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Maestrick: Stunning Prog Rock/Metal From Brazil

Formed in 2006 at São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Maestrick is one of the most impressive new bands from Brazil. With two EPs, "H.U.C. (2010) and "The Trick Side of Some Songs" (2016), and one Full-Lenght, "Unpuzzle" (2011), the band now present their new and daring album, the first part of a double CD, "Espresso Della Vita: Solare".  (Confira a versão em português)

The time the band took to produce their second full-lenght, the first part of the double work, "Espresso Della Vita: Solare", is fully justified by the quality of the songs and the excellent production of this album. I even thought to simplify this review, simply to recommend them to acquire and listen to this beautiful and inspired work of Rock/Metal Progressive.

I thought about parodying the historical comments of the brazilian actress Gloria Pires, in a TV channel from here, during the Oscar broadcast in 2016, and saying that "I can not comment". hahaha! Jokes aside, "Espresso Della Vita: Solare" is a wonderful album, transporting the listener on a true musical journey, full of emotions.

The album is conceptual, and summarizing (soon we will have an interview with Fabio Caldeira, vocalist and composer, and we'll talk more in details), is the first part of the conceptual work, which tells the story of a life, through its various phases, from the perspective of a train trip. The idea was born simple, Fabio tolds that during a conversation with his mother, she made an analogy that life is like a train trip.

The production of this album had been developed for some time, and counted with Adair Daufenbach (Hangar, Project46, John Wayne) in the production, which also recorded the guitars. A complex work, with care and whimsy in the details, but still, is very fast to assimilate, thanks to the feeling of the compositions and the way the various elements complete and transmit the emotion to the listeners. It's like a musical, a soundtrack.

Perfect balance, because this feeling transpires and stands out, even in more complex stretches. It is a pleasure to hear such work among so much "plastic" music made it nowadays.

Rock/Progressive Metal is full-bodied with various elements that envelop the listener in the melodies and emotions of the story. I make it clear that it's an album where the songs can be heard singly, but it's almost impossible not to want to hear everything every time I put it to play.

In addition to the traditional elements of Rock/Progressive Metal, we will find orchestral arrangements, gospel vocals, classic rock, country, brazilian rhythms and even extreme metal. Some of the band's inspiration are Queen, Rainbow, Yes, Rush, Jethro Tull and Dream Theater.

Listen, listen already and travel through these intricate, clear, beautiful and inspired songs. It's almost impossible to describe precisely or point out highlights, I'll speak only a little bit of what the album offers, such as the color and emotion of "I AM Living", which begins with the bass's timbre, his memorable keyboard melodies and melodious guitars, an adjective that also fits the vocal arrangements and refrain; and what about those acoustic arrangements and the feeling on vocals on "Across the River." Song that is growing in emotion, highlighting also the beautiful gospel choirs.

We have the softness and beauty in "Water Birds" and also the weight and folk elements of "Penitence", which is sung in Portuguese, and even recalls something of the Sepultura of "Roots", and the universal "Hijos de La Tierra" (Sons of the Earth)", Prog Metal with softness and technique, that counted on guests of bands of diverse South American countries, being sung in English and Spanish. 

In "Rooster Race", acoustick flok guitars, accordion and folk rhythms mix with the limpid, heavy and intricate instruments of Prog Metal; how not to go whistling with the melodies of "Keep Trying", which also has beautiful backing vocals and captivating orchestrations. My impression, coincidence or are there by the disk some "easter eggs" honoring some of the group's inspirations? Like, in these last two songs that I mentioned, there are titles of Rush songs in some sentences.

Music is art, for art there are no limits, there are no rules, and Maestrick conceived and gave us a work to enjoy, experience, feel and fill us with pride. "If you want to be universal, start by painting your village". Certainly with "Espresso Della Vita: Solare" the Maestrick will go beyond what it has conquered with its surprising previous works.

Text: Carlos Garcia

Band: Maestrick
Album: "Espresso Della Vita: Solare" 2018
Country Brazil
Style: Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal
Production: Maestrick and Adair Daufembach
Management: Som do Darma


Fabio Caldeira: vocal/piano
Renato “Montanha” Somera: baixo e vocais
Heitor Matos: bateria e percussão
Adair Daufembach: guitarras (músico convidado)

“I a.m. Living”
“Rooster Race”
“Daily View”
“Water Birds”
“Keep Trying”
“The Seed”
“Far West”
“Across The River”
“Hijos De La Tierra”




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