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Interview: Silver Razor - Pride to be Metal!

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With just over one year of existence, the Brazilian band Silver Razor is already having a great impact, recording without losing time an EP with five tracks, entitled "Pride of the Heavy Metal Shine", which show the influence and inspiration it comes from the great classics of Heavy Metal.

Are bands like Silver Razor that allow the Metal and fans are renewed, giving us the assurance of longevity of the Heavy Metal Music. Check out interview with the band and know a little more about this grateful revelation of the Brazilian Metal.

RtM: To present the Silver Razor to the readers who are knowing the band now, would you tell us a little more of the beginning of the band?
 Silver Razor: The Silver Razor emerged from the passion for the Heavy Metal, especially the Metal of past decades. With own compositions, Silver Razor aims to keep the flame of heavy metal alive. Worked songs, weighing and especially feeling, so the musical background of the band is made. With less than a year of road, the band has repercussions throughout the country, being singled out as a great promise of Brazilian Metal.

RtM: The title of the EP, "Pride of the Heavy Metal Shine", and its cover give clues to what the listener will find, in addition to showing your devotion to Metal and also show that you are Brazilians. I would like you to talk a little more about what the title of the EP mean to you, and on the cover art.
 SR: The art was designed by the talented Jobert Mello, responsible for arts to big bands of the world Metal bands like Primal Fear, Sabaton and many others. The art alludes to the pride we feel to distill the purest and dangerous heavy metal. We decided to immortalize the five EP tracks added to an art that demonstrates what we really feel for this music style that has always guided our lives. 
The title already shows our intentions, which is to keep the old flame of Metal burning. 
Alludes also the big bands of the Brazilian scene, bands that marked our beginning in music, such as Viper, Dr. Sin, Angra, Stress, Sepultura, Harppia, Shaman, Torture Squad, among many others.

RtM: Listening to the EP "Pride of the Heavy Metal Shine" we can find influences of the big bands of pure and simple Heavy Metal, like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept, and also the bands of NWOBHM. What influences or inspirations, bands or artists you would cite?
 SR: We drink from the source of great classic albums like "Metal Heart" (Accept, 1985), "Painkiller" (Judas Priest, 1990), "Hall Of The Mountain King" (Savatage, 1987), "Fear Of The Dark" (Iron Maiden , 1992) and also some classic albums from brazilian Heavy Metal as "Soldiers of Sunrise" (Viper, 1987) and "A Ferro e Fogo" (Harppia, 1985).

RtM: And in this competitive scenario, what do you believe can be the difference of the band to stand out?
 SR: To conquer our space in this crowded Brazilian scenario, we focus on three aspects: musicality, professionalism and persistence. Three parts of a whole, which is made to perfection, the result is achieved.

RtM: Could you talk a little about the production of the EP and how was this period of the recordings?
 SR: To talk about the production of the Ep, we have to go back to the beginning of the band. The Silver Razor was formed in November 2014 and since the first meeting between the musicians began an intense period of composition. We worked on the songs every day, several hours a day, all in order to release the Ep as soon as possible, the recording took place in the same way, we can do all this in a record time. This is a great achievement for the band. The songs were born spontaneously, because we compose very easily, and the songs present similarities with our influences.

RtM: The impact has been very good, which the EP songs are having more success among the fans? And have you also had a return from fans outside of Brazil?
 SR: An interesting fact about the Silver Razor is the repercussions, because with just a Ep with five tracks, we have fans all over the country. It's not every day that a new band, with less than one year of existence, can much visibility among the public and specialized media, being singled out as the main metal revelation in 2015. In the shows, you often see the audience singing some of our tracks, especially the track "Do not Hide From Razor". Another cool part is the fan response from other countries, it is increasingly common to send the band material to them.

RtM: And the setting for independent bands, especially, which improved, got worse? What are the main difficulties to the bands, especially in a big country  like our, which sometimes also unfeasible and costly a tour through several cities and states? There are plans to enable concerts in all Brazil?
 SR: We hope to do shows in several Brazilian states, all still on "Pride of the Heavy Metal Shine" tour. To some, this is a bit complicated in Brazil, because of its vast territory, but nothing that hinders our desire to spread our metal around Brazil.

RtM: And the next steps of Silver Razor? What are the immediate plans to disclose more the band's name? You are already working on a full length?
 SR: Currently the band name already has enough visibility, which is a good thing, but we do not stop producing at all. We have long-term plans and short-term, for the second half of 2015 we will start recording a song that will be part of our first music video. The song will be recorded at the Orange Studio, which is a studio reference, the track is produced by Mike Soares, legendary guitarist from the brazilian band Megahertz. We can say that the music video will be a big production, with this, we intend to leverage further the band's name, in Brazil and other countries.

RtM: Guys, thanks for the interview, I leave this final space for your message to Headbangers!
 SR: We would like to thank the space and leave a message for Brazilian bangers and bangers around the world: The Heavy and Hell Attack of the Silver Razor is just beginning - STAY HEAVY.

Interview by: Carlos Garcia
Pictures: Band's archives and Rubens Rodrigues

Silver Razor are:
Marcio Bastos (Vocals)

Diego Dourado (Guitar)
Romes Filho (Guitar)
Marcos Andrade (Bass)
Isaac Ribeiro (Drums)

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