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Interview - Symmetrya: Constantly Evolving and Metal Without Fads

Founded in mid-2002 in the city of Joinville (SC - Brazil), the band Symmetrya was born with the ideal of playing Heavy Metal without labels or trends, letting flow their influences and inspirations, and these almost 15 years on the road, where they have released a CD- demo, two full-lenghts, participated in various compilations and also add the experience of numerous shows, including in other countries of South America, alongside names like Angra, Primal Fear, Dark Moor and Shaman, the group has reached its goal , featuring a Metal with fire power, melody and transiting from Heavy Traditional to Power Metal, through Progressive, Hard Rock and Classic influences.   (Leia aqui a versão em português)

This experience and maturity gained in all those years on the road is reflected in their latest album, "Last Dawn", what is having very good receptive, with positive reviews, opening more doors to the band, but the they does not settle and claims to want to evolve further in all aspects. And to talk about this album, the excellent results and impacto f this work, and some of these almost 15 years down the road, future plans and other issues, we talked with one of the founders of Symmetrya, Milton Rodrigo Maia (keyboards). Check out:

RtM: You continue in full divulgation of the album "Last Dawn", including shows with Angra on their "Holy Land" anniversary tour. Tell us more about the results so far and also about these shows with Angra. 
Milton: I've known Rafael for a long time, and he took part in our CD, so, nothing more natural than to play together with his band, Angra. In 2015 we have played with Angra in Curitiba and the show was great, sold out!  and we had many compliments on social networks. This year it cames a new opportunity to play with them on the "Holy Land" anniversary tour, and it was a great pleasure to open this show in Porto Alegre, which was perfect and again a success.

RtM: Talking about divulgation, how do you see and evaluate this issue for a band? Especially the independent bands, what are trying to show their work to more people, searching for a bigger audience, what you have seen what has worked for you and what resources or factors you would like to have, and that, surely, could make a major difference?
Milton: Virtually all the bands are getting independent, with the exception of the big bands that have a great number of fans, because we can say there are no more record companies, but CD distribution. Many bands known in the market choose to  record their own album and make a partnership for distribution and sale in physical form and online, I believe that this has not come back, and we have to adapt. What is missing in the Metal business here, are agencies of structure and to sale shows, the same way as happens in the other styles (Pop, Country...) with several bands of different styles in an agency that seeks to sell and fill the schedule of shows for the band. And indeed a greater friendship between the bands with statements, divulgation of partner bands, etc.
We would also like to have a greater financial contribution to release more video clips, that I consider important in promoting the album.

RtM: And talking about "make the difference", which aspects do you consider essential for a band who wants to have longevity and good results in the Metal's scene?
Milton: Today all have to be very professional in all aspects involving a band, people are very critical due to visibility that the internet has brought as a whole and no longer accept middling work. The CD has to have a good production, graphic, good disclosure in specialized media and finally good music, that is the main thing.

RtM: Talking about the album "Last Dawn", that is a work that shows Symmetrya really have a goal to seek progress in all aspects. What would you poit as main differences between the debut, "Eternal Search", and this second album?
Milton: I believe the production as a whole is better, the melodies also are better thinked than the previous album, and the artwork was done by renowned designer Gustavo Sazes, who no needs introduction for his amazing work with bands like Kamelot, Manowar, Angra, Dr. Sin, James Labrie, etc.... even this cover was chosen by some sites as one of the best art covers here in Brazil in recent years, however I think we can still evolve much more in all aspects.

"We try not to be many technical at all times, because in fact what matters to the listener is to like the music, be touched by the songs, and this is something independent of technical complexity,"

RtM: In addition to the cover, with a beautiful graphic work, conducted by Gustavo Sazes, it struck me already in the first auditions that you sought to insert further new elements in the band's music, especially progressive and even AOR, and saw very careful with the melodies and arrangements, resulting in very good and striking compositions. I see a lot of bands too be concerned with the technical part and forget the feeling, but you, all dosed very well. Tell us a little about how works this creative process in the band, and also a bit about the inspiration for the composition of "Last Dawn". 
Milton: You are right in your words, everyone in the band like so much movies and literature, and certainly this is the biggest inspiration in the lyrics. About the melodies, we try not to be many technical at all times, because in fact what matters to the listener is to like the music, be touched by the songs, and this is something independent of technical complexity, so always discussed it and sometimes the most simple things may work better, but always we like to write some more complex music with more progressive passages, etc.

RtM: What about the relation of the cover art and album title, I would like you to comment
Milton: The cover depicts the lyrics addressed on several songs, but in particular the lyics of "Something In The Mist" music that is about the end of the world, this chaotic world that people kill for religious beliefs, political, etc., however the final message is about optimism and never too late to start over, realize your dreams, there is always a way out and never give up!

RtM: Speaking about the songs, "Something in the Mist," opens the album, and is very vibrant, faster, and with interesting variations. Could we say that shows the power metal side of the band? It also brings Rafael Bittencourt (Angra) as special guest. 
Milton: Exactly, is a typical Power Metal music, fast, with 2 bass drums and variations before the solos. The lyric was all based on the work (movie and book) of the master Stephen King, "The Mist." Our friend Rafael Bittencourt did a great job recording the guitar solo for the song, that was great.

RtM: And "In the Blink of an Eye", what is very melodious, with a beautiful chorus and great melodies on the keyboard and have an AOR or Melodic Rock line. It looks like a carved song to get stuck in the listener's mind! A earworm! And it works very well, I witnessed live in Porto Alegre. Very good! 
Milton: Thanks Carlos. This song was composed to be well even melodious, with one side more Hard Rock /AOR or Melodic Rock as you mentioned, we do not hold on a label or style and mix the Power Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Progressive. The music works very well live and you can expect more songs on that line in the next albums.

RtM: While "Darkest Love" is more rhythmic and climatic, highlighting the melodies of the keyboards, "To Live Again" is another more Power Metal, and must also highlight the work of Jurandir on vocals, and he moves very well for these more melodic, progressive elements or Power Metal, giving peace of mind for the band to have more freedom, and more options in the compositions. I see that there is also a very strong spiritual side on issues that Jurandir discusses in his lyrics. 
Milton: You're right, our lyrics have this connection with the imaginary dream, nightmare, the afterlife, death, etc., as the lyrics "Darkest Love" you quoted. The song "To Live Again" is a continuation of our best known song "Learn To Live", from the first album, what talks about seeking lifelong, realize all your dreams and goals, regardless of age, social status, etc....and in my opinion this is the reason of life.

RtM: Another one that I liked a lot is "Caught in a Dream", which has sophisticated melodies, and some parts remind me something more melodic and progressive music of Iron Maiden. I really liked the lyrics, then I would like you to comment about this music, which is one more that shows that diversity and very interesting balance that you have reached on this album in terms of songwriting. 
Milton: This song and well cadenced, almost a ballad, but with more elaborate arrangements in its introduction. The lyrics has a special meaning for our singer, as was written after the death of his father, who was fighting cancer. 

RtM: The trilogy "The Witch of Portobello" shows quite these variations, with very progressive parts, I'd like you to talk a little more about the lyrical part, based on the book of brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, and the instrumental parts of this trilogy, what has one of the best album choruses, on the song "Past Life Trauma". 
Milton: We have received much compliments by our choruses on this album, we always try to enrich the lyrical part by reading books and Paulo Coelho always was very successful and after reading his book "The Witch of Portobello", we would thinked it was a interesting story to fit our songs, and we decided to tell the story in 3 songs that fit together very well with the melodies.

RtM: Returning to the subject of divulgation, you had the opportunity to do shows in several countries in South America, tell us a little more of these shows and what the balance of these presentations. Many doors open for perhaps a more extensive tour?

Milton: In all countries we were very well received, we played in concert halls where they spent artists like Mr. Big, Jorn Lande, Blaze (Iron Maiden), etc. We made many friendships that will open the door to new shows and increase our disclosures in these countries. I think it was very valid these shows because we feel they loved our music, and we have gained enough experience to a new more complete tour.

"Everyone in the band like so much movies and literature (Stephen King, Paulo Coelho), and certainly this is the biggest inspiration in the lyrics."

RtM: On the hook these tours in Uruguay, Peru, Argentina and Chile, how do you see this exchange between the countries of South America? It seems to me that would be beneficial to the South American scene if there was greater interaction between the bands here in Brazil with the rest of the continent, even in the matter of who knows, riding strong festivals, at least close to that happen in Europe. 
Milton: The format of festivals are a good idea to strengthen the scene, because they bring together several bands of different styles in one place so the public are much bigger, while shows this or that band alone brings a specific audience that follows the band. Festivals are a success in Europe and if they were better organized with a similar structure here would be a success too. We have some festivals that are growing and maybe in about 5 years or more can have  3 big festivals here as well.

RtM: And the Symmetrya's plans for this remaining months of 2016?
Milton: For 2016 we still have eight shows scheduled in Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and we will also release a music video for the song "Darkest Love" soon.

RtM: Guys, thanks for the opportunity, i let this ultimate space for your message to readers! 
Milton: Thank you Carlos for space on Road To Metal, and to the people who want to know more about the band, listen to music, watch our video clips, finally, visit our website and our pages on social networks.

Interview: Carlos Garcia
Photos: Band's archives

Symmetrya Are:
Jurandir Júnior: Vocals
Milton Rodrigo Maia: Keyboards
Alexandre Lamim: Guitars
Marcos Vinicius: Drums
Gean Souza: Bass

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