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Powerfull: An Ode to Classic Heavy Metal

Missing to hear Heavy Metal in that vein of the 80's? When the style hit  the mainstream status, where giants, who came as early as the '70s, such as Judas and Sabbath, and another marvelous generation like Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Accept and others, including Hard Rock bands, assaulting radios, TV channels and the stereos of a generation.    (versão em português)

Well, here it is: POWERFULL, brazilian band that has the experienced singer Mario Pastore taking on, and it was created with the purpose of making Heavy Metal inspired in the great 80's, and that's exactly what the group gives us in this debut, "Warrior Soul". We see here Pastore in excellent shape, those who accompanies his career more closely knows his ability, and in "Warrior Soul" he shows how to sing with power and feeling!

Pastore here embodies the 80s with mastery, in vocalizations that refer us to the names that marked the style, as Tate, Dio, Dickinson and Halford. And it could not be different, such as the sound proposal.

In an attack of riffs, we have the weight and melody typical of the Classical Heavy Metal, we have 12 tracks, where, after a brief intro, we are already caught up in the face by the fast and ferocious "Fireball", Speedy Heavy Metal of fast riffs , Hallucinating battery and high vocals; "Blue Beam" presents a more mid tempo song, beginning with strained melodies, very heavy, that sends to the Sabbath and even more precisely their noble son, Candlemass. It has heavy riffs alternated by more melodious stretches; "Believe" begins slow and climactic, with Pastore asking us in the lyrics: "What's happening with this world?", it follows with galloping riffs, and refers to the classic Queensryche, including the vocal line adopted by Pastore. Great song!

"Reborn", begins with a melody permeated by harmonics and striking bass line, the riffs and drums follow that "galloping" line, very typical from 80's Heavy Metal; "Warrior Soul", the title track, brings riffs that remind me Accept and something of Iron Maiden, mainly in the vocal line (in fact, speaking in vocals, there is a sensational stretch there at the minute 3), and here I realize that I will have to To make comments about all the tracks, because all they bring memorable riffs and refrains, without "modern stuffs", only Heavy Metal, with many riffs, many solos, great refrains and great vocals.

"Nightmares" is a typical Heavy Metal ballad, with acoustic guitar and keyboards doing the background. highlight the vocals, which bring a lot of emotion, with Pastore showing, once again, his versatility; "Screaming Inside" is loaded with fury, slower and heavy and pounding drums. Pastore singing with furious and ragged vocals; "Tears of Sunday" is very emotional, and knowing in advance what the lyrics were about (Pastore talks about losing his mother), I imagined that it would be a soft ballad but, on the contrary, with vocals very high in its beginning, like Pastore wanted to expel all the pain he felt, the vocalist delivers a performance overflowing emotion for all the music. A track that follows a slower tempo, but brings weight, and besides the prominence to the vocals, a  inspired guitar solo with doses of melancholy is perfect for the song.

Soon after we have the instrumental and acoustic "Spain", which brings hispanic rhythms, having in the background bird songs and water sounds, a respite of tranquility in this classic Heavy Metal sea, and soon after it,  the Hard/Heavy "Angels of Light", loaded with melody and captivating tempo. Closing the album, we have the version for "I Want Out" of Helloween, which had been recorded for a tribute that did not come out, in a version very close to the original, but with stretches with more weight and faster drums. And Pastore does very well, in the always difficult task of singing some classic Helloween song from the Kiske era.

I'm finishing here with what I asked at the beginning of the review: "Missing to hear a Classic Heavy Metal?". Powerfull will kill that nostalgia, delivering what it promised, which was an album influenced by the classic Metal of the 80s, loaded with striking riffs and killer chorus,  guitar solos and great vocals!

Review by: Carlos Garcia

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Mario Pastore: Vocais
Jones Jones: Guitarras
Vagner Gilabel: Bateria

01 - Intro – The Cave
02 – Fireball
03 – Blue Beam
04 – Believe
05 – Reborn
06 – Warrior Soul
07 – Nightmares
08 – Screaming Inside
09 – Tears of Sunday (Dedicated to Mother’s Nick)
10 – Spain (Instrumental)
11 – Angels of Light
12 – I Want Out (Helloween Cover)


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