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Interview - Sonata Arctica: Devotion and Affection by Brazil

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Twenty years of history in service Power/Melodic, that's Sonata Arctica: They won many fans across the world,  for simplicity in their sound or by catchy melodies, is the fact that innovation was also present in all that time, casting some discs distuned of the beginnings, but still brought him many fans.

And about all these aspects, the keyboard player, Henrik Klingenberg (in the band since 2003) commented the early days, this new tour that arrives in Brazil, the changes in the sound and surely, the new album "Pariah's Child".

"We are currently returning from vacation and getting back to work. "Pariah's Child" came out almost a year ago, and last fall were re-releasing our first album "Ecliptica". At the moment the band is on tour and we will continue on the road until the end of 2015."

Asked about the change in sound that began in "Unia" album, Henrik replied that:

"I think it's a natural progression in each album you will discover something new and want to evolve and try new sounds, etc ... I hope that we continue to move toward in something new with each album."

About  the country Finland be a paradise for heavy metal bands Henrik explains:

"Yes and no, for me  Finland is : my home, my family and friends and so on, but especially here in the north, where we live, there is  no metal scene , really. If you are looking for the best place definitly is Metal scene in southern Finland. What we have here is a lot of beautiful nature that I enjoy very much."

In 2012 Sonata released "Stones Grow Her Name", that even following the line of the  early works, especially clashed their sound, with a very large commercial appeal, what really bothered many fans. But in 2014 with "Pariah's Child" the band decided return  to their origins, rerunning the classic Power Metal consecrated them, and Henrik talks about these two parameters:

 "SGHN was our album" rock "as it were, and even though I liked of the work we create, really was not the Sonata Arctica.  So we did some "examinations of conscience" before starting to do the "Pariah's Child" and brought back some of the earliest influences and sounds that the band had in the beginning."

About Jani Liimatainen  leave the band n the entrance of Elias Viljanen:

"We had another guy and Elijah auditioning for the job, and Elias  was adjusted better.

We knew that the job was only to fill Jani for some shows, as he would do his personal work together to work with the band... Eventually he didn't so we asked Elijah to join us full time."

Regarding the rewriting of the classic "Ecliptica":

"Our Japanese record company suggested it to us, and after thinking about it for a while, we decided that why the hell not? I consider this to be more like a tribute to the original album, the line-up is not the same. We also are not trying to replace the original version, much less annoying fans who knew and appreciated the album. As always at times when you released something some fans like others don't."

About "Winterheart's Guild" (2003) is the album "darker" Sonata Arctica Henrik refutes that:

"I don't think that its really so dark and obscure," The Days of Grays "is probably the darkest album we've done so far... Anyway I was not in the band during the WHG recordings, so I have no idea because it ended up sounding or being considered so dark..."

The Sonata landed again in Brazil in March, but this time for a greatest tour in the country, so Henrik speaks what the Brazilian fans can expect:

"You can expect some things of "Pariah's Child", as well as some older "hits", always try to make a balanced show, with lots of energy and we are eager to have enough time on stage and make these nights more than special for our fans.

We are all really looking forward to returning to Brazil, our fans have been very good to us over the years and this time we'll touch on several shows in new cities, so i'm sure we'll have a blast together."

Interview/review/edition: Renato Sanson
Translation: Nanda Vidotto/Marlon Mitnel

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