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Interview With the Scream Machine Tim "Ripper" Owens

Tim Owens gave us a brief interview. In this great interview, the former lead singer of Judas Priest and Iced Earth talked about many things involving his old band, commented on the Charred Walls of the Damned and Dio Disciples, and plans for 2012. See below!

Road to Metal:  You have been devoted to various activities, from recording albums with Charred Walls of the Damned, singing with the Dio Disciples and even has its own bar where he appears. How to organize the agenda for the tours and when we have a world tour?

Tim Owens: It is real hard..I am a bit too busy but I guess that is a good thing! I like to handle it all myself as well..I mean I tour mainly solo and it is a lot

RtM: The Charred Walls of the Damned is the new project of Richard Christy life and he revealed in interviews that would not give to have him as a vocalist. How is the experience of returning to play with Richard, his former comrade Iced Earth and Steve Di'orgio, this new venture?

Tim Owens: It is great… I mean Richard and I have been friends for a long time now, he is a great guy to be around and an amazing drummer and song writer. I have never worked with Steve until CWOTD… Wow… he is amazing, he just kills it!!

RtM: "Cold Winds On Days Timeless" is more melodic album than its predecessor that face, saw the band playing fast, heavy, but with a lot of melody, especially from his vocals. The band intends to continue with this direction in the next release and if so, we can expect new albums from the band?

Tim Owens: I don’t think it just went that way… Richard just wrote and that is how it came out… I went in the studio and sang and sang and sang and at the end of the day… BAM!

RtM: The death of Dio is perhaps the greatest loss in the history of Heavy Metal. The Dio Disciples originated as a way to pay tribute and show the world a small portion of great musicians who were influenced by him and his music, where ever it is that he has sung. How has that experience been of great musicians playing with the great classics of Dio?

Tim Owens: Dio was and is the best… I miss him but he will always be with me… always.

Owens with Dio Disciples: keeping Dio's Memories alive

RtM: In connection with Dio, you made a special presentation at his bar singer singing many songs from the Rainbow. Clearly you like to sing those songs, but which you can recite it causes more emotion, something important that you remember from the message that she is?

Tim Owens: Yea… singing Ronnie is very emotional… if you all see me in Dio Disciples it will blow you away… check it out on Youtube… FROM THE HEART.

Hail! includes Andreas Kisser from Brazil
RtM: You've been in Brazil for the last time, releasing his solo album.  Was recently the Dio Disciples confirmed as one of the attractions of Metal Open Air, already considered the biggest event for the metal that Brazil has ever had. What are the plans for this trip to Brazil with the band and will be able to play more shows across the country? What about the Charred Walls of the Damned, we see them in Brazil soon?

Tim Owens: Nothing with Charred walls, but I have Hail, SOLO and with Dio Disciple..gonna be a good year for you all…LOL

RtM: Going back a bit to the past, you recorded a great album with the band Winter's Bane in 1993, which showed you the world, especially the vocal characteristics of acute and powerful, there was some talk after his departure from Iced Earth that the band would return to active we have the truth in these rumors?

Winter's Bane
Tim Owens: Yea it was a great cd… nothing like I sing now… vocally I am WAY, WAY better now… I listen to it and kinda laugh… I mean yea I sing High notes but the range and substance I have now is leagues above it... I would love to record it again… I wanted to try and do the band again but there was NO interest from the labels… Strange but that is the truth.

RtM: Many say that the movie Rock Star was based on his history at the entrance to Judas Priest because you have had for years along with the Winter's Bane a cover band called British Steel Judas, what do you think of this movie? It really has to do with its history of admission to Judas Priest?

Tim Owens: Yes it was!  And not the history of Judas Priest… this history of me… I think that is where the problem was!

Owens in the band that inspires him: JUDAS PRIEST!

RtM: In 2003 when you left the vocals of Judas, soon after you assume a more important position in the Heavy Metal, and the replacement of Matt Barlow in Iced Earth. How was your entry for the band? And how did you take the vocals for a band with his different style?

Tim Owens: I just sing… any band I’m in I just sing… John asked me to join and I said sure thing, maybe I said it to fast, all around me wasn’t keen on it, JP’s management, and other musicians and others, but I made the right choice and made some great music!!

Iced Earth in 2004

RtM: You released two excellent albums with Iced Earth "The Glorious Burden" in 2004 and "Framing Armageddon" in 2007, the latter being of great success among critics and fans, but amid all this success is announced his departure and the return of Matt Barlow, his departure was planned? Or you, as fans, was caught by surprise?

Tim Owens: No, I needed out.. I needed to do stuff, for myself and finically! It was a good ride and I had fun, but it wasn’t the same as my time in Judas Priest, it just missed some kind of spark… and it isn’t like now, right now is the best time in my life… But Iced Earth was still great and it taught me somethings to do and something not to do… lol

RtM: In 2009 you debuted with his solo album "Play My Game". Due to its numerous projects and investments, we can expect a new solo album from Owens?

Tim Owens: No sure.. I would love to do another, maybe with a more stable band and not as many guest… but it is a great cd… I think I am gonna re record it and do somethings my way and put some extras on it and get it out there so people can buy it… you know the first one was never really put out.

Owens with Ingwie Malmsteen

RtM: You became one of the busiest vocalists in the scene being invited to various projects and integrating the band Yngwie Malmsteen. How did the invitation to record with guitar wizard?

Tim Owens: We did a tune Mr Crowley together and I think it got the wheels turning…we talked and I jumped on it..kind of a cool thing..I really just show up and do it if I can..You know I gotta a lot of other things on my plate so I can always do it..but It is fun

RtM:: What can we expect from Tim "Ripper" Owens in 2012?

Tim Owens: A lot… Yngwie shows in Russia in Feb (I leave tomorrow) Then Hail in South America in Feb/March Then Dio Disciples in South America and Bulgaria, then Solo in Mexico, then Solo tour in Australia in May… then Solo tour in Europe in Sept/oct… then Solo tour in South America in Nov… hahaha Busy. Recording Beyond Fear CD and Tred CD...crazy…

Road to Metal: Tim, I thank for your attention and leave a message for fans of the Road To Metal eagerly awaiting his return to Brazil.

Keep it heavy


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