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Affront: A Great First Album, with Brutality, Technique and Personality

Formed in the beginning of 2016 by the experienced musicians Marcelo Mictian (UNEARTHLY) in bass and vocals and R. Rassan, guitar, (former member of bands like Imago Mortis and Ainur), and the revelation Jedy Najay in the sticks, AFFRONT spared no efforts and treated to record their first full-lenght, which was preceded by videos for the songs "Under Siege" and "Scum of the World", always looking to give samples of what was to come, with a sound proposal that aims to unite Thrash And Death Metal in an original and very own way.  (Versão em Português)

In December of 2016 the group present their debut, "Angry Voices", containing 12 tracks, where we can hear a Thrash/Death that brings a lot of the roots of the styles, but with a contemporary sound and bringing subtleties and details that gives someting personal. The lyric part, which gives its message, in a certain direct way, but there is a larger concept that can be understood in a broader way, talking about all the greed of politics and religious institutions, and little of brazilian history. M. Mictian discusses each song in the release, which you can read at the end of the review.

The band has been walking fast, and the experience and competence of the musicians, the dedication and work are the main responsible, resulting in a first album with great solidity and personality, which is the purpose of AFFRONT, and for sure this musical proposal will still evolve.

 "Scum of the World" starts the album like an avalanch, already known in the lyric video, opens the record, vociferating about the sordid ways that politicians and churches seek profits, and the proposal of the band already becomes clear to the listener, in the mix between riffs and alternation of typical Thrash tempos, with the speed and aggressiveness of Death Metal, harsh vocals and aggressive and technical instrumental, emphasizing the clarity of the instruments, provided by the high-level sound production. "Angry Voices" is very aggressive, and we can already see the excellent work of the drummer Jedy Najay, who brings weight, aggressiveness, speed and technique.

The mix between Death and Thrash is perfect on tracks such as "Under Siege", which was the first clip, and here it appears in two versions, being the last track of the album too, bringing Marcelo Pompeu, from KORZUS, on vocals. This track features typical contemporary Thrash riffs (what a great riff on the beginning), alternating darker and more serious passages, as well as "Carved in Stone", a slow-tempo song, with palm-mute riffs, also typical of Death, as well as a melodious  passage on guitars.

In addition to this mixture of Thrash and Death, some other elements appear, more evident, as these acoustic tracks and with more melody, that as in "Carved in Stone", also appear in "Conflicts", very agressive, with riffs full of harmonics, and an acoustic part, which gives a very interesting break; and in the instrumental "Terra Sem Males (Guarany War)" (Earth Without Evils), M. Mictian recorded indigenous instruments; The track sung in Portuguese "Mestre do Barro" (Master of Clay), honors the artist from Pernambuco, Master Vitalino (1909-1963), a popular artist sculptor of clay art, whose work is even exhibited in museums in Europe. This track stands out, not only for the theme and the intro with pandeiro, but for the excellent guitars, and its captivating rhythm.

A great debut and a band to continue paying close attention. Work that brings songs with weight and aggressiveness, mixing fast moments with other more worked, some surprises and intelligent alternation of nuances of Thrash and Death, resulting in a solid composition album, dynamic and exciting.

Text: Carlos Garcia

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 More About the Tracks, by the words of M.Mictian (bass and vocals)

1-"Scum Of The World" (song from the band's first lyric video) The song is a bit about the dirty side of politics, church, and the way they get dirty money at any price.

2-"Angry Voices" - strong and aggressive talks about the hatred and anger of personalities that plague the world as politicians, dictators and their beliefs.

3-"Affront" -  "Old Decrepts", as the great Ratos de Porão (Basement Rats, brazilian traditional Thrash/Hardcore band) would say, this synthesis of this song is to speak of the "lords" who feed on misery, with greed, passing over all.

 4-"Conflicts" - Here we talk about the demonstrations against corrupt governments throughout the world the indignation of the people with these rats of power.

5-"Terra Sem Males" - Instrumental (bass and indigenous instruments all recorded by M.Mictian) a tribute to the Guarani War (... is the name given to the violent conflicts involving the Guarani Indians and the Spanish and Portuguese troops in the south Of Brazil after the signing of the Treaty of Madrid on January 13, 1750. The Guarani Indians of the region of the Seven Peoples of the Missions refuse to leave their lands in the territory of Rio Grande do Sul and to transfer to the other side Of the Uruguay River, as agreed in the boundary agreement between Portugal and Spain. As a result of this treaty, the Portuguese Empire also exercised sovereignty over the territories of Jesuit Missions located east of the Uruguay River. It occurs that the Portuguese Empire allowed the enslavement of the natives, who in that region were the Guarani, whereas in the Spanish Empire all Indians were automatically subjects of the King of Spain and therefore could not be enslaved)

6-"Mestre Vitalino" (1909-1963) was a popular Brazilian artist, considered one of the greatest artists in the history of Brazilian clay art. Vitalino Pereira dos Santos (1909-1963), known as Mestre Vitalino, was born in the city of Caruaru, Pernambuco, on July 10, 1909. Son of a farmer and an artisan making clay pots to sell at the fair, from Six years of age already made his talent visible shaping small animals with leftover clay. His art is exhibited not only in large Brazilian museums, but also in the Museum of Popular Art in Vienna, Austria and the Louvre Museum in Paris. In Brazil, much of his work is in the Casa do Pontal and Chácara do Céu museums, in Rio de Janeiro, in the Museological Collection of the Federal University of Pernambuco, in Recife, and in Alto do Moura, in Caruaru, where the artist lived .

7-"Religions Cancer" - Relating to all the church filth and its attitudes for centuries, consuming lives, philosophies, traditions as a disease.


8-"Under Siege" the way that the vast majority of people feel about Rulers and the Security System (Police) treat them in poor communities, periphery etc ... 8-Under Siege - Thrash / Death Metal

9-"Carved In Stone" - The slowest and most drawn of the album, the theme is something about "US" even about my condition at the time of having to start a new band with a new job taking on new challenges.

10-"WarTime Conspiracy" - More on old Discrepants who insist on wanting to rule the world with their conspiracies and creating wars and suffering for all.

11-"Echoes Of The Insanity" - Another instrumental (bass & acoustic guitars) Our vision of decadence, Insanity and Madness of Humanity.

12-"Under Siege" - Thrash / Death Metal Rispid, "Under Siege"; The way that the great majority of people feel before Rulers and the Security System (Police) treats them in poor communities, periphery.abuse of authority, aggression and the deaths of innocents; NOW with the presence of Marcelo Pompeu (Korzus) helping me and Strengthening the music.

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