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Interview/Review - Black Oil: Taking the Brazil Name With Much Pride Around The World

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What impresses me most in Heavy Metal itself is the quality and diversity that the underground has since come bands all the time, and some come with unique quality, not being afraid to dare and to mix styles.

This is the case of the Californian band Black Oil, arriving in 2015 with his second work, titled "Resist to Exist".

For those unaware the Black Oil is headed by Brazilian guitarist Addasi Addasi, who placed great Latin elements in the band sounding like himself explains:

"Brazilian music is very rich and has many really fucking musicians and bands in Brazil, who need more space and respect. Everywhere the Black Oil plays, gain the people respect and likes a lot of Brazilian elements in our music, I try to do everything without exaggeration, to flavor compositions with Brazilian rhythms and let our identity."

This Brazilian musicality combined with Thrash, Death and Groove Metal, shows an explosive and contagious sound, beyond the message of revolt and revolution that the album .

"This album was written during important moments of revolution in the world, most of the songs are based on what was happening and continues to happen in Brazil, Mexico, Palestine ... In fact this is the way we have to shout to everyone which has much wrong things happening and it's time to change."

And this message is clearly explicit in each composition, and that is the case with "Rise Up", "Cállate" (which includes the participation of renowned bassist Tony Campos and "the monster of the sticks" Aaron Rossi), "Combustion" (which has the participation of Brazilian musician Silverio Pessoa, Master of brazilian Northeastern rhythms) which have powerful and easy assimilation riffs, with a good mixture between Thrash/Death/Groove combined with musicality Latin, leaving aside the technique, but showing much feeling.

"Resist to Exist" also has the participation of Ricardo Vignini (brazilian guitarist and music producer), the Bolivian Hector Guerra (a Latin rhythms' studious), Zero (known for his work with the trio of Hip Hop El Vuh), and drummer Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory, Asesino and Brujeria former).

"The album has a lot of cool people playing and producing all did a great job, it took a while to record some guests because their tours with their bands, but in the end everything went well and I am already preparing the next album, which will  feature some guests too.

I am very grateful for the participation of everyone: Tony Campos, Aaron Rossi, Hector Guerra, Zero El Vuh, Ricardo Vignini, Silverio Pessoa, Raymond Herrera, Rick Piveta, Rodney de Asis, Mosquito Capoeira ... To our friends in the production Cristian Machado, Logan Mader and Erik Reiches."

The modern sound that permeates the album is very tasteful, as well as production, which left everything extremely heavy and aggressive, sounding simple but very efficient.

And in that tangle of influences and modernity, the musicality Latin is one of the highlights, especially in the choruses of some tracks, which mix the Portuguese and Spanish, but bringing the same meaning of the words, something different and very interesting, which still leaves the message further latent revolution.

 Addasi comments this peculiarity of the band and says it was something natural in the compositions:

"It came all naturally, especially living here in California spoken much Spanish mixing with English, and also by the Latin roots of the Black Oil.

And it works, the people likes so much this mix of English and Spanish, English and Portuguese and even "portunhol."

In fact, the Black Oil shows plenty of character and an abrasive sound, full of life, and why not a new breath of life for Heavy Metal. Too bad many people do not look to the underground and see themselves as we have excellent bands that surround us and make a difference.

The band recently recorded the first clip to "Resist to Exist", for the track "Callete", which includes the participation of Tony Campos and Aaron Rossi, in a strong and exciting song, which in fact is the album's highlight.

Be sure to know more this excellent band from the underground, who takes with great pride to all the world his passion for Brazil.

Released by: Renato Sanson
Translation: Fernanda Vidotto

01 Rise Up
02 Justified
03 Callate (feat. Tony Campos / Aaron Rossi)
04 Exoskeleton      
05 Combustion (feat. Silvério Pessoa)
06 Revolution (feat. Raymond Herrera)
07 Stand Against Everything (feat. Hector Guerra / Zero / Ricardo Virgini)
08 Paper Slave

Line Up:
Mike Black (Vocal)
Addasi Addasi (Guitar)
Drew Petropoulos (Bass)
Aaron Rossi (Drums)

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