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Interview: Maverick - The Metal Becomes Our Voice!

Founded in 2011 in the city of São José do Rio Pardo (SP - Brazil),  the band Maverick are celebrating the rewards of all the dedication and work for the release of their debut, "The Motor Becomes My Voice" (2015), and the Thrash/Groove Metal quartet call much attention, receiving several mentions in lists of best albums and revelation last year, including the 25th position in the portal Headbangers Latinoamerica. (Versão em português)

In the first half of 2016, good news and new achievements keep coming,  and to bring you a little bit more about the band, the interesting CD title, details about the production and promotion of the album, and other subjects, we had a talk with Gabriel Sernaglia (guitar and vocals), who told us more about these issues, and much more, where we can read more about the driving force behind the Maverick quartet! Check it!

RtM: To start this interview, I would like to know how do you see all this goods results obtained with your debut, "The Motor Becomes My Voice."
Gabriel Sernaglia: First, thank you for Road to Metal opportunity, it is a pleasure!
I believe that the right word to describe it is "Surprise", we strive much since the writing process to the final result of the disc, but even if inside you really crave the results, you only believe when actually reap, you know? It has been all too surprisingly positive ...

RtM: It was really cool you have the album included in number 25, in the list of 250 major 2015 releases, on the portal Headbangers Latinoamerica, and cited as revelation on lists of the best albums in various specialized sites. Certainly are achievements that should have yielded more fruits for the band, am I right?
GS: It's exactly this kind of thing we do not expect, this was all very surreal, come to think it had been a mistake of someone, you now? (laughs)
But now serious, it has yielded many fruits, thanks to "The Motor Becomes My Voice", we were finally heard, the chance to show who we are! We carry out the dream of opening a show master "Max Cavalera" with Soulfly, we received the invitation to play in one of the most prestigious festivals in Brazil, the "Roça n' Roll" in Varginha - MG, will open for the Krisiun in June also ... All this thanks to the impact of the album.

RtM: Speaking of recognition, and taking advantage of the link, you have the opportunity to open for Soulfly in Ribeirão Preto SP, day 09/04, tell us how was this show?
GS: It was fantastic, we had a very important job to do, open the show of one of the biggest bands in metal history and assert the opportunity we have been given by the production and all the votes we received in the selection phase ... It was our first show in Ribeirão, we were very well received by the audience, I believe we made it worthwhile, we leave with heads held high and with the best possible stories to tell! We will never forget this night!

"'Motor Becomes My voice' despite being the last to be made, it ended up being the title track. It was our way of expressing determination, if you have a cause to fight, you must do it with all you have..."
RtM: "... It is my voice for your voice is the cry that words can not describe," so says one of the title track phrases. Tell us a bit more about the message that the band wants to spend with her handwriting, and also on the album title, which is directly linked to the name of the band.
GS: "Motor Becomes My voice" despite being the last to be made, it ended up being the title track. It was our way of expressing determination, if you have a cause to fight, you must do it with all you have, seek your balance point and go to the top of your goal. We relate to our cause and our theme engine becoming our voice. Would express through the band what many of us have the courage to say, do not accept miserable conditions that often are imposed on us every day, even if for that we have to incite a revolution.

RtM: Could you talk a little more about Maverick's style? I realized at the first hearings have enough groove, influences from modern Thrash, I saw something like Pantera and Sepultura there, with the difference that is more geared to the riffs and taken, not having much room for solos. How have you been building this identity and what are the main influences of the band?
GS: Actually, since we started writing, we were not exactly a style, a specific line to follow in the metal, the sounds were coming naturally, I believe that just playing our version of the mixture which are our influences, on the issue of solos, so I (Gabriel Sernaglia) as Caio (former guitarist) were "Riffmakers", and we wanted to explore the most of this issue of riffs at that time did not feel a real need to introduce many guitar solos. About influences, as we have very different tastes, I will mention the influences in common, they are basically Sepultura, Pantera and Claustrofobia.

RtM: What about the album writing process? How long you took to design the debut? You've had all composed and made some pre-production before deciding to go to the studio and record the work?
GS: We formed the band in 2011, but only at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013 we have achieved stable line up and from there we started writing slowly and experimentally. When we started recording in October 2014 already had all sounds ready, and do not pass by a pre-production process, and we chose the Studio Atthena's in Poços de Caldas MG, because we had great references of the work of Adilson Garcia, who recorded, mixed and mastered the album, we already knew his work, and references have been consolidated, we were pleased by the result, great professional. So from the beginning of the recordings to the CD in hand it took about 10 months.

"Why mechanical skulls? In addition to making direct analogy to the name of the band, to have this side "mechanical, motorized," still passes the direct sense of the increasing loss of sensitivity that humanity is suffering"
RtM: And the opportunity to partner with Shinigami Records for the release of the album? Which is a label that has released many national Metal albums. How did you get to this partnership and if you are satisfied with it?
GS: The Shinigami Records literally "fell from heaven" for us at first, we contacted them looking for a service that they offer "pressing Relations" where they take care of all the paperwork, disc pressing, but nothing more. When I sent the master to them, William, who is the owner heard the album, liked it and offered us the opportunity to have our debut released by Shinigami Records, I believe it was the first big step for us, as already we followed the label's releases and knew the far reaching that their job would provide. Major label, is a very great honor to work with them.

RtM: It's really cool also the cover art, then I would like you to comment also on it. And the graphic part are very important presentation, a cover done well, to draw attention, make a good impression.
GS: It was more of a challenge for us, with the recording, we were practically zeroed financially, so I decided to call this responsibility and develop it. The art symbolizes "mechanical skulls screaming," I had the idea when the title track was being made and heard the words: "the pieces were carefully chosen ... what we are building here is my voice for your voice is the cry that words can not describe ... "
Why mechanical skulls? In addition to making direct analogy to the name of the band, to have this side "mechanical, motorized," still passes the direct sense of the increasing loss of sensitivity that humanity is suffering, which is one of the main issues we address on the album. We are becoming more and more mechanical.

RtM: What a cool an interesting idea! And another interesting decision was to release the entire album for listening on the net, and I see a lot of bands doing this, after all, impossible for an album not be found for download today on the network, and well, if the public like the sound, will acquire the original album. We know that the internet has these two sides, but it is an incredible vehicle to promote a work, especially for new bands, then gradually the market and the bands were, and remain, adapting and creating new ways to live with this reality. What do you think about? For underground bands is something that has more pros than cons for the issue of disclosure?
GS: We have exactly the same opinion, it is impossible that is not to download, and why someone would buy something that you never heard? Our main intention from the beginning was to reach as many people as possible and still make available the album to hearing in this case was essential. We have to get used to the current situation offers us, and I believe that the disclosure context the pros are infinitely greater. Today, many people have not even where listening to a physical CD, I do not even have CD Player, and yet when i liked certain sound, not leave to acquire the material and realize that works well for many people also because the sale of material in the shows still really cool, because out of that environment, are rare.

RtM: What would you like to add to the new compositions,  to evolve into the next work, or points they would like to do differently of the debut?
GS: We intend to follow the same structure, but makes it more complex. For the next job are two factors that will influence much in this complexity, the fact of experience in the studio, looking for a pre-production, which until then had never even entered one before we recorded, and the entrance of Caesar on guitar, which is a very technical guitarist and completely different from my profile, it is now more focused on the issue of solos, and the first experiences of new compositions have been very nice!
RtM: Speaking on the issue of evolving, seeking for more complex sound, I would like to know your opinion about what a band needs to seek to achieve stand out in the scene, and also have a longevity?
GS: I think that is what all we have this dream we are looking for that answer ... Find a new formula, something that has not been explored, always work with the matter to be true, to actually bring from the heart first meet to then expose you? Longevity, I believe that it should be the union of the band, see this context as a family and at the same time as a company, in my opinion if there is no union, probably the band is faded to fail.

RtM: And what were the biggest challenges faced by the band so far?
GS: The biggest challenge is due to financial issue, it's all very expensive in Brazil, from the basics to play, what are your personal instruments, through the production of material, to the disclosure. For a band that is starting in the Underground if you get zero spending on return is already considered successful, and should not be this way, right? And this financial issue, often the bands themselves contribute to keep it up; especially not valuing the work itself and subjecting many times to play for free, it is inadmissible because if you first do not valorize yourself, no one will.

"For a band that is starting in the Underground if you get zero spending on return is already considered successful, and should not be this way, right?"
RtM: And the main motivation to form and maintain a metal band, given the known difficulties?
GS: The biggest motivation is the recognition, for example, be in the year of the best lists that have already been mentioned above, or when you get knowing that you are speaking well of their work, especially when it is not directly to you; Another example is to be invited to a very cool interview like this to you from Road to Metal, are details that really make a difference and keep you standing, despite all the difficulties.

RtM: Thank you Gabriel, I'm glad that enjoyed the interview, also quite liked to know a little more of your work and your ideas, we appreciate the opportunity, and this final space is for your message to readers and fans of the band! Congratulations for the work, and success to you in the next challenges!
GS: We do thank you for the invitation and the interest in our work, thank you and much success!
Readers and our friends, support and believe what is born in the backyard also the national metal is very promising, but it needs each of you, say no pans, competitions between bands, unnecessary comparisons, do not do your truth a truth of "metal-gossip" web sites or "youtubers know everything", learn, form your own opinion, sometimes the rhetoric convinces, but it is not necessarily true.
Light within you the spirit of rebellion and questioning of Rock n 'Roll again, the bands are there, fighting and struggling hard for a better scene. Together we are sure that we will always be stronger.

UNION and HUMILITY always!

Interview: Carlos Garcia

Maverick are:
Gabriel Sernaglia: Guitar & Vocals
César `Perdão: Guitars
Lucas Silva: Bass
Gustavo Polississo:Drums

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