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VETOR – New atmosphere on Brazilian Metal

Modern Metal, based in the most extreme influences. VETOR casts a heavy sound and in your face, a kind of well-aimed punch, squandering riffs and more riffs. Becomes arduous the task of sorting the band in any genre (if someone prefers this way), because there are several references found here. There have Traditional Heavy, Power Metal, Thrash Metal and even some blast-beats, occasionally.

The fact is that the duo of guitarists Pedro Bueno and Ricardo Lima makes use of a vast intricate riffs catalog; while Afonso Palmieri drums is an overwhelming tractor, bringing incredible precision and a great attack on the double bass; while Luiz Meles on bass guitar holds the necessary weight with ability and vigor; with the vocals of Eduardo Junior alternate on howled and melodic (something along the lines of Matt Barlow, ex-Iced Earth) with due diversity to the songs, since they are well placed and with a strong and striking sound.

There is a clear concern of the band to present quality work in every way. As stated above, the band’s instrumental quality is latent and that only achieved with good and experienced musicians. And the variety of styles presented here listening to the eight tracks on "Chaos Before The End" is not tiring, on the contrary, holds hearing of the listener by the peculiarity of each song. But the first song (after Intro) 'Religious Falsehood', along with 'My Torment' and 'Vector' deserve special mention.

The album was produced by Anibal Pontes (former member of the Rygel band, and now lives in the UK) ; while the mixing and mastering were in charge of Fredrik Nordström ever asked for (which has produced bands of the suit of In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Dimmu Borgir). The fine art of the CD was taken by Brazilian artist Jean Michel.


"Chaos Before The End" features guest appearances by Luiz Carlos Louzada (Chemical Disaster/Vulcan), Bil Martins (Hellish War), Anibal Pontes and Flavio Matheus.

The VETOR makes his debut in the best possible way, launching a work of musical quality and very good production, and that without any doubt, will please anyone who appreciates a well played Metal in good compositions. And I repeat: It is only the debut of the band.

Review: Marcello Camargo
Editing: Carlos Garcia

Official Channels:
Label: Shinigami Records

Eduardo Junior – vocals
Ricardo Lima – guitar
Pedro Bueno – guitar
Afonso Palmieri – drums (Replaced by Bruno Conrado)
LuizMeles – bass

1-Intro/Religious Falsehood
2-Strike Command
3-Chaos Before The End
4-My Torment
5-New Limits Within Procreation
6-In The Sound Of The Wind
8-Endangered Species

Teaser  ‘Chaos Before The End’:


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