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Tellus Terror: The Victory of the Mixed Metal Styles


The brazilian band Tellus Terror, founded in 2012, came up with a complex proposal, both in the sound part as the themes of the lyrics, and then first, it may not be easy to digest the Metal music practiced by the group, is a fact that everything is new and different will cause some early surprise, but the quality is the thing that going to dictate where this new things will come, and in the case of Tellus Terror the impact is extremely positive, and the proposal of the band has received many compliments from the public and the specialized press. 

(versão em português)Denominating their sound with the label M.M.S. (Mixed Metal Styles) in order to pass an idea of ​​freedom that the band has to create their music, letting the creativity flow, moving by a variety of Metal styles, with weight, extremism, complexity and melody. The result can be seen in the debut "EZ Life DV8" (2014) concept and complex album, showing the proposal of the band, which is this musical freedom and address issues 100% common to the humanity, regardless of social class, race , creed or religion.Felipe Borges, singer and composer, talked with us, and, among other things, about the great impact of the debut album, a little more about the concept, and yet about the new job, what is in the process of composition. Check it!

Felipe Borges

RtM: The album "EZ Life DV8" was released in august of 2014,  as you analyze the results obtained from it, which has received many positive reviews not only in Brazil, but in other countries, including being mentioned in several lists of the best album of the year?
Felipe Borges: The vision I have about it is that actually works when a band works hard and is dedicated to creating an Metal’s album, which became part of our Brazilian history with the metal, as well as thousands of other bands did, they do and will do. All this is very cool, and gives me the feeling of wanting to work more and more, and this is reflected in the new album we're writing.

RtM: And about the lyrics ? What the reasons that led you to choose this theme, which is, of course, something quite intriguing humanity, those issues where we came from, where we go, we are alone in the universe ... etc? And what kind of research and stuff you surrounded to perform the compositions being a subject so extensive and complex?
Felipe Borges: When I was driven by two former band members to think of creating an extreme metal band, the first thing I said was:
- I'll just create a band and to sing again, if it is to talk about things that people are 100% common, regardless of their religion, social class, race, sexual orientation etc ...
So I created the name Tellus Terror (Tellus is planet Earth in Latin), to enable this themes that I had in mind. The album EZ Life DV8, I planned the whole issue from the beginning of the band, I started to read about some issues that have affected and affect our planet etc ... and the final product was this. An undeniable trip that equals all human beings simply because we live here. An album that in my view, shows how much a Sheik of Arabia and Brazil's Central Beggar have in common, and we are nowhere near the immensity there around the planet in the cosmos.


RtM: And for those who are still getting to know the band, and from here you are having contact with the Tellus Terror, would you sum up the concept of the album, and also talk about the sound of the band to the reader that is knowing Tellus Terror now.
Felipe Borges: The concept of EZ Life DV8 (Read "Easy Life Deviate"), begins talking about how it all started, as the understanding of Noss species, talking about how the universes, galaxies, planets and life forms were created on the that our species makes the planet, portraying amazing natural phenomena such as Equinox, reflecting on how would the Panorama of the end times, to the conclusion that today our RAC is unable to determine how it will be our purpose or future.
In the middle of the concept, I had the idea also to create a fantasy song called "Brain Technology Part 1" (This Is Where It Starts ...), where over the albums released, I will always do the following Brain Technology, telling a story apart.
I also imagined a band where nothing arrest the writing process, because complex issues require complex music in what is said, not to use only one style, but rather, use all metal styles, and so I had to MMS idea (Mixed Metal Styles).

RtM: And with a theme so complex, you think of giving continuity to it in the next albums?
Felipe Borges: This second album we're writing is completely different from the first, in terms of concept. It will be conceptual and chronological, bringing another very strong theme and I've never seen before being approached by an extreme band. Hope you like it!

RtM: And talking about this new album, wich is being prepared, what you can tell us in advance about it? Can you give us some "spoiler"? hahaha!!
Felipe Borges: Yes. We are in the new album writing process, and it will have 12 tracks, following the same style of the first album, however much more developed and mature. I can ensure you are getting very good!
A hint of what will be dealt with conceptual and cfonológica way, is that it clearly shows how good and sincere things can become your worst fears when excessive or misinterpreted etc ...

RtM: Within the subject covered on the album, which of these "puzzles" in particular more fascinate you?
Felipe Borges: In particular think about what is beyond the universe ... if we are as small atoms living in some giant body, if our universe is actually part of a multiverse, where they form a celestial body beyond what we can even imagine, or if ever some more developed species that we go to visit us, and tell of unimaginable things ... Why are we here? Why do we exist?

RtM: And about the label Mixed Metal Styles that you used to define the sound of Tellus Terror (after all everyone loves looking label bands - and even it is understandable to people have a reference- then you already eased, he he he), this issue caused curiosity? How did you feel that the public have received and understood the proposal?
Felipe Borges: This label caused quite curious, and so I launched this idea, we were very criticized and praised a bit.
But we remained firm in this choice, and gradually people began to understand and come to love even. I even received messages saying that was bullshit teen, and my answer was simple:
- I'd rather play teenage bullshit forever, and show my work, instead to be a failure who died on the road and now sits on the shadows, and that does not make shit to anyone. Fuck you! For me only wins who persists and fight without look back!

RtM: Faced with so much on offer, so many bands that come up, the facilities of the channels available on the Internet, what factors do you think are crucial to a band seeking its place and stand out in the scenario?
Felipe Borges: This question is very interesting and at the same time gives way to a view that I have, that if you do more of it, people will increasingly notice that what was new and original is now old and recurs, and will seek news. This is part of the natural evolution of things.
Search for what is unique, has good influences as the metal bands of the 80's, 90 to the most current, and create your own sound using all these bases but targeting the future. No doubt you will stand out in the crowd, BUT the main!! Engage in real music, think if you really love what they do, and dedicate themselves without thinking about quitting or giving up.
We are all capable of the same, but only grows those who fight!


RtM: And how do you see this situation? It is possible, or will one day be feasible to live only by the work with a metal band today? A few succeeded. What is missing for more bands to reach a higher status?
Felipe Borges: Lack of professionalism!
Live the Underground is cool, but professionalize the underground is essential to be seen with good eyes on around the country, where the metal is treated in a professional manner. Here (in Brazil) are some shits producers who burn our name out there, we have bands packing confusion with other bands by banalities, public missing only give her ass band that comes out, just by being gringa.
I call this syndrome without culture, unconsciously think that if you give full support to what comes out, it will be different. Arrange your own home to live better fucking! The house of mainstream bands is already fucking shining! Support what is fucking here, in you ground!

RtM: Another places and coutries have the same problem, i think.
Felipe Borges: We also have those who only go to concerts of foreign or mainstream bands, because they really think that local bands are a turd and he wants to see quality show. The fact is that the bands of Brazil are fucking good. What fucks the bands are bastards producers and motherfuckers, whose dont' wanna pay the bands. Just want the money from the ticket and go.
How a band will have a good sound, with a shit backline? A shit equipament neither a beggar of Europe accept as alms? Are a few good and honest producers here.
When a producer makes the fucking show decently, the show auction, is fuck, the equipament are fucking good, the bands can make a good perform on stage and earn cachet, public drinking, fucking, spewing in bathroom, have fun until the wee early morning hours, go home and sleep fucking happy.
It's simple!

RtM: Besides Tellus Terror, many creative bands have emerged, it is difficult to label some, reaching the conclusion that it is better to call all just metal. What new bands come calling your attention and why? You seek to listen and seek to know new bands?
Felipe Borges: We have so many new bands, and great, who seek their own sound within the metal, which is difficult to highlight a few. Are several! All who come in contact and share their materials I listen, and I admire their work.

RtM: Felipe, Thanks for your attention, hope to have another conversation soon you release the new album, this ultimate space is for your message to fans and readers.
Felipe Borges: Thank you very much for the space, and I thank all the people who took the time to read this interview. Hope to see you on the road soon!

Interview: Carlos Garcia

"EZ Life DV8" released in 2014
Logo, symbol an album by Seth Siro Anton
Mixed and Mastered at Studio Fredman (Sweden)
Produced by Felipe Borges, Tellus Terror and Fernando Campos


Tellus Terror are:
Felipe Borges - All Vocals, Wederson Felix - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Nelson Magalhães - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Arthur Chebec - Bass, Ramon Montenegro - Keyboards and Synthesizers, Thiago Rafael - Drums and Percussions.

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