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Interview: Shaman - Luís Mariutti talks about the group's reunion and future plans.

Luís Mariutti is one of the most beloved and expressive figures of Brazilian Metal, recognized worldwide for his work mainly as Angra and later Shaman, André Matos Band, and of course, other relevant bands like Henceforth, About 2 Crash and Motorguts. The new venture, the  brazilian supergroup Sinistra, and also the most celebrated novelty, the return of the band SHAMAN, are the main events of the bassist's career in this 2018.  (Versão em Português)

Mariutti has recorded with some of the top names in terms of production in the Metal scene, such as Chris Tsangarides, Roy Z, Charlie Bauerfiend and Sascha Paeth. Recognized by several publications as one of the best bassists of the world Heavy Metal, as in the Japanese Burrn, and in Brazil was named the best bass player for 12 consecutive years. In addition to Metal, Luís is also a sports fan, such as football and martial arts. Speaking of football, who does not remember the nickname "jesus", who received in the late program on MTV Brazil, the "MTV Rock and Gol" (a football tournament with musicians), where Mariutti showed his skills as a defender!

Now in 2018 fans finally had their prayers answered with the Shaman's reunion. And what would only be one concert, was gaining greater proportions, with the reunion turning almost into a tour and opening the possibility of a definitive return, with new album and everything! We talked to Mariutti to talk about this return, the future of the Shaman, a bit of history and other news! Check out:

"The shows are being incredible, which makes coexistence better and that's where future decisions come from."
RtM: Hello Luís, to start the interview, let's talk about this return of the Shaman's original lineup, something that many fans expected and asked for. Tell us a little bit about how this idea came out and maturing?
Luís Mariutti: I had talked separately with all the other members, about this possibility, but only with the help of the fans things unfolded. I think that made us measure the size of how much they wanted this return, giving a sense to all of this.

RtM: Great! And how are you feeling right now? For many, the breakup of the band left a void, an unfinished work, because they expected a longevity of the group. Do you feel that it is possible for you to start making new songs together, and maybe a new album?
LM: Things are happening naturally. The first idea was a show, which turned eight, and in my head I would like to do much more. If these other shows come to fruition, we'll have plenty of time together to think of a future for the band.

RtM; When a band like the Shaman announces a return, there are many expectations. How has feedback from fans been? And the demand for shows? What was meant to be one show, had turned in more dates. Can this become something bigger? I even believe he has caught the attention of labels and labels.
LM: As I said earlier things are happening naturally and in a very positive way. We have FreePass management working with us, and I have the complete confidence that everything is being planned in the best way for everyone. The shows are being incredible, which makes coexistence better and that's where future decisions come from.

"...The help of the fans made us measure the size of how much they wanted this reunion"
RtM: "Ritual" (2002), the first album, was released by Universal Music, and even had a commercial success that reached an audience outside of Metal, with the ballad "Fairy Tale", which turned to the theme of the novel. The band released a DVD and also had an extensive tour. But despite these results, there was a break with Universal, and a change of direction in sound was also signaled. Tell us why these changes and the change of record company?
LM: The musical direction was a natural change, it was what left the band at that time, had nothing to do with change of record. Which in turn was made, thinking of having a label that was closer to Rock.

RtM: I would like you to comment a little more about the album "Ritual", which was your debut. Luís, Ricardo and André, after the departure of the Angra, and contrary to some expectations, for many it would be even more comfortable to follow a path similar to that of his previous band, but you looked for a sound and a face of your own.
LM: It's a record that I'm very proud of. I always think that all the albums I recorded are a natural continuity of my music. At that time we bet on climates, weight, not forgetting the characteristics that led us to success with Angra, we innovate. The Shaman has a lot of it, we always try to give the best of ourselves, without formulas, just allowing ideas to flow.

RtM: The  album "Reason" (2005) was an album that divided, and still divides, many opinions (for mi it's a great album! It sounds heavier and more "dark", bringing new elements to the sound of the band). How do you rate and see this work now, 13 years after its release? Probably many people took a while to understand this album, and they changed their minds.
LM: "Reason" is a very good album to play, I particularly like it a lot and I think the performances at the shows have been surprising, I think, too, that this helps those who have a hard time understanding it.

RtM: I remember a musician, including a well-known band of yours, who in an interview criticized "Reason", saying that it was an album short of what you could have done, and that declaring that the reason you had departed for a more straight and heavy sound, it was an excuse because you had turned into sloppy musicians. At the time it seemed to me that a certain "dispute" between Angra and Shaman had also been created by the press and even some fans.
LM: I think he must have been envious of having recorded a great record with few notes! ha ha ha

RtM: From "Reason", which are your favorite tracks and which do you think are the strongest?
LM: The title-track "Reason" is my favorite, although I like all the compositions of this album.

"Shaman always try to give the best of , without formulas...
                        just allowing ideas to flow."
RtM: I remember that before the split, the band even announced that it would be preparing an EP with new songs. Are there compositions that are ready? Have you ever defined the direction of what would be the next album?
LM: The songs that were ready came out on the album of Andre Matos "Time to Be Free" (2007), one of them is the song "RIO".

RtM: From the height of your experience, as a musician, if you could go back in time, what advice would you give to young and novice musician Luis Mariutti?
LM: None. Things happened naturally in my career and I had great people who gave me advice that made me come here. I have achieved everything in my career through a lot of personal effort, I am proud of it and would not change anything.

Mariutti's new project in a Black Sabbath vein: with Rafael Rosa, Fernando Fernandes, Edu Ardanuy and, of course, Luís.
RtM: In addition to these shows with the Shaman, about their personal projects in bands, what you have of news to postpone
LM: I'm recording for the Sinistra band that counts with Edu Ardanuy (guitar), Nando Fernandes (vocal), Rafael Rosa (drums), and is a band with a Sabbath footprint, sung in Portuguese. It's getting really good and it will be released next year, stay tuned! I also keep the band Dirty Dogz with the current Viper vocalist, Leandro Caçoilo, where we do Metal Classics and Hard Rock. Out my channel on youtube that has almost 20,000 subscribers and I have devoted myself weekly to it.

Interview by: Carlos Garcia

Shaman are:
Andre Matos: Vocals
Luís Mariutti: Bass
Hugo Mariutti: Guitars
Ricardo Confessori: Drums
Fábio Ribeiro: Keyboards (guest musician)





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