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Nalle Pahlsson's Royal Mess: Hard Rock from the Heart

Nalle Pahlsson is a Swedish musician who has been a member of THERION since 2008 and has extensive experience in the Hard Rock and Melodic Rock scene, with bands and artists such as TREAT, LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM, CHRIS LANEY, VINDICTIV, RANDY PIPER'S ANIMAL, EASY ACTION among others. But besides being a great bass player, Nalle also sings and plays several instruments, so nothing better than a solo job where he could show a lot more of his ability, being the main star. (versão em português)

Nalle says that in early 2011 he made the decision to make a pure Rock & amp; Roll, where he would do his compositions, sing and play the music that comes from his heart and soul, inspired by the bands and artists he had heard since he was a kid. (Read KISS, AC / DC, Def Leppard, Toto, Journey, Foreigner). So finally after so many years in the musical environment,  ROYAL MESS was born.

To make the album even more colorful, Nalle called a number of friends and colleagues whom he played or met in music business, and then people like Therion's ex-partner Kristian Niemann, Pontus Norgren (The Poodles, Hammerfall), Linnéa Vikström (Therion) Kee Marcello, Jamie Borger (Treat, LAD) among others, totaling about 25 guests! Nalle had the partnership of his friend Stefan Lundquist in the compositions, produced the album, and had the mixing and mastering by Chris Laney.

The result? Well, what Nalle intended to do, got it, and recorded an exciting Hard Rock album, that you really feel like the songs were made with the heart! Songs full of energy, sticky refrains, not forgetting the melodies and the keyboards. And Nalle still turned out to be a vocalist (the hoarse timbre, which sometimes resembles Gene Simmons, fit very well in the proposal) and composer of respect within the style.

We have vibrant Hard Rocks, such as the opening "Aces High" and its sticky chorus. Detail for the description on the insert, where in addition to the vocals, base and bass guitar, Nalle played "Thin Lizzy Guitars". Very nice! those twin guitar melodies trademark of the legendary Phil Lynott's band; In "Hell City" the vocal line reminded me of Gene Simmons, and referring to KISS, a band that Nalle is a fan of. Hard Rock with another great refrain and a touch of virtuosity on account of Kristian Niemann's solo guitar; "MR. Freedom" is a pretty groove track (the initial riff reminds me "American Woman") and another great chorus; "Gold Digger" has a very funny lyrics (talks about one of those women who are "in love" with the guy's bank account), with a good Rock and Roll, in an AC / DC vein.

"Breakout" is a  punchy Hard, with great and kind of "funky" bass lines, and also brings Kee Marcello on guitar solo; "Higher Than Seventh Heaven" would say that it is a Hard n'Roll with that North American bands trademark, also with a very vibrant beat and chorus full of backing vocals; "The Pieces of My Heart" is a sophisticated ballad with touches of AOR, something from the American scene and even Def Leppard from the more "Americanized" phase; "To Hell and Back" is another very good Hard/Rock and Roll full of energy and refrain that sticks in the mind.

"Trip" has a cool swing and delightful backing vocals, plus Max Lorentz in Hammond; "From Rise to Fall" also brings riffs and bass line with enough groove, highlighting the refrain and a little of Def Leppard; "Loaded Gun" is heavy artillery, full of punch and brings THERION partners Christian Vidal on solo guitar and Linnéa on backing vocals (who appears in several backing vocals); Closing the album to the emotional ballad "See you in My Dreams", which Nalle composed in honor of his brother. Remarkable chorus, keyboard melodies that resemble something from Foreigner.

Resuming... a fucking great album of Hard Rock, Rock and Roll and Melodic Rock, with that 80´s vein, sounding contemporary, with the way the Swedish know how to do very well. Really, an album of pure Rock, with music loaded with energy, honesty and that comes from the heart! Recommended for Hard Rock fans and of a good and energetic Rock and Roll.

Text: Carlos Garcia
Photos: Divulgação

Band: Nalle Pahlsson's Royal Mess
Album: Idem
Country: Sweden
Style: Hard Rock
Production: Nalle Pahlsson
Label: MelodicRock Records

Royal Mess
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01. Aces High (Påhlsson/Lundquist) 4:00
02. Hell City (Påhlsson/Lundquist) 3:44
03. Mr Freedom (Påhlsson) 4:22
04. Gold Digger (Påhlsson) 3:22
05. Breakout (Påhlsson) 3:50
06. Higher Than Seventh Heaven (Påhlsson/Lundquist-Nerge) 4:09
07. The Pieces Of My Heart (Påhlsson/Lundquist) 3:45
08. To Hell And Back (Påhlsson/Lundquist-Zan) 3:29
09. Trip (Påhlsson/Lundquist) 3:28
10. From Rise To Fall (Påhlsson/Lundquist) 3:05
11. Loaded Gun (Påhlsson/Lundquist) 4:18 
Special Edition Exclusive Bonus Track:
12. See You In My Dreams (Påhlsson/Nilsson-Geli) 4:52

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