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Theatres Des Vampires: Powerful, Sensual and Melancholic

After 5 years since the last release, Sonya Scarlet and company are back with "Candyland". The ninth album of Theatres des Vampires was inspired by the Infamous Pennhurst Psychiatric Hospital in Pennsylvania. This room was different from all the others, with colorful walls and bars on the windows, described as hell on earth by the patients, where adults and children with severe mental problems were hidden from the public for decades.  (versão em português)

With traditional elements of your sound, TDV presents some news, including a new guitar player, Giorgio Ferrante. The first track, "Morgana Effect" we can hear many electronic elements, it has a good Industrial Metal footprint. "Resurrection Mary" follows with the electronic elements as the previous track. The keyboards of "Delusional Denial" bring a dark mood. In "Parasomnia" we have more traditional Gothic Metal elements, in a more fast and energic song, one of the album's best song in my opinion. The title track "Candyland" begins with a child singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and representing the gloomy atmosphere of the theme, in a heavy and almost claustrophobic Gothic Metal, and it is another highlight of the album. "Your Ragdoll" holds the line with electronic elements and a sticky chorus.

"Pierrot Lunaire" is slower, highlighting the atmosphere created by the keyboards and the music of guitars, highlighting Sonya vocals. And we all know, one of the most striking features of Sonya Scarlet is the sensuality in the vocal interpretation, and on "Candyland"  this characteristic remains one of the highlights of the group. The beginning of "Photografic" gives the feeling that we are listening to a group of dance music, with its bustling electronic beats, guitars appear only after the refrain. "Opium Shades" is very good, with more heavier guitars, catchy melodies, has fewer electronic components than the inner songs.

Even without the weight from the early days, Theatre des Vampires shows that follows always seeking development, evolution and new elements, to create quality music. "Seventh Room", after a melancuolic piano intro, brings more weight along with electronic elements, highlighting the participation of Fernando Ribeiro, lead singer of the band Moonspell. "Autumn Leaves" closes the album in great style, with an introduction on the piano, symphonic elements and a melancholic mood.

"Candyland" may not be the most innovative TDV's album, but keeps the very good work done for them over the years, and brings again new elements, and is an album that will grows after more listenings. Certainly will please the fans of the band...is Gothic...is heavy, is melancholic, is sensual...is TDV!

Text: Raquel de Avelar
Editing/Proofreading: Carlos Garcia

Band: Theatres des Vampires
Album: "Candyland" 2016
Style: Gothic Metal/Vampiric Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Scarlet Records


Watch "Morgana Effect" video

Sonya Scarlet: Vocal
Zimon Lijoi: Bass
Gabriel Valerio: Drums
Giorgio Ferrante: Guitars

Morgana Effect
Ressurection Mary
Delusional Denial
Your Ragdoll
Pierrot Lunaire
Opium Shades
Seventh Room
Autumn Leaves

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