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WildeStarr: Synonym For Power and Melody!

The history of WildeStarr, we can say that began in 2003, when Dave Starr, original bassist of Vicious Rumors, was recording the bass for the Chastain's CD "In An Outrage", and the sound engineer was the vocalist and keyboardist London Wilde, your long time friend, and during these works, they talked about the possibility of putting up a band, a desire to Dave that was not fully realized as a musician in other bands wich he was part.

In 2007, the duo released the single "Generation Next", and in 2009 the debut "Arrival". Receiving a good reception and positive reviews, especially in Japanese land. In 2012, now with the drumer, vocalist and multi-instrumentist Josh Foster, released their second album, "The Tell Tale Heart," based on the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, receiving even more compliments and having a bigger and better distribution, which has enabled the band to further open frontiers with a Metal full of riffs, great melodies and superb vocal. 
We talked to Dave Starr, who told us a bit more about the band, how has also become a great guitarist, the time besides Vicious Rumors and more!

RtM: Dave, for readers and Metal fans, especially here in Brazil, whose  do not know WildeStarr yet, would you make a brief presentation of the band and talk about what they can expect in terms of sound.

Dave Starr: Thanks Carlos, it’s an honor to be here with you!  WildeStarr is about power, melody, and aggression… In all the right combinations. Classic Judas Priest comes to mind, with a modern edge. 

RtM: You said that over the years as bassist in Vicious Rumors, felt that something was missing, mainly because your ideas are not very leveraged. If you had more space for your ideas, and could also contribute as a guitarist in VR could feel accomplished musically, or just with the WildeStarr you could feel totally free and accomplished? 

DS: VR was a great band, and I am very proud of that part of my career. I did not get a lot of my song ideas across, and it was frustrating at times. Some of my ideas were better than the songs that made it to the albums, but that’s the way it went. Mark, Carl, and Geoff became the dominant song writers, and that put me on the outside.

For the most part, I think they did a great job.   Obviously, in WildeStarr… I don’t have the problems I had with VR. On our CD’s, I play all the guitars and bass myself and write all the music.  It’s much more rewarding now. WildeStarr is the best music, the best band I have ever been a part of!

RtM: And how was the transition from bass to guitar? Have you ever practiced, sought to take lessons?

DS: I was never a serious guitar player until 8 years ago at age 44, that’s when I quit drinking and changed my life, and began my new career as a guitarist! It was not easy at first, but I worked very hard at it, and got very good very fast.  I never took any lessons. When we recorded the ARRIVAL CD, I had only been playing guitar for a few years. I shocked a lot of people, it sounds like I have been playing for 20 years.

RtM: And what are your main inspirations as a guitarist and songwriter? London cites her "Holy Trinity", which are Halford, Geoff Tate and Dio (I believe the version for "Neon Knights" from "A Tell Tale Heart 'was her idea!), And what is your holy trinity of guitar?

DS: Actually, "Neon Knights" was my idea, but it does not really matter. I came up with the idea, and London loved it. We never even thought about it much, it just seems so right for us, and I think the song turned out great! Holy Trinity on guitar… that’s a good question! Glen Tipton, KK Downing, and Gary Moore. Of course, there are many others who have influenced me over the years like Ace Frehley, Michael Schenker,  all the Thin Lizzy guys, etc.

RtM: And the songwriting process in WildeStarr? Tell us a bit how it works.

DS: First, I will write the music on the guitar. Usually, I sit on the couch in the living room and watch TV (football or movies) while I play the guitar. That’s how I write our songs! When I have a good song idea, I will show it to London. She will record a basic guitar track so she can work on lyrics and melodies. I don’t do much of the lyric writing; London does almost all of it. I wrote the lyrics and melody for the chorus part on “Immortal” from the new CD, that was about it for me. I wrote a few lyrical things like that on the ARRIVAL CD, but I would say London does about 95% of the lyrics and melodies.

Once we have a basic song format down, we show it do Josh and he will work on drum parts. From there, we begin the recording process. Usually, I start with the rhythm guitars, then bass, then lead guitars, etc.

RtM: Basically  London take care of lyrical content and you create the music. 

DS: As I said earlier, London does almost all the lyric writing in WildeStarr. She does a great job! I come up with a few things here and there, but for the most part… I stick to the guitar and bass and leave the lyrics up to her.

RtM: Tell us about the creation and production of the debut "Arrival" where you ended up recording all the guitars and basses, and we can also say, that was the beginning of a new era for you, since in addition to be working on something your also was already free of their problems with certain substances that have plagued his health. 

DS: I quit drinking in 2005, that’s when I got serious on the guitar. I got very good… very fast! It was not my intention to play all the guitars and bass myself, but that’s the way it happened. I am glad I did it this way, and on the new CD as well. I have very high standards, and its not easy for me to find other musicians who have the same vision and focus that I do.  I did audition other people, but for one reason or another, it never worked out. 

Its a lot of work for one guy do, playing the parts of 3 different musicians… but in the long run, it has worked out better for me and the band. I don’t have to rely on someone else who will just let me down. I take a tremendous amount of pride in what we do, and its nice to make all this amazing music with just London, Josh, and myself.

RtM: "Arrival" was well received, but now with "A Tell Tale Heart," the WildeStarr comes calling more attention and garnering more fans. The impact so far has met your expectations? What you expect and projects in the short term for the band?

DS: With the “ARRIVAL” CD, we did not have a record deal, and we did our own mail order, and had a network of small companies that stocked the CD around the world. It was a hell of a lot of work, but we also learned a lot from that experience. Now, with the new CD…. We have record deals, distribution, and things are much better. Of course nothing is ever perfect, but overall the record labels have done a good job for us with “A Tell Tale Heart”.  Right now, we are writing songs for the next (3rd) CD.

RtM: What about the beautiful cover of "A Tell Tale Heart", tell us about the concept of it and who created it.

 DS: London came up with that. It combines many elements of pain and beauty. She does all of our art work for the CD’s, and also directs our video’s and does the band photos! She is a busy lady!! And she still finds the time to be an amazing singer!!

RtM: In "A Tell Tale Heart", I felt that the influences of Judas Priest and Queensryche are more obvious, especially as the voice of London, however, about  the WildeStarr songs, I'd say the strength are striking riffs, powerful songs, as well as classic Judas Priest , and those climates of the songs, remember me the Queensryche’s classic  albums, also featured, including the well placed keyboard melodies. Do you believe that  in this album you could get what was searching in terms of identity for WildeStarr? 

DS: I think the new CD was a step forward for us, though ARRIVAL was/is a great CD. On “A tell tale Heart”, I think we have matured as a band and as song writers. Judas Priest is definitely the biggest influence on us, that is the one band that London and I agree on.  We both love PRIEST! Having said that, I don’t think that we really sound like them, but you can hear the influence for sure.

RtM: For live shows, who else will be on stage with you and London? And how is the agenda of WildeStarr, you are getting many calls? 

DS: Right now, we are not touring or playing LIVE. I would like to at some point, but only if the situation is right for London and I. I would like to get back to Japan and Europe, and places I have never been to like South America.

RtM: And Dave, and over the years alongside the Laaz Rockit and Vicious Rumors, Chastain and others what can you tell us about this background purchased alongside these bands, and what most unusual or distant places you played? 

DS: Laaz Rockit, was not a great band. But, that’s where I got my first real start playing big shows and doing a bit of touring, recording, etc. We did a 3 song EP, but it came out really terrible. 

I was only in the band for 18 months. VR was a big step up, I was in that band for almost 12 years. We did lots great CD’s and tours, videos, etc. It was an amazing ride for the most part. We toured all over the world several times. The band never got as big as it should have, but that’s the way it goes. 

CHASTAIN, I really was just in that band as a session musician playing bass on the last CD that came out in 2004. It was nice to work with David Chastain, he is a really great guy.

RtM: And the Brazilian Metal scenario? I know you have followed, including having plans to Mario Pastore sing a duet with London. 

DS: I met Mario through our Japanese label, Hydrant Music.  I heard some of his music, and really liked it a lot. I contacted him and we have now become great friends over the last year.  The plan is for Mario to sing a duet with London on the next WildeStarr CD. He also asked me to play guitar on the next PASTORE CD. This was a big honor for me! Right now, I have been working on a few songs ideas for Mario to listen to. I think there will be good things in the future for both WildeStarr and PASTORE!

RtM: Dave, thanks for your attention, I leave this final lines for you send a message to the fans! 

DS: Thanks to all of our friends in Brazil, we love you!! I hope we can get down there to play sometime soon!

By: Carlos Garcia to Road to Metal

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