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Sacred Reich: We were surprised that they cared for the Sacred Reich even after ten years

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Formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 1985, the Sacred Reich had everything to become one of Thrash Metal's giants, since the sound was a little against their countrymen, and soon pleased the headbangers. But in the world of music not everything is beautiful, and after great releases like "Ignorance" (87), "The American Way" (90), "Independent" (93) and "Heal" (96) the band entered a long hiatus of unpublished material that continues to this day. The founder Phil Rind (bass/vocals), tells about:  

The mean reason is we dont have any new song

And also comments about the band’s hiatus between 2000 and 2006:

In 2006, we began to reunite material for the reissue of "Ignorance" and "Surf Nicaragua". It was fun to get together and do Sacred Reich stuff. At the time we wanted to know if anyone would be interested in doing some shows. As I have some contacts with promoters of festivals in Europe I contacted them and they made us some offers. We were surprised that anyone still cared about the Sacred Reich after ten years. We've been lucky enough to do some shows since then.

With the Sacred Reich Phil has always made explicit his war against politics, always combating them, and in the first two works "Ignorance" and "The American Way" was clear all his repulsion as the same explains:

I've always been interested in politics and events that were shaping the world we live in. Being a cranky teenager, and seeing the injustices around the world made me write something about it. It was real.

Sacred Reich has always been one of the most requested bands on Brazil, and something that seemed impossible became reality, the band will be touring Brazil in February.

We are very excited to finally have the opportunity to play in Brazil! I do not think we have any expectations, but fans have a reputation for being very enthusiastic. We are very happy to play in Brazil, as well as the shows in Peru and Chile. It will be fantastic. And I do not think we can surprise anyone with our setlist. We do not have many records! We played mostly records we did with Greg (drums). You can be sure to hear "DeathSquad", "Surf Nicaragua" and "The American Way".

Going back a bit in the past, in 1993 the band released "Independent", which sets a new direction in the sound of the band, which remains aggressive but more varied and with more mature compositions, being considered by many the best album of Sacred Reich, and Phil talks about, but disagrees about being the best:

The creative process is always the same. We try to write the best songs, that reflect where we are right now. It was great working with Dave Jerden on "Independent". We learned a lot about the recording and it made a great sound to the album. I do not know what our "best" album is, but I think when we record "The American Way" we become who we are, if that makes sense.

There are twenty years of history where many things have rolled away, and Phil comments on whether there is any regret in this way so far:

Looking back, there are always things that you think could have been better, but the records are snapshots of a certain place and time. Everything adds up to where we are today. That being said, although I adore the idea and the "Hornsection" in "31 Flavors", "The American Way" would have been a better record without it.

Interview: Renato Sanson
Translated: Marcello Camargo




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