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Interview - Edu Falaschi: Without Fear of Challenges

After his departure from Angra in 2012, the career of vocalist EDU FALASCHI has been imposed by challenges and new things, and besides being the front of ALMAH for more then 10 years, and following the release of the most recent work, "EVO" , released last year, Edu continues his work as a producer, and also seeks innovative ideas in the music market, as a Crowdfunding to perform shows of the band without relying on contractors. In order to talk about these and other subjects he answered us, revealing, in the middle of the interview, that he is preparing a solo career singing the classics of his phase in Angra. Check it out:

RtM: In 10 years of existence, Almah has created its own identity on Metal, putting a modern language and mixing diverse styles on the sound of the band, gaining the label of Groove Metal by the Europeans. By the different way of working, do you think Almah is one of the most significant names in brazilian Metal today?
EF: I believe Almah has his place. We work to make music, that's all. What we have achieved so far is the result of 10 years of work! The brand of the band has grown a lot in recent years, but we still have a lot to do! The band is relatively new! The work do not stop!

RtM: With each album, Almah varies the sonority, with more straight sound, as in the album "Motion" (2011), but never failing to prioritize harmony and melody, putting even influences of Pop music and more contemporary elements . On this 5th album, E.V.O, you kind of went back to the origins, remembering very much what you did in Angra. Was it a way of showing that what you learned in the Angra is still alive?
EF: Actually it was natural! I like to make different albums, always presenting something new. In Almah I had not yet done something with a vocal tune in the way I did in Angra, this time I decided to return to a sound of the album "Rebirth" (2001), for example, without losing the essence of Almah, of course. The result was very cool and the fans of my Angra times were very happy.

"The concept of the E.V.O is about a positive content, it is about of a change of world consciousness."

RtM: The context of the album "E.V.O." is based on the 'Age of Aquarius', being explicit in the song that opens it, "Age Of Aquarius". Behind the Almah albums, there is always a concept being addressed, except on "Motion", which talks about routine and everyday things. To bring things about Greek mythology is a way to raise awareness that we are entering times of ascension and great changes?
EF: The concept of the E.V.O is about a positive content, it is about of a change of world consciousness that is to come with the arrival of the 'Age of Aquarius' after the 'Age of Pisces' of which we are at the moment. The change will not be now, but it's on the way.
The world is changing, we see many bad things appearing, we see a lot of discussion of ideals, conflicts, a lot of things coming out, the curtains of lies implanted by the world powers are falling, to make a change for better things in every way is inevitable that we have to face the enemies. This will bring consequences, and a lot of bad things will appear, giving this climate of hopelessness, but it is necessary to go through that turbulent moment that we live to achieve a more evolved and positive future in the long term. The basis of the concept is this, but I approach in a poetic way on themes such as mythology, history, science, astrology, etc.

RtM: As we said before, in E.V.O we noticed that its lines roam through higher regions, adding sharp extensions here and there. After years of treatment and care because of your reflux problem, we can say that you can risk more nowadays, but knowing how to use it correctly?
EF: Yes, certainly, this is a problem that I will have to take care forever. But today I know more about the methods of treatment and I have more mastery of my health conditions. I lived years with a ghost I knew nothing about! It was a nightmare! Fight against something you do not know what it is or where it comes from. But today I'm good again and the result is the beautiful album E.V.O!

RtM: We have the guitarist Diogo Mafra and the drummer Pedro Tinello debuting in the Almah with the album E.V.O. Did they come up with any ideas or did they build on what was already ready?
EF: They have created many of the guitar and drum arrangements! They did not participate in the compositions, but it was essential for the album to have an enormous quality! Their talent is absurd!

RtM: During the compositions of the album, you had the surprise with the entry of guitar player Marcelo Barbosa to Angra, replacing Kiko Loureiro, who is now 100% dedicated to Megadeth. Since his entrance on the band, his works have been quite run, so much so that Angra's new album will have the guitar lines recorded by him. How is reconciling the bands' agenda?
EF: It's cool! Marcelo is very good at managing his work. Certainly we will have no conflicts. Angra is a great showcase and he is right to embrace this opportunity. But he, like me, has a great attachment to Almah. We are very connected!

RtM: Last year, you celebrated 25 years of solo career release, "Moonlight", in which you picked up your main successes in Angra and Almah in acoustic versions, bringing a very intimate atmosphere through piano arrangements and strings. How did you rearrange these songs by putting them in another environment?
EF: It was really cool! And a great challenge! Songs like "Angels and Demons" are not easy to make a ballad. But with the help of the great pianist Tiago Mineiro, we got a beautiful result. Without him I would not have been able to.

 " I do not like to settle for fear of making mistakes or criticism, I always try to look ahead and move forward."
RtM: In parallel to this, you were honored with a tribute to celebrate its 25 years of career, idealized by the record label Ms Metal Records, which among the highlights is the version of "Heroes Of Sand" sung by singer Nando Fernandes and among Other talents. It's rare to see this in Heavy Metal here in Brazil, artists paying homage to other artists. And look that Vol.2 will still be released. Do you treat this gesture as one of the most rewarding of your career?
EF: Absolutely! I never imagined anything like that! When I heard this CD, I was impressed and very thrilled to see so many talents together paying homage! Each version, each interpretation on that album gives me even more certain that we have many geniuses in the national Heavy Metal! I loved everything and everyone! I will be eternally grateful to these artists and especially to Eduardo Macedo, president of MS METAL RECORDS, for orchestrating this tribute. Unforgettable!

RtM: Late last year, you set up a project where the fan could idealize a Almah show in the city where it resides through crowdfunding. The initiative is totally innovative and very cool, because that way it would not be necessary to depend on contractors for the shows of the band to be realized. But, unfortunately, did not end up giving the expected result. What did you end up to be like you imagined?
EF: Being a pioneer was already a challenge! Crowdfunding is usually about a specific product: CD, DVD, BOOK, etc! In our case it was a tour, there were 10 projects out of 1, and we had some limitations. Not knowing beforehand the date and place of the show, this generated some doubt for the crowd. And another bad thing was the disclosure, which relied on Facebook basically.

Anyway, this specific project did not work out, in a career of more than 25 years I had many hits and some mistakes. That was one of them, unfortunately. Let's go on! The work continues and I will always try to innovate and bring new ideas, even if they present some risk. I do not like to settle for fear of making mistakes or criticism, I always try to look ahead and move forward.

RtM: Recently, you have released a solo digital compilation on platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Itunes, etc, called "Edu Falaschi Ballads", highlighting the main composing ballads in your career, mainly from the Angra era. And yet you will make an unusual show for Valentine's Day (here in Brazil at June 10), in São Paulo in the Manifesto Bar, playing these ballads. Would this be the hint of the beginning of a SOLO career focused on your Angra times?
EF: As I said earlier, I like to look for new projects, and for you to see, different from Crowdfunding of those 10 shows, this release of "EDU FALASCHI BALLADS" is already a success of streaming and downloads with more than 1 million hits, Which is already generating demand for shows. Life is like this, mistakes and successes! We must create and undertake without fear!

Returning to your question, just announce these SOLO works, such as the compilation and the São Paulo show, with the greats Ricardo Confessori (drums), LuisMariutti (bass), DemianTiguez (guitar) and Junior Carelli (bass), we will play the classics of my time in Angra and among other things. Already many negotiations have appeared! The works we built together at Angra, especially the albums "Rebirth" (2001) and "Temple of Shadows" (2004), have a huge force worldwide. And I, since I left the band in 2012, I get requests to sing Angra, so I think it's a good time for that! Anyway, I can say that yes, I am starting a solo career, where I will be singing primarily the classics of my Angra times. I will also do some things from Almah and possibly Symbols. But I want to make it clear that the Almah continues normally with its focus on the future and producing new things, firm and strong! One thing does not exclude the other!

"Life is like this, mistakes and successes! We must create and undertake without fear!"
RtM: Apart from your commitments in Almah and now SOLO, you also act as a music producer, and the album "João de Deus", soloof the singer Alirio Netto, one of the most recent productions signed by you. And for this year, you are putting together a package not only including production, but also recording, studio, graphic art and digital distribution. What is it like to work in front of new bands, now with the addition of new resources to them, in such a crowded and contested market?
EF: I love it! It's one of my passions! Seeing new bands coming up with well done and promising jobs and I being able to help them chart the best way is very rewarding! This year I created this campaign with some allies to make things easier for new artists. I do what I can! I try to do my part! I'm here to add! I want to see these bands grow and have a place in the sun.

RtM: About Angra, Rafael Bittencourt has stated several times that he intends to reunite all vocalists for a historical show, including you, Fabio Lione and Andre Matos, who does not feel like reuniting with the band, generating the obstacle so that it does not happen . As well as the fans, you hope that one day will happen, aiming that Guns N 'Roses and Helloween have managed to reunite classics.
EF: Of course, we owe everything to the fans and they deserve this gift! Hopefully one day I'll roll! It would be a great celebration!

RtM: Thank you very much for the layout, Edu. Feel free to tell the news here for us, there is room for a final message.
EF: Thank you guys for the interview! Thanks to all the fans who are with me to this day! And "let's go" music can not stop!

Interview: Gabriel Arruda
Editing Review: Carlos Garcia

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