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Blaze Bayley: "Live Czech" Praising His Solo Career

One year after “Live in France” the iconic vocalist Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden) releases another live album, the 4th of his solo career, “Live in Czech”, which in comparison to the predecessor does not bring big changes, but offers this new phase of the musician, which praises on a large scale his last three releases, the trilogy “Infinite Entanglement”.   (Versão em Português)

Despite being a futuristic story, Blaze always made clear the intention of this project, showing the strength, redemption and resilience in his compositions, being practically the soundtrack of his life.

Returning to the album itself, the production is crude, but it transports you to the audience and we feel all of Blaze's charisma and happiness when being there, recording another live album and being able to bring to your fans all the emotional power that the trilogy bring to us, and his vocal performance is fantastic!

May be you can question his time on Iron Maiden in the 90s, but the quality of his solo work is above average and matches very well with his vocals, which presents a lot of drama and energy.

As previously mentioned, "Live In Czech" is geared to the last three releases of his career, and live, the songs have gained a little more strength than the studio versions. In terms of compositions, the second part of the trilogy is the most homogeneous, remembering the great moments of his early career.

But here the songs work as a whole and are exciting, with Blaze always talking about the songs and doing several thanks at one interval and another, telling stories and interacting a lot with the audience, always contextualizing each song to make the fan enter the story and understand all that sentimental range.

The second part of the album is more focused on his Iron Maiden time and some classics from the beginning of his solo trajectory. And then we have a great impasse, in recent years the Blaze band has adopted only one guitar, which makes the songs more greasy and rather empty melodious ones, giving that feeling that if they had a second guitar, the band would have a more powerful performance live.

Another live album for the account, marking his trajectory and this new moment in his musical life, which remains totally independent of record labels and sponsorships.

Review: Renato Sanson
English Version and Editing: Carlos Garcia

Blaze Bayley - Lead Vocals
Karl Schramm - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Martin McNee - Drums
Chris Appleton - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Disc One:
1 The Dark Side Of Black
2 A Thousand Years
3 Dark Energy 256
4 The World Is Turning The Wrong Way
5 Human
6 Together We Can Move The Sun
7 Solar Wind
8 Virus
9 Life Goes On
10 Fight Back
11 Silicon Messiah
12 The Day I Fell To Earth

Disc Two:
1 Eagle Spirit
2 Calling You Home
3 Man On The Edge
4 Stare At The Sun
5 Futureal
6 The Clansman




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