this material, but I think more ... This year we will rather shows across the country and we should go back to Argentina and some more country in South America probably. The US and Mexico are our focus for 2016. Also, the guys can expect that we will soon be dropping a single, a clip, an EP, etc ... and so on. The machine can not stop ...

RtM: Guys, thanks for attention, is the space for your message to readers and fans of the band!
André: We want to say thanks to our fans, who are very special, we want to thank you guys for the fantastic space and above all, ask the general public, begins to leave the house to see what's going on in the scene National Metal. Computer front Come out and watch live shows ... Experience is another ... The bands need you and the metal scene in general as well. We value our sound ... !!!!!!

Stronger Day After Day !!!!!!!!!!!

Interview by: Carlos Garcia

Panzer are:
André Pars: Guitars
Edson Graseffi: Drums
Rafael Moreira: Vocals
Rafael DM: Bass

Media: Metal Media Press

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DVD's Review:

Panzer: "Louder Day After Day - The Panzer Live Experience"

After one time out of business , but without ever leaving the Panzer name and Metal die in their veins, the brazilian thrashers, from São Paulo, returned even stronger in 2012, then releasing the album "Honor" (2013), the entirety energy and experience of the founding members André and Edson, combined with strength and youth of the new members, Rafinha and Rafael DM, on a job very well received by the press and public.

But the machine does not stop, as well as continue organizing festivals like the "Panzer Fest", the Panzer is always with something new, be it CD, EP, clip, or this double release, the DVD / CD "Louder Day After Day", ie the guys are increasingly restless, and seem to recover their downtime.

And a relentless band is what we see on stage at the show recorded for this DVD, recorded in São Paulo, at Space Sound Studio, day 26/04/2014.

With a simple production, but with great quality of image and sound, the DVD takes the fan right inside the show, conveying the feeling that you are there, in front of the stage! And that was the idea of ​​the band, a simple material, but to take faithfully how is to watch the Panzer alive on stage. For fans who already give the energy close to the band, as those who could not but would like to feel the force of the brazilian Thrash tank. The truth is that everyone will have at hand an excellent live DVD.

With a strong and powerful tracklist, a performance full of enthusiasm and energy, Panzer play songs spanning the entire history of the band, with heavy sound and groove, they execute their exciting Thrash, who flirts with Traditional Metal and Stoner Metal. Furiosly they starting with "Speedy", followed by "Affliction", where Rafinha already shows that he has a throat made of steel! "Red Days", the band announced as "a romantic ballad," which alternates ultra-heavy passages with other more Stoner (and pay a tribute to the kings Black Sabbath), "Victim of Choices" and its ongoing rhythmic and great riffs, perfect for headbangin ', and the closing with fast "Rising", close to breaking everything, just to name a few tracks, it is impossible to stop to bang your head!

With the DVD package, comes the CD containing the audio of the entire show and the bonus EP "Brazilian Threat", previously only available in digital format.

Review by Carlos Garcia

Buy the DVD on Shinigami Records

DVD  Tracklist:
1. Speedy
2. Affliction
3. Red Days
4. The Morning After
5. The Last Man On Earth
6. Heretic
7. Intruders
8. Savior
9. I Wanna Make You Pay
10. Burden Of Proof
11. Victim Of Choices
12. Rejected
13. N.S.A
14. Rising

. Alma Escancarada
. Rising
. Last Man on Earth

(DVD's same tracklist plus EP Brazilian Threat):
Burden Of Proof
 Red Days
Hastening To Death

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