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The Three Tremors: Killer Project With Three Great Metal Singers

And the urban legend of "The Three Tremors" becomes reality in a new version. The project, which was coined years ago bringing together three great metal vocalists, none other than Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford and Geoff Tate (the name of Dio was also part of the speculation), did not leave the paper. But the legend now resurfaced, and starting from Sean "The Hell Destroyer" Peck's (Cage, Denner/Shermann) desire to put into practice a project in those molds, he sought the other names to complete the trio. (versão em português)

Sean then contacted Tim "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth) and Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin (Jag Panzer), bringing together 3 vocalists who also follow the vocal classics of the original project, of 3 decades and praiseworthy services rendered to the metallic scene. 

After a year of hard work, which resulted in the forging of 12 powerful songs, some were already born with that hymn style, where the vocalists take turns or sing in unison during the tracks, not only in mere vocal juggling to show the power and extension of their throats, but to interpret in an aggressive, technical and explosive way the firecrackers that mix traditional Heavy Metal and Speed ​​Metal, wrapped in a current production, but with the essence intact.

There are 12 exciting tracks to hit your head and sing with your fist in the air! I can already imagine this project live! Something that should be well rehearsed and have a very good production to support this bullet train that has the date of January 18, 2019 marked for the launch of the self-titled debut, and then will follow the world tour. The cover of the album also follows the classic style, with a drawing of the three vocalist fighting with werewolves in a chaotic world. The art was signed by Marc Sasso (Dio, Adrenaline Mob, Halford)

Legend has it that the original design failed, not only probably because of the schedule of those monsters, but how to conceive each song having the three powerful voices in a balanced way. In this regard the current project was successful, with one or other caveat to some vocal exaggerations, but nothing to compromise. The tracks alternate times faster, without rest, with other more cadenciados and epics, and it is where everything seems to work even better. Even in a very homogeneous album, there are some that stand out.

We have the fast and explosive "Fly or Die", certainly one of the highlights, a blast with no chance to rest, with a great refrain. There is even a link to something of "Aces High", both in progress and in warfare. (Including an intro with a speech by Franklin Roosevelt, in the classic Iron Maiden song there is Churchill's speech); and "The Cause", another Speed ​​Metal that has no pity of our necks!

In the tracks where the heaviest and moderate tempos stand out, there are some of the best moments where the roots of NWOBHM and Metal 80's are in general more pulsating than ever. In addition, it seems that they favored a better cohesion and highlighted the three voices.

You will vibrate with certainty in songs like "Sonic Suicide" and its perfect rhythm to beat head; and the epic "Wrath of Asgard," with more emphasis on guitar melodies, extremely exciting riffs and refrains, from actually singing along with clenched fists! Metal Gods, I need to hear this live!

Among my favorites are also the weight and dramaticity of "When the Last Scream Fades", which alternates between more rhythmic stretches and faster ones, highlighting the great riffs, drone, and the ground with melody and speed, and "Speed ​​to Burn" , with its rhythmic beginning, melodious and riffing riffs, alternating to more aggressive and fast passages, and of course, very high vocals. 

There are 12 Heavy Metal/Speed ​​Metal firecrackers where these three monsters, together with an excellent band, provide a fierce and exciting attack, stuffed with everything that great Heavy Metal songs must to have, killer riffs and strong choruses, thundering bass and drums, epic solos and powerful vocals. We do not usually use rate music here, but this firecracker deserves a 10, maximum mark on what they set out. Can't wait to see T3 live! (interview soon here on Road to Metal)
RATE: 10/10
Text: Carlos Garcia

Band: The Three Tremors
Album: self-titled (2019)
Style: Heavy Metal, Speed ​​Metal, NWOBHM
Label: Steel Cartel/Soul Food
Media: CMM Music Consulting

Sean Peck: Vocals
Tim Owens: Vocals
Harry Conklin: Vocals
Dave Conan Garcia: Guitars
Casey Trask: Guitars
Alex Pickard: Baixo
Sean Elg: Bateria

01. Invaders From the Sky
02. Bullets for the Damned
03. When the Last Scream Fades
04. Wrath of Asgard
05. The Cause
06. King of the Monsters
07. The Pit Shows No Mercy
08. Sonic Suicide
09. Fly or Die
10. Lust of the Blade
11. Speed to Burn
12. The Three Tremors [Bonus Track]



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