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The Three Tremors: Bringing Heavy Metal to the Die Hard Metalheads!

The Three Tremors came out from and ideia of Sean "The Hell Destroyer" Peck (Cage, Denner/Sherman, Death Dealer, Warrior) to make an old speculation or urban legend come true, a project that would bring together three great heavy metal traditional voices, would be the "Three Tremors" (being the name a pun with the Three Tenors) Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford and Dio or Geoff Tate.  (Versão em Português)

Sean then sought out the ideal teammates to build this pure heavy metal factory, and the names of Tim "Ripper Owens" (Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Malmsteen, Charred Walls of Damned) and Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin (Jag Panzer, Titan Force, Satan's Host) were the first on the list, and they bought and incorporated the idea. 

The next task would then be to start composing the band's debut album, and now in early 2019, the self-titled debut has just been released, and the Three Tremors are ready to bring Heavy Metal in its sheer essence to the Metal Heads of the whole world, in timeless great Metal songs bringing what the style presents in its best! Check out the conversation we had with Sean and Harry to know more about how this come true and what they reserve for us!

RtM: Sean, when you decided to make your version of The Three Tremors inspired by the "urban legend", what characteristics did you imagine would be necessary for the musicians who would form this project?
Sean Peck: Well of course i wanted two of the best metal singers in the history of the genre to be involved and i think I got the best two guys that there are.  Harry and Tim are supremely powerful singers that can pretty much crush anybody else.  I sing with them live every night trust me I know, they are amazing.  It also helps that they are really into the whole band and really enjoy it.  We have become a tight group.

RtM: Harry, when you have received the invitation to make part of The Three Tremors, how was your reaction, and what did you imagine for the group?
Harry Conklin: My initial reaction was GREAT! I would love to be a part of this. Did not imagine.Just knew we would be great together and have good chemistry.

RtM: Tell us about the initial contacts with Harry and Tim, and what was their reaction when you talked about the idea of ​​the project?
Sean Peck: Tim was the first guy I hit up about it and he was totally into it on our first conversation. I was really excited that he agreed to be in the band right away.  I did not have the music together yet so it was a year or 2 before we really got serious about recording it.  Harry I met up at a party in Germany in 2014, and asked him about it and he was down to do it too.  We then knew we had our lineup and began writing the record. They both liked the concept and thankfully they eventually liked the songs we wrote for it.

"...We did it to make it real and realize the prophecy and mainly we did it for the metal fans"
RtM: And about the original inspiration, would you like to see a project come true with Dickinson, Halford and Tate in the future?
Sean Peck: That would be amazing.  I would personally like them to get someone else besides Tate though if I could have it my way ha! It would be great if this somehow motivated them to do their version of the Three Tremors and we could tour as the Six Tremors!  But seriously what we have now is an American version of the idea and it is the only version of the idea. That is the whole reason we did it to make it real and realize the prophecy and mainly we did it for the metal fans.
Harry Conklin: Don’t care at this point. They had their chance to shine now it’s ours!!

RtM: In the release sent by the media consulting, there is a comment from you that the current version of T3 will succeed where the original version failed. What factors do you see as trumps and successes of the current project, and in which the original idea failed, and ended up not becoming a reality?
Sean Peck: Well if those legends ever did it no doubt it would succeed, and everyone including me would want to see that.  Harry and Myself are far lesser known musicians which goes without saying so we are starting out as basically a new band from scratch.  I was referring to the fact that they did not actually complete the mission because of a variety of reasons.  One of them was the thinking that it would simply be too difficult from a song writing and production, standpoint which I can understand.  It was a very long and hard journey to get to this point and it took a lot of work.  We are super excited about the results so it was all worth it.  The fact that it was said the task it self was a factor the old godz did not complete it was another thing that drove us to the finish line.

Harry Conklin: I don’t have all the facts concerning the original lineup from years ago. Dickinson, Tate, Halford never released an album. The 3 Tremors CD is ALL original and fresh. We have a product and band (Cage musicians) to support our endeavor. So far nothing has failed. It’s ALL good.  The benefit for the fans is seeing great talent from each of us! 
We are ALL metal heads and have a lot of fun bringing these incredible songs to the people 

RtM: And how was the songwriting process? And how did you fit in how the parts of each one would be divided into the songs?
Sean Peck: The band and I wrote the songs and sent Harry and Tim a full version of the tracks.  They both then sang a full version of their own and we began assembling them. After listening to each version like 100 times or so I would come up with a layout startegy that I thought would sound the best and it really ended up working out great. I wrote all the lyrics and vocal melodies and Tim and Harry added their personal style touches on it and the results were fantastic.

Harry Conklin: The songs were all finished. I just added my style to the songs some different harmonies or embellishments. We 3 sang each song in its entirety (lead, harmony, embellishments) then it was divided by the producer and then given a listen thru before the final edits.

RtM: I think that, thinking about what the live versions would be like, it was a lot of work when it came to composing and arranging songs from the album.
Sean Peck: Well, we took the live performance off of how the album was arranged.  We still do some add libbing and it is cool because it makes every show a bit different.   It did take a tremendous amount of work to really get the album right.  Dave Garcia, the guitarist, did a great job mixing the record and it is nice and smooth.
 Harry Conklin: Maybe, I wasn’t involved in the final mixing.

"The entire album is an epic piece of 'metal must have'"
RtM: Did any of the songs in particular require more of you In terms of vocal’s range or technique?
Sean Peck: Yes we made the songs all about having great metal hooks and taking it beyond the top vocally where it made sense.  Anyone who wants the highest most powerful screams is in for a treat on this record.  That was the whole point.  Ripper did some stuff that blew my mind. I have never heard him do some of the screams that he did on this record. He really blew me away. Harry did the same thing just incredible.  I have some of my best work also on there.  I sent the tracks to the guys to follow and I did not make it easy on them at all ha!! Songs like WHEN THE LAST SCREAM FADES, SPEED TO BURN, BULLETS FOR THE DAMND, and  THE PIT SHOWS NO MERCY are brutal in the vocal department.
Harry Conklin: No. It was allium and fairly challenging yes, but still a labor of love.

RtM: There are already several very positive reviews, are these first reactions giving you good expectations about the success and acceptance of the project? I also realized that the Pledge Music campaign is going very well.
Sean Peck: Yes for sure.  As you know we have already played 17 shows live and we have experienced the reaction of the crowd to these songs. They loved all of them as we played them all every night.  The pre orders have been awesome too, really exceeding expectations. The fans are really embracing it, and once they see it live it will continue to grow. The fact that it is a live band and not just some one off project I think adds more validity to it and they know that by supporting it, it will not just go away one day. This is going to be around for awhile is how it is shaping up.  We have all kinds of tours and shows planned that will take us well into 2021 even!

Harry Conklin: Yes. The “ pledge music” is going very well and the tour is coming together nicely. The fans have a fantastic show in store for them.

RtM: Talking a little bit about the songs, we have generous doses of Heavy Metal in its pure essence, bringing that feeling mainly of great moments of the 80s, of legends like Judas Priest, Maiden, Saxon etc. In your vision, what elements are essential for great Heavy Metal music? I also believe that one of the great secrets is to make songs that you would like to hear.
Sean Peck: I write songs from a metal fan standpoint.  If it rocks me and gives me goosebumps then I know it will probably do the same for like minded metal freaks too.  This album we really made it fast and thrashy.  It may be even a little too much for some people to handle ha!!  All those bands you named plus stuff like WASP and Metal Church, Crimson Glory, Savatage, Agent Steel, Exciter stuff like that really gets me motivated.  But this sort of metal is where all the other sub genres derived from so yes it is the pure essence as you call it.

Harry Conklin: Heavy beat, razor guitars, strong vocal melodies and super rememberable riffs.  All these elements are contained in the 3 Tremors CD.

"We made the songs all about having great metal hooks and taking it beyond the top vocally where it made sense."
RtM: Among the songs that stood out in my ears are tracks that follow a more moderate line, where I think the three voices stand out more, such as "Sonic Suicide", "When the Last Scream Fades" and "The Three Tremors ", for example. I would like you to comment a little more about them.
Sean Peck: I love those songs. Sonic suicide has a great hook a great chorus.  It has a real hard rock vibe to it and the middle part is very heavy metal.  When the Last Scream Fades is a super cool song.  I love the intro and outro parts and the rest of the song is like Painkiller for sure. The Three Tremors was the very last song we wrote. The riffs were so good we decided to add one more song on the record. We close the live show with this song and it is our namesake song so the lyrics are fun describing the journey of the band.

Harry Conklin: I’m partial to the heavy melodic/slower tempo songs as well but....“The PIT” and  “ SPEED TO BURN” are killer songs! 
The entire album is an epic piece of “metal must have”.

RtM: "Wrath of Asgard" also follows such a more paced and moderate tempo, and is also one of my favorites. It has a very epic atmosphere, and I believe it will work very well live. I would like you to talk a little more about this song.
Sean Peck: Yes this song really seems to be a fan favorite so far. The thing just rocks, and that main riff is the stuff metal godz are made of!  We have a cool live video for that coming out soon. That song really gets the crowd rocking.
Harry: "Wrath of Asgard" is a head banger and very heavy in melody driven riffs. The fans eat this song up! It has every element of a great heavy metal song.

RtM: Among the fastest tracks, my favorites are "Fly or Die", which reminded me of Maiden's "Aces High", including the theme of the lyrics, and "Lust of the Blade", alternating speedy moments with more moderate ones . Both have great choruses too. I would like you to comment a little more about these two songs.
 Sean Peck: "Fly or Die" everyone is saying it is the new Aces High. I love hearing that! That one is a really fun one to play live. It always gets me fired up and pumped. It was cool to get the real voice of President Roosevelt and his famous speech in there to create the vibe.  Lust of the Blade really has grown on me.  That was one of the first songs we did and I personally liked it but was not that crazy about it.  Live it goes over really great and Ripper has that super cool part in the middle where he says “I am the Ripper they call me by name...” I know writing a song about Jack The Ripper would be perfect for this band!

Harry: "Fly or Die" is a driver. Very exciting. Fun to sing and fun for the crowd to sing along. It may have an “ Iron Maiden” influence but these are our heroes so why not?  “Lust of the Blade” is very dark and cool with a highly rememberable chorus it’s also Tim’s theme song in a way.

RtM: And your personal preference? I know that it may be difficult to choose, but which songs do you most enjoy singing and that you think will work best live?
 Sean Peck: Well I was really stoked to see that everyone of the songs go over great live.  We play all 12 of them every night.  I really have a great time doing Fly or Die, Bullets For The Damned, Speed to Burn and Wrath of asgard for sure.
Harry: Every singer has it cut out for him on this record. My favorite is “The Pit”.

RtM: And in your opinion, you both have been on the road for about three decades, in groups like Cage and Jag Panzer, who bring in their sonority the roots of style, is there good new names on the current Metal Scene? What new bands have you heard, and do you see a future for them?
Sean Peck: Yeah there is lots of cool stuff out there.  The new group of speed metal bands and thrash metal bands have really been exciting to see.  Newer bands like THEM and STRIKER, and older dudes who are back like FIFTH ANGEL and FLOTSAM and JETSAM with fresh new albums have really kept the scene alive and kicking.  There are so many new bands out there to discover it is really a great time for heavy metal.
Harry: I’m sorry I don’t stay up with current trends these days .

RtM: And the latest releases from giants, for example, like Judas Priest and Saxon, this two has a newer albums, Iron Maiden and Sabbath? What did you think? And even without original members, is it good for the scene to have them still producing and making shows?
Sean Peck: The new Priest album was great.  The last maiden album was just ok to me.  Maiden has not made a killer new album for decades now since Bruce came back but they really dont have too because they are Maiden ha! The new saxon album was killer and I saw them live open for Priest and they kicked ass. I would love to hear some new stuff from Tony Iommi again he is the heavy riff master. I have tickets to see Maiden in LA this year, so yes they should all keep rockin!

Harry: Love the production that these albums have. They are fantastic and aggressive. The fact that these bands are still keeping metal strong is amazing. The Three Tremors album is right along with them. Bringing traditional heavy metal to the die hards that are still out there looking for something cool, fresh and aggressive.

RtM: And are bands with more "modern" sounds contributing or only further segregating the style, serving much for more market interests, and taking the space of groups with more quality?
Sean Peck: In music you have to just play what is in your metal heart and if someone else likes it just see it as a bonus.  People that try to chase trends and styles will soon find out how very unfulfilling it is to do that and a big waste of time.  Quality in music is up to the ears of the listener and it is not fair to say what is shit and what is not.  I beleieve that this style of metal we have delivered on the Three Tremors record is a timeless sound that 100 years from now some metal heads will still be rocking loud!!
Harry: Music is an expression. It has no boundaries. Stretching the limits of imagination is what it’s all about.

"Is a timeless sound that 100 years from now some metal heads will still be rocking loud!!"
RtM: Finishing, how is the demand for shows already? Do you think the T3 tour will have a wide reach? Personally, I'm really looking forward to shows here in South America, and from what I've seen from readers' interest in the material I posted on Road to Metal and other vehicles, the odds are great.
Sean Peck: Yes, we are really excited about getting down there.  Once we have our schedules worked out it looks like that is first on the list. We have virtually every territory on the map in our sights and offers coming in. The live show is really amazing and it is a super unique thing.  The South American metal fans are going to love it!
Harry: Shows are heavy in attendance and energy. Don’t miss out on something magical, powerful, aggressive and exciting that may never be seen again. Get your tickets now before it’s “sold out”!!

RtM: There is still the final space for your message to the fans! Thank you for your attention, I hope to see you soon on the road!
Sean Peck: We are really excited about getting down there, the South American metal fans are going to love it!
Harry: Stay true to your heart and don’t be afraid to push yourself beyond your limits!! Go get your tickets NOW!!! 

Interview: Carlos Garcia
Thanks To: Sean, Harry and Chip Ruggieri

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