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Concordea: Melodic Power Metal With Fresh Ideas and Strong Emotions

Evolution is what is expected of a band, and the Concordea, it was founded in Ekaterinburg (Ural region of Russia), starting from the search of guitarist and composer Daria Piankova for companions to form a band, this in 2011, and only in 2012 the band, already with Aleksei Turetckov (Keyboards), completed the first formation. In 2014 they released their debut EP, already showing the search for an identity and new paths in Melodic Power Metal, trying to present interesting and creative contrasts, mixing weight, beautiful melodies, certain doses of drama and melancholy.   (versão em português)

It was 3 years after the EP "Before the Sunrise" (which had the Italian singer Andrea Bicego, 4th Dimension, on vocals), and much has changed in the band, and only remaining the creative nucleus Daria Domovik (guitars) and Aleksei Turetckov ( Keyboards), and the duo got the help of bassist Ilya Reyngard (Incarnator), who brought weight and technique with his bass lines, and once again they have an Italian singer, Filippo Tezza (Chronosfear, Tezza F.), a good promise coming from the boot, and both gave a very good service, understanding very well the proposal of the band. (P.S: the drums was recorded by musicians contracted, not credited).

The Progressive Melodic Power Metal tempered by these contrasts (reminiscent of that Finnish style, the good years of Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica and even something of Nightwish, which also bring that dark and melancholic side), won in quality and maturity, wrapped by a production superior of the debut EP, and with compositions also better polished, presents a sound that has weight and melody, has speed but also moments of calm, and nothing of that Power Metal with "happy melodies" and only drums and riffs the speed of light, what we have are arrangements that bring moments of melancholy, alternating progressive passages, atmospheric, symphonic nuances and pangs of weight and aggressiveness, and excellent melodies.

But the real trump card is the creative melodies, mostly driven by Aleksei's keyboard arrangements, which contribute the most to these contrasts and climates, which fit perfectly into Daria's well-written lyrics, which also do a good job in her riffs, heavy bases and melodious solos. A great duo!

Complementing on the lyrics, also in the debut EP was already demonstrated a great quality, and I always end up remembering the partnership of Aria (traditional Russian Heavy Metal band) with the poets Margarita Pushkina and Alexander Yelin, and Concordea has that poetic air, Sometimes dreamy, a little dark, and even romantic, even when very current issues are addressed, such as lives immersed in social networks and even the personal experiences. Merits to Daria Piankova for the beautiful lyric work.

The album, as expected, by the proposal to have these contrasts, brings a good variety in the songs, opening with the atmospheric intro "Breathe New Life"(yes, the album is new life for the band), and soon afterwards we have a "traditional" Power Metal, with memorable riffs e hard and speedy drums, with "Wing's Motion", where we can already perceive the melancholic atmospheres in the beautiful arrangements of keyboard; "Confession of my Pride", inspired by the Russian legend "Tsarevna Lyagushka" (The Frog Princess), has riffs with weight, pulsating bass and aggressive drums, contrasting with keyboards that have something of Gothic Metal; "When they want you to Die" has a certain "anger", in very aggressive and symphonic moments, alternating climates and great breaks.

"Between Two Worlds", which talks about a very current theme, about how lives are immersed in social networks, brings us a track with more progressive nuances, several changes of tempo and breaks, and I really enjoyed the vocal arrangements; "Mermaid's Song" alternates weight and melody, with good rhythmic variations, and the weight and progressive nuances are present, always highlighting the atmosphere of the keyboards.

"Portrait" is an acoustic piece, with flutes, violins and cellos, a calm atmosphere, half folk, that makes the listener float; Then "Listen to the Snow", is a pleasant Melodic Power Metal with a lot of emotional load and doses of poetry in the lyrics (I liked the vocals again, who knew how to put emotion in the right dose), followed by the touching and catchy melodies; after this melodic piece, prepare yourself for "Rejected and Awoed", it is very aggressive, fast drums, and with progressive and symphonic elements, but the highlight is aggressiveness and weight, including vocals, showing once again this diversity and creativity of the band.

The album ends with a lot of emotion, through the "ballad" "The Unknown", which brings a beautiful and striking piano melody at the beginning, a melody that becomes the main song, which brings these dark doses, a melancholic air, begins more melodious and gaining more weight. Filippo puts a lot of emotion in the vocals, and I also highlight the melodious guitar solo, where Daria puts feeling and good taste. And of course, another beautiful lyric, according to Daria commented, inspired by Alexander Pushkin, the great russian poet of the romantic era.

The listener will notice the creativity of the band and a praiseworthy quality in the compositions, and it is great to hear something in this style that brings new airs and arouses interest, that is, it does not need to have much money and and a super production, what we hope is to listen to music of good taste, with feeling, creative and true. Concordea is congratulated on these issues, and with "Over Wide Spaces", where they could have better conditions in terms of production, confirming the qualities perceived in the debut EP. They everything to be better noticed and to attract admirers. Recommended!

Text: Carlos Garcia

Band: Concordea
Album: "Over Wide Spaces" (2017)
Country: Russia
Style: Progressive Melodic Power Metal
Production: Daria Piankova e Aleksei Turetckov
Mix e Masterization: T A Production
Label: Independent
Cover Art: Gaspare Frazzitta

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Daria Domovik Piankova: Guitar
Aleksei Turetckov: Keyboards
Filippo Tezza: Vocals (guest musician)
Ilya Reyngard: Bass (guest musician)

1. Breathe New Life
2. Wings’ Motion
3. Confessions of my Pride
4. When They Want You…To Die
5. Between Two Worlds
6. Mermaid’s Song
7. Portrait
8. Listen to the Snow
9. Rejected and Avowed
10. The Unknown



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